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Possible Tutor (training/Tenma/Val)

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Val walks into the Barracks, trying to get some training. He missed his first training but he asked Lagi and he said that there is someone in the barracks who needs to be investigated.

Val walks in, pretending to be a person practicing. Val walks up to a training dummy with his sword drawn. He slashes at the dummy while looking to the left to see the man he is trying find. This man has a suitcase while he meets another man. That other man had a sword case, but Val was surprised on how that man got a suitcase in the barracks. As Val slashes, he misses the target, but it was not on purpose. With the shock, he tries to attack again and fails. What the hell? As Val keeps slashing, he hits the target but makes really weak slashes. He sighs as he drops his sword and looks up at the roof with sadness. Why is this happening? Especially at a recon.

Unity Corp Training

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The battle with Rufi was a very fun one, it was not disappointing at all since the old fighter made him could actually help him to train some new skills that was worth to be trained for. Tenma still has some more skills that he wanted to test so probably he would go to register himself again and get a lot stronger warrior to fight with. He recalled his father liked to visit the coliseum with his mother, leaving him and his little sister to play by themselves in that house that was located in the middle of the forest. They didn’t mind actually as they know that they would be in trouble if they make some kind of problem, also, being a good big brother, Tenma also had this order from both Luna and Xavier to keep his angelic little sister safe. To him, his family, especially his little sister was the most precious things in the world that he couldn’t even place with anything else, not to mention that he had a quite sister complex side in him so the protective side would really show up only to make her happy and safe, not forgetting to wish that she would grow up to be a beautiful and caring lady like how she was at that moment.

The one eyed man remembered that his father used to fight in the coliseum as well in his younger days, it made him to be able to get a lot of experience and shaped Xavier into a very strong man that was quite feared by lots of people. Tenma’s father was an expert in swordsmanship, martial arts and also was capable to use a lot of weapon’s types. If his father could shape himself and obtained strength by fighting all the coliseum fighters, then probably Tenma should think over about his purpose to fight in the arena. He could use the chance to actually train himself and he was sure that by observing their fighting skill and type, he could develop a lot more new skill that would be inspired by those fighters that he would fight but it would be infused with his own style. He chuckled while slowly sitting at the bench and leaned against the wall as he made a wild guess that maybe it was why he could never beat his father, not even the slightest. Every time young Tenma challenged Xavier into a spar, he couldn’t even deliver a single scratch or even touched him, he would be lose after being played around by his father. His current style was clearly influenced by his father, he liked to play around not because he didn’t think the battle was serious. But it was to see the limit of their enemy if their mind being played around like that, he could see their emotion and made them lost their temper to make it easier to beat them.

However, that kind of style was not his real battle style. In fact, he only used it as the source of amusement to see his opponent’s reaction. Tenma’s fighting style was more serious, focused and fast but he was able to do various style so it didn’t really matter for him. After looking to a spot to sit, Tenma quickly found a comfortable spot in barracks and sat on the floor. He recalled again the battle between Rufi and him, wanting to know if he did some unnecessary move or not as it would let him to minimize the unnecessary move that he might done. The way he moved when he charged towards the old warrior, the way he swung his swords, he imagining it and trying to find a better way to do it next time in his battle. However, the one move that he really wanted to explore more was the Shogekiha, he loved the move and he couldn’t wait to be able to experiment it. Perhaps he could think of some concept about how to improvise the move while he was waiting for the next fight, but for now he wanted to train another move first.

From what he knew and imagined, this particular move was inspired by the lightning. A very simple move that similar to the way lighting struck the ground in a very quick pace and it dealt a lot of damage as well. Then the swordsman stood up, using the chance to use the slightly empty barracks to train the movement at the moment. He began to close his eye and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself and feel his own strength inside his body. Tenma calmed himself down and concentrated while his hands slowly touched his Katana, preparing himself to practice the move. He imagined the way he wanted to do it, the moment he unsheathed the Katana, he would move his Katana from upward to rightward cut, just like a lightning descended from the sky. It would be followed by bringing his Katana from downward to leftward, it needed to have 20m/s speed to obtain the move that he desired. So after a several second of deep concentration, Tenma opened his bright golden eye and quickly unsheathed his Katana before rising it to upward before slashing to rightward and brought it back from downward to leftward. The speed was fine but he knew that he could be faster, so he practiced Inazuma once more until he got the move that he desired.

It was not long until Tenma decided to stop his training because he already mastered the move, it just needed to be performed in a real battle to test the strength. The moment after, the swordsman could see a man who revealed his bare chest and was wearing a hat. The one eyed man didn’t really paying attention to this man who walked into the barracks but the moment when he began to train with the dummy, Tenma couldn’t help but to watch him. The man was surely not calmed down enough to train with the dummies, he could feel some kind of pressure in the way he swung his sword and it was not really good especially if he did that in the middle of a battle, he could die. Tenma waited and the man with hat finally broke down, he dropped his sword and looked at the roof with a sad look, probably was frustrated because he couldn’t make a strong slash and kept missing the target. With a smile formed on his face, Tenma decided to approach the man and probably he could offer some help. “Greetings, I am guessing you have some rough stuff in your mind? I can see your slashes swayed and your concentration was not deep enough. Just saying though…”

WC : 1128/1000

Trained ability:

Name: Inazuma
Tier: B-tier
Weapon Type:Katana/Wakizashi
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description:Tenma rises his Katana and perform a rising upward-rightward cut, then finishing it with downward-leftward attack towards his enemy at 20m/s. Each attack will deal C-tier damage if hits.


