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Zodiacs (WIP

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Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida
The Zodiacs
Zodiacs (WIP 350x350 LOGO IMAGE HERE
Affiliation: The Group
Type: Politiacal and Social
Status: Invite only

  • Entry: Must be a villain or willing to become one. Rulh alignment doesn't matter though. Also must have one post with The Snake Zodiac (currently Silva) who will decide if you can join or not.
  • Departure: Must make a post involving the Snake Zodiac and at least 2 other Zodiacs. (If there aren't enough members then just the Snake Zodiac) which will involve explaining your decision and taking a vow not to tell others of the Zodiacs secrets.
  • Activity: Make each activity check unless notified that you will miss some. Preferred to have at least one post a month involving villainy but it is not required.

Description: (This is where you will create a short summary of what the faction is along with their goals and / or purpose.)
Leader: (This is where you will put the characters or NPCs leading this faction.)
Members: (You may have as many members as you’d like and organize them however you want. This may range from groups to individual titles. 
In a NPC faction, you do not need to list individuals but just descriptions of their members. You may list players associated with the faction here as well.)
Threads: (List at least two or more of the related threads backing up this faction here.)

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