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History of Magic [D - Repeatable]

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1History of Magic [D - Repeatable] Empty History of Magic [D - Repeatable] on 08/12/15, 07:26 am

Job Name: History of Magic
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostatd
Job Rewards: 50 xp / 3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Magnostatd Student
Job Overview: A class about discovering the known history of magic learned from ancient texts and collected from the torran tribes around the world. Specifically the student will learn about the basics of the Rukh and the theory of the existence of Dungeons and its probable connection to Magi that was cited in ancient lore as mere legends.
   A History Professor sent out an offer to be an intern for his research team on the probable existence of Magi on present day.
   The students that would accept the job would receive a small reward and their task is to organize the reading materials, collate the data and transcribe the minutes of the meeting of researchers in the group. As an added benefit the student would have access to more obscure reading materials about the subject.

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