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Val then looks at a young man with an eye patch. He had nice black hair and a decent build. He looked like a professional swordsman, maybe even better than Val. At the same time, he is on a small recon which can be very important. Maybe he can use this man as a disguise, act like a newbie so then no one would suspect him. It would be perfect and can make it a much easier mission. The problem is though that he cannot tell this man his purpose as it can destroy this task. Val sighed as he sheathed his swords and acted naturally with a smile. "Oh thank you for noticing. I have just started with swordsmanship but I am a little better with martial arts." Val then thought of an idea. "If we are going to train can we go there? We may need more space." Val points over to an area where the meeting is being held. If he can get close, he can hear what is happening and report back to the boss. This info may even help him finding some info for the Black Hand Mission. Then Val thinks of an idea.

The hero realizes that he is way focused on the blade compared to martial arts. If he loses his ability to use a sword, just like in the battle with Solomon, he needs to have other skills. Maybe he can add a new skill to the Achilles Arts list.

He remembered in the village that they were serious with their punishments. When someone did a serious crime, they sometimes had a public execution. There would be four people that are there: the person getting executed, the leader of the village, the saint of the village, and the Executioner. That was Val wanted to make a skill out off. They are deadly with their gigantic axes, cutting off the heads of the sinned. The idea excited Val a little, using a skill that has the similar power of an ax. He does not have an ax on him but making something with similar power saves him space and the weight.

Val waits for the young warrior to answer, saving him the mission. After this, Val is going to his mission to the Plains for the Unity Corp.
WC: 550/1000


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The swordsman raised his eyebrow the moment Val said he was just starting with swordsmanship and was better with martial arts. He knew for sure that this man was at least experienced with sword even though he could tell that some of his moves were still clumsy and probably unnecessary although it might be caused by his own fighting style so Tenma wouldn’t try to pry. His statement about how he was better with martial arts was something that the black haired man didn’t really believe since Val’s movement was better suited for swordsmanship. This young man truly needed a long way to go to tell lies in front of Tenma…

The one eyed man wondered if he should just play along since he didn’t really know why the man would lie to him, was it because he thought Tenma was dumb enough to not notice his movement? Or was it because Tenma decided to approach him suddenly and the younger man thought that he might able to learn something? He couldn’t tell but he was pretty sure that he might be saying that because of the first thought that he had in his mind. Yet, it might be a good thing to be considered as someone who was dumb because the moment he showed to them that he was more than just a capable, he could enjoy their shocked expression which would be hilarious.

“Sure, more space would be nice especially when you want to feel free when you are swinging that beautiful sword.” Tenma chuckled before going to where Val pointed at and halted himself when he heard some people discussing with each other even though he was not sure where the discussion was being held. A smile appeared on his face as he turned his back to look at Val, waiting for him to come here and naturally giving an innocent expression towards the young man as if he never heard or notice a thing. “Well, the only thing that I can give as an advice is to concentrate when you are wielding a weapon, empty your mind with unnecessary thoughts. Also, don’t just pour your strength into the sword but you need to let it flow through the sword so the object that you target could be easily cut in a precise way.” The man would back off, leaning himself on the wall while he tried to learn more about what kind of discussion was being held, what kind of intention that this man had and also about how he can prove his assumption about this young man who was standing in front of him… With a smile towards the younger man, Tenma would say, “Try it.”


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Val gets his sword ready this time and he can see the man. He must have already caught on to this as Val can spot that his is playing with him as well. But, the hero will deal with that later. He needs to get back into shape

Val lets loose of the sword and follows Tenma's directions. He has a weird connection with the sword for this first time. He needs to let all his thoughts out of his mind. Val needs to stop worrying about the mission in the Plains or about Solomon if he is better. The hero breathes deeply in order to think straight​. He inhales and exhales but he still tries to look at the deal going on in the corner of his eye. This is his task for the Corp and it should be small.

It looks like the gang dealer for the Black Hand is meeting with a very rich man. It was 2 people Val hated the most: the rich and the evil. The rich man was talking about getting some items from the gang dealers bag. The dealer opens the bag to see surprising things. It was a magic tool and a very powerful one in fact.

The dealer explained that it was based on gravity magic. Val remember that time of magic from the books. It was a sub element of strenght and magicians use it all the time. This magic is necceasary in order to actually fly as a mage. It states from exact words, "Gravity Magic allows Mages to utilize gravitational force as a form of offense and defense. Mages who possess the ability to utilize such Magic are able to generate these elements from their wands or vessels, and manipulate them."

The delear continued that it had popwer they bring a whole city down and they have a lot more in production. This was needed information for Val and his mission. This mission was important to Val as Lagi trusted the hero in order to complete the mission. This was a chance to prove himself useful for Reim's use. Val has the feeling to be needed and important again.

Val stops and tries to listen to the warrior again. This time he needs to try to cut the wooden dumby in half. It will harder as Val cannot concentrate today but this man may be useful. Its like hitting two birds with one stone as the old saying goes.

Val charges his blade towar the target as a vertical slash doing a lot of damage toward the dumby. It cuts the whole thing is half. With a shock, Val smiled toward the warrior. He then bows as he puts his sword away. "Thank you, Sir." Val then gets his writing book out. He writes something and gives the page to the man.

What the note said:

Hello Sir,
My name is Val Achilles and I am part of the Unity Corp. This was part of mission so I was acting. I am sorry to bring your in this mess and to disturb you. I hope we can become friends.
Thanks, Val

Val runs towards the dealer and punches him in teh face. He then picks up the case and runs towrds Lagi's castle.

WC: 1000+/1000


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