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ToM: Final Battle Announcement

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
The Final Battle
ToM: Final Battle Announcement Giphy

The Kou civil war as seen both sides confront each other in Four Major Battles so far. Both sides began the conflict on relatively equal footing with neither capable of gaining the upper hand throughout.

Gao Yuan Zu took advantage of frustrations that simmered in an unsatisfied population while rallying many generals and commanders still loyal to himself. Yoshiro Zu mustered the forces that pledged themselves to his Imperial authority while also seeking help from foreign mercenaries to aid in his campaign.

Amidst the conflagration, a dungeon rose within Kou's borders inciting both prospective rulers to race towards securing it. Alas, many officers and foot soldiers alike have been lost on either side. The country suffers from a food shortage and the people are weary as well. So when the two armies met on the Luo Plains en route to the dungeon a decision was made by Yoshiro and Gao almost simultaneously. They would clash to determine the fate of Kou here and now!

Should either side claim control over the dungeon and conquer its power, the balance of the war could be shifted heavily in their favor. Neither ruler willing to risk such an outcome, they position their armies opposite each other on the plains and make preparations for one final confrontation. Gao in the west, Yoshiro in the east. Both men with ample claim to the throne.

The blood feud between this father and son pair has dragged Kou to the brink of collapse, but at last an end to the fighting is in sight...

The Final Battle will be a heavily plot driven thread mostly guided by staff. Currently there are three characters eligible to participate. They are welcome to post in the thread, but are not required to do so in order to claim their characters were present as witnesses. Any characters not listed as eligible, but did not enter the dungeon, may also claim they were there to witness the final battle in person, however they may not actually post in the thread.

Eligible Participants:

  • Merrze
  • Tenma
  • Cyrus

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