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Beasts Work Order Requests

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In this random little thread, it's where I keep track of who would like what. I wouldn't want to make anything for no reason, so in addition to trying to change the game, if anyone would like to enter dominance beast training as a secondary or tet (because i'd need to get them first), my skill is something that could be of use because my advanced training could teach them to do something "out of the ordinary".

Advanced training
Advanced Training: Having extensive training and being raised in an environment saturated in the techniques of training beasts, Lagi has the knowledge and ability to know how to train beasts to do things that they normally wouldn't be able to do, within reason. Examples of these things is the training of monkeys in a sword-fighting style, or teaching any creature that would normally be unable to carry messages to do so. It can not be used to teach a creature something that they are physically unable to do.

Master Breeder - With the accumulation of all of the previous perks in Beastmaster, Lagi is now able to sell beasts (Both Combatative and Non-Combatative) and mounts. This can either be sold personally to a player/organization or the marketplace. The beasts that are cultivated through Lagi's advanced training can carry over that special skill set as a form of a perk, regardless of whether it's a pet or a mount. If Lagi is doing business with a military organization, a mount set can be sold to them for a mobility increase of the army, with the price set following the same rules as the weapons sell.

This would be broken down into three missions before the beast is even created in the marketplace and sold. Compensation depends on the beast, quirks would be treated as a trait for the beast/mount. Let me know with a post if you are interested in my assistance.


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