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Rebuilding the Armory [D - Repeatable] (Private/Completed)

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Job Name: Rebuilding the Armory
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: After the armory was destroyed in the Kou-Reim Conflict, the military is short on supplies. Do your part to help by delivery much needed ore to the blacksmiths and wood to the carpenters.

Singe though it would time to search for some work luckily though it was so simple to find. With the Reim and Kou conflict blacksmith were in short supply of supplies and through this Singe thought he would give the city that helped his as a child some resources they craved. He smiled to the smith who had hired him and stretched as the black smith went over the details of what he needed. Singe made a mental note of everything the smith listed. Clasping his hands together in preparation and excitement he finally spoke to the Smith. “Can I borrow the tools necessary? Like a cart, pickaxe and axe?” He asked the smith with a smile on his face. The smith merely nodded in reply and directed him to the tools he needed. Packing what he was allowed to borrow in the cart the young man prepared to leave the shop and at the exit he stopped for a brief moment to lower himself to a squatting position and then rose to stretch his legs individually. The last thing Singe did was pat the sides of his face to psyche himself up. With that he grabbed the cart and sprinted through the streets.

His first stop was a cave on the outskirts of the city. He knew it had great ore to be changed into fine materials for weapons. Singe sprinted like a mad man stopping only at intersections. It wasn’t long for him to reach the cave. Once there he began his diligent work of mining ore. With pickaxe in hand he struck against the sides of the cavern wall. It was going to be some time before he got what he needed. That wasn’t going to stop him however, both cooper and iron ore were requested and that’s exactly what the smith was going to get. The short blue haired young man pounded away at the cavern wall for nearly an hour on and off before getting the first Ore. “Whew!” He let out the sigh of relief and smiled. “Iron down, now for copper.” He stated as he began to mine around the iron. Once he was on the last swing he grabbed the medium size chunk of the ore and set it in the cart. Then he turned back to cavern and immediately saw on the opposite wall the other ore he needed.

“Lucky~!” He smiled as he went to work and slammed the pickaxe against the wall of the cave and within next to no time at all had the copper ore out of the wall; it was a bit smaller than the iron ore, but not by too much. Lifting the Ore Singe set it in the cart and exited the cave. He still had one more thing to do and that was acquire some chunks of wood. Luckily the wood needed was right outside the cave. Singe always had a reason for whatever he did. Pulling the axe out he began to chop down a tall tree, and afterwards he broke that tree into smaller chunks and loaded them up to the cart. He smiled and wiped the sweat from his brow. “Now let’s go get that reward!” Singe smirk and hoisted the cart and began to walk back to town. It would take him sometime before returning to the smith’s shop. “There you go fine sir, everything you needed!” He assured him with a smile.

Word Count = 574

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