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Lonely Orphans [ Job | Solo ]

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1 Lonely Orphans [ Job | Solo ] on 06/10/16, 01:28 pm

Quest Information:
Job Name: Lonely Orphans [Repeatable]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview: The recent fighting between Kou and Reim was short but devastating, leaving many families short a father-figure. Some mothers could not handle this, and abandoned their children. Other families only had the father to look out for them in the first place, and became orphans, adding to the orphans the orphanages already had. The kids in the orphanage are sad and lonely. Visit them and cheer them up! Laugh, sing, dance, tell them stories. Whatever it takes. If you give them a good time you'll be rewarded by the head of the orphanage.

Lonely Orphans

It hadn't been very long since her encounter with the woman and the purse thief. Only a night had passed since then, the wound on her arm now patched up and Bellona was found to only have suffered a minor cut that could be healed with simple healing magic. The nurse that treated Diana used a bit of magic to heal it half way before she stitched it but it was still a deep cut so she put some salve on it and bandaged it up. They had stayed the night in a small cozy inn in a less crowded part of town using some of the money the woman gave them yesterday for dealing with her problem. It was morning now and heat radiated through the open window, it was a bit hotter than yesterday.

Diana sat up in the bed and stroked Bellona's back as she gazed out the window. The vulture cooed and puffed out her feathers, tolerating the petting for a few minutes before gliding over to the window to perch on it. Diana swung the blanket off of her and scooted off the bed, proceeding to make it. She took a few minutes to tidy up the small mess she made in the room before fixing her hair and gathering her belongings. Everything was gathered up except for one item, the handkerchief. Diana was turning to leave before she noticed the stained handkerchief draped across one of the chairs. She had tried to clean the blood off of it that night but it left a rusty-hued stain. She grabbed it and tucked it into her bag before exiting the room.

The man at the desk downstairs thanked her for staying and told her about some places to visit before she left. As she opened the doors to exit the building a wave of heat hit her and she sighed in disappointment. It was yet another hot day though it was nothing new to her. She decided to head to the market again to pick up some food and such for her journey. As she was making her way to the market she approached a shoddy building with a handful of crying and in general melancholy looking children sitting outside of it. When they spotted her they made eye contact with her which made her feel slightly uncomfortable.

Diana stopped in front of the building and stared at the children, seeing what they would do. One of the girls got scared and hid her face in one of the older ones. Bellona swooped down to see why her master had stopped, perching on Diana's shoulder. Since she was way too big to hold on her shoulder, Diana put her arm out and Bellona moved accordingly. A familiar face peeked outside and then scurried outside. Much to her surprise, it was the little girl from the previous day that was fascinated in Bellona.

"Hey! You're the lady from yesterday! I love your bird! He's so cute!" she exclaimed, jumping up and down. The girl was the only one who seemed happy. Some of the older children looked at her with disgust as if she was a pest. Diana directed her attention to the girl who was reaching up at Bellona and crouched down to let her pet her. The girl was ecstatic; making faces and interacting with the large bird. Bellona seemed to enjoy the attention and moving about on the ground as the girl played with her. Diana smiled and looked up at the building as she heard the door creak open again.

"Aelia! What did I tell you about bothering strangers!" exclaimed the older woman who took a few steps outside. The girl's face suddenly dropped in emotion before she turned to Diana and waved weakly. "Thanks for letting me play with your pretty bird..," she muttered, dragging her feet with her head down. The girl sat on the staircase and pouted. "I'm so sorry she was bothering you! It won't happen again," apologized the woman, whispering a few things to the girl. Diana stood up and brushed herself off before shaking her head. "She wasn't bothering me," she said, looking at Bellona and motioning her hand. The bird glided over to the stoop and landed on one of the stairs, gently tapping the girl's arm with her beak. Some of the younger children gradually got closer to observe the bird.

"What are you even doing?" snapped an older boy stepping closer to Diana, "You have no business here." Diana was unphased by his attitude and crossed her arms. "Nothing," she replied, staring the boy down. He wasn't the least bit intimidated by her and it reminded her of her own brother. "How dare you be so disrespectful, Felix!" the woman scolded, walking over to the boy and smacking the back of his head. "I am so sorry for his manners. These children are just orphans so they aren't very well mannered," she apologized yet again and made her way over to Diana. The woman was a bit taller than her and elderly. She smelled a bit like cinnamon and apples and her skin was leathery like she has been in the sun a bit too much during her life.

The woman held out her shaky hand and smiled sweetly. "I'm Nona, the caretaker here for today. You may stay a while if you want. The little ones seem to like your pet," she said as Diana took her hand. The woman's hand was soft and wrinkly but her grasp was still firm despite her age. "I'm Diana." Diana smiled softly at her and let go of her hand. "Come, come. I was just in the kitchen making breakfast. I'll feed you before you leave." Nona motioned Diana to follow her as she entered the house. Before Diana entered she signaled Bellona to stay outside and play with the smaller children.

Nona guided Diana into the kitchen and told her to sit at one of the tables. The woman gave Diana a cup and poured room temperature water into it. "Sorry, it's nothing special! We don't have much here," she laughed weakly, making her way back into the kitchen and preparing different ingredients. Diana placed her hands around the cup and took a sip. The water had a poor quality metallic taste to it that she hadn't tasted in a long time. "Thank you," said Diana, observing the woman slowly and meticulously chopping vegetables. "Do you need help?" she asked, getting ready to get up.

"Sure. Could you tell the children to get in here as well to clean up and help?" Nona wiped her rusty knife off on her apron and began cutting again. Diana nodded and made her way to the door, opening it. Before she could say anything, Felix started clapping his hands. "Come on! Play time is over!" he shouted and some of the young children whined about it but obeyed, trailing inside one after another past Diana. Aelia grabbed her hand and pulled her inside with her. "Come! Let's play!" she beckoned, giggling.

Diana followed her into the dining area and the girl sat her down. "Wait here!" she said, scurrying off into the kitchen and coming back with Felix and a bowl of dough and a baking pan. "Let's make biscuits!" Diana smiled softly as the two of them sit down at the large table. A few of the other younger children sat at the table as well. They all grabbed at the dough and made it into balls of a variety of sizes. Diana joined them and felt a bond form between all of them. The orphanage was a lot brighter than it seemed. Her just being there interacting with all of them really made a difference in the mood. Felix eventually warmed up to her being there as well.

After a few hours of cooking, eating, and playing it was time for Diana to make her way back into the world. Nona wrapped up some leftovers for her to take with her and invited her to come back whenever she visited again. Aelia made Diana promise to visit again sometime as well as the other children. Felix gave her the cold shoulder before she left but he showed a bit of respect by showing her out. Diana smiled and waved at them before she left, Bellona putting on a short show before following her master. It was an interesting morning and Diana learned that a little can go a long way.

Word Count ( 1424 / 500 )


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