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A Clash of Talons

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1 A Clash of Talons on 27/06/18, 05:52 pm

Job Name: Greedy Bandits
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A group of rag-tag thieves known as The Vultures have been targeting small, unprotected villages within Kou during the civil war. Anyone who seems like easy pickings are liable to be attacked by their small group, anything of value stripped before they escape to the next town. They will either attack a harmless villager (who will repay you for saving her) or go after your own person (and upon their defeat, you're free to take their money for the trouble).

Enemy Name: Thieves x6
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Description: Each thief is dressed in black rags and leather, with white bindings around their necks and a red mask of a vulture to protect their identities. They reek of booze, and each one carries a Dao sword or a pair of hook-swords. Their swords deal B-tier damage and they move at C-tier speeds.
Double the Trouble: A thief wielding hook swords rushes at their foe, swinging one sword and then another in an X-pattern. Each swipe is a C-tier attack for a combined total of B-tier damage.
Dancing Bird: A thief with a Dao sword lunges forwards and thrusts his blade, stabbing a foe for C-tier damage before swinging the sword for an additional worth of C-tier damage. Together, the attacks deal B-tier damage.
Coward's Dance: A thief holds his blade(s) in the air as he nimbly jumps out of the way an incoming B-tier attack. He's capable of avoiding multiple strikes that add up to B-tier damage.

The rooster sang its usual wake-up call atop the earth-fired tiles of the pub’s roof, rousing Zubaidah from her peaceful slumber. Still removing the silky veil of sleep, she pushed at the rusty hinges and opened out her windows to look down upon the already-bustling streets outside. Yet, she heard the heavy clattering of boots crunching upon the russets and ambers of leaves that were steadily piling up in the dark cobbled roads, not the usual buzz of market-goers. Confused as to what this was to do with, but not too concerned with it, she lazily put on her usual gear and went to go down to the main lounge, but was stopped by an out-of-breath Huijin.

    ‘I’m sorry that this has to happen right now, but I need you to gather up your belongings quickly and go down the corridor to the left and accompany the others there through the tunnels.’ His rushed statement and hurried ushering of her back to her room gave her no time to think on what he was actually saying, and so when she came back down the stairs with all of her luggage, she was not prepared for the mass of moving feet, leaving her to be swept along by the flow of people which had suddenly surfaced. As she made her way along to a cellar entrance, she was helped down a rusty ladder into a strange tunnel filled with crates by a familiar face - that of her mentor Ho Lea. As she asked what all this commotion was about, Ho Lea hushed her and fully explained the situation to her.

    ‘I see that our dear friend, the bartender, has not actually told you go what is happening? How very unlike him… It truly shows the panic that he is in. I must go, my dear, but listen to Ran Wo, she will fill you in in the specifics.’ As Ho Lea’s lithe form disappeared along the narrow path littered with wooden crates, Ran Wo, a regular of the bar and informant of Zubaidah’s, registered all of the further details.

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2 Re: A Clash of Talons on 29/11/18, 04:16 pm

‘As you may have noticed, the forces of Guan Yu have swept through this part of the city in order to establish it as a supply base and so maintain a stronghold here. As has happened in many places, this means the local population will most likely be evicted from their homes and their belongings confiscated, all goods coming in will be intercepted for the army, and any supporters of Yoshiro’s forces or those who do not take Guan Yu’s side will be thoroughly destroyed. As this bar takes in a wide array of customers, it is unknown who is a supporter of who, and so he may harbour those that pity Yoshiro’s plight.’

‘As such, we have been forced to flee to avoid being killed or captured; Huijin himself has already been placed among the list of heads who need to roll. To make matters worse, it seems that band of thieves who frequent the outposts of Guan Yu’s Army seems to be on the move to ransack this sector, and so we have had to hurry this evacuation up. I am sorry, my lady, but we must leave for Yuanzhou via this passageway.’

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