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Lonely Orphans. Job/Solo

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Lonely Orphans:
Job Name: Lonely Orphans [Repeatable]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
The recent fighting between Kou and Reim was short but devastating, leaving many families short a father-figure. Some mothers could not handle this, and abandoned their children. Other families only had the father to look out for them in the first place, and became orphans, adding to the orphans the orphanages already had. The kids in the orphanage are sad and lonely. Visit them and cheer them up! Laugh, sing, dance, tell them stories. Whatever it takes. If you give them a good time you'll be rewarded by the head of the orphanage.

Keila was watching the job board, looking for a job that she could do simply and quickly. Hmm, finding a job that would fit me is kind of hard... Oh! Keila's eyes went to a certain part of the board where she found a job about helping orphans cheer up. Keila's bangs covered her eyes as she grabbed the flier and walked to the orphanage. They really need cheering up. They need someone do make them much more happy unlike what happened to me. Soon enough, Keila was zoning out so much that she walked into the door of the orphanage. She tuned back in after she walked into the door.

The large door opened revealing the head of the orphanage, a young woman. She opened the door and she smiled saying, "They all have been so depressed recently.. I tried a lot but I can't do anything because I have a meeting I need to attend." Keila nodded, saying, "Don't worry, I will cheer them up." Keila smiles as the head of the orphanage leaves. Keila enters the room where the orphans are and she frowns. It is really gloomy and depressing. She looked at them sadly as they stare at her. This is like when I was orphaned... Keila then asks, "Who wants to bake cookies with me?" Keila smiles at all of them and a lot of them smile back at her and run to her. There is one kid who stays in the corner who doesn't go to her. Keila decides to go up to the boy to cheer him up.

She turns the boy around and he looks at her and frowns, "You aren't my mom, so don't try to be nice to me." Keila grabs his hand. "Well you still need to bake with all of us. It won't taste as good otherwise." He looks at her, curiosity bubbling in his eyes, "Can mine be chocolate chip?" Keila smiles, "Whatever you want we will make it." The boy grins from ear to ear as they all head downstairs to the kitchen. Baking with the kids was a very messy experience. Usually they didn't clean the bowls and trays they used. So Keila cleaned everything in the end before they had their cookie feast. After she brought out the cookies, she asked them, "Do you guys want a story with your cookies?" All the kids nodded as she thought of a story to tell, then she had the perfect idea.

"Once upon a time, there was a princess who always got what she wanted. She was spoiled, whatever she got, she wasn't pleased with and when she didn't get what she wanted, she threw a fit. Then one day, everything that displeased her disappeared. Even her family. Then she learned that if she appreciated those she still had then she would get everything back. She then respected everything she got and her family came back. The end." The kids clapped in awe and they smiled. All the kids started to yawn and then Keila brought them to their beds. Keila brings all the kids up to bed and tucks them in.

Keila leaves and talks to the head of the orphange who just came back. She smiles and thanks Keila, "Thank you so much. They seemed so much happier now that you are here." Keila smiles at them. "No problem! It was my pleasure to make them happier." Keila leaves with cookies in her bag and a smile on her face.



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