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A Snake amongst Spiders (Job/Plot/Solo)

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Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida
Job Name: Joining the Nest I
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Reward: 100 xp | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The Black spiders have started pumping out things in full blast, they’re began looking for new traders close to home in order to get the business up and going again. Find out where they are recruiting these people and join them.

The former elderly assassin, now in a new body was walking around in the main street of the city of Balbadd. He had been hearing rumors throughout the city about people going missing from the streets and homes. Since he had heard nothing of bodies turning up or seen any signs of rituals so he was assuming that they were probably being kidnaped for slavery or they were going underground to start some type of rebellion. Since there were no signs of division amongst the people and everyone was for the new government in charge he assumed that people were being put into slavery. Another point that helped prove his hunch was the fact that several of these people that were vanishing were Fanalis which have been prime targets for the slave trade for years.

This had interest the elderly assassin since he himself was a member of the underworld, the darker side of this world that seems so innocent and free. That and that normally kidnapping and slavery on this scale meant that there was some organization was in charge, and a large one at that. He had also been hearing rumors and whispers associated with the disappearances of something called The spiders or the Black Spiders. By the sounds of it and what he had be been able to gather from various people no one really seemed to know anything about the spiders. They weren't sure if the spider was a group or a single person or even if the spiders were human. However, myth or no myth, person or monster, Silva was interested and wanted to learn more about the local boogey man that is the spiders.

If the spiders were actually  group of slavers or even something bigger then that, then Silva planned on trying to recruit the leader into his cabal that he was forming himself, the Zodiacs. A gathering of people from the under world society where they can help each other when needed and when called upon perform massive amounts of chaos and destruction in this world till they make it into their own world to rule. So if these spiders were in fact a group with a leader, the assassin is plans on doing anything he can to find out more about them and even convince the leader to join his sort of crime syndicate. He would just need to find them first which is what brings him to the main square of the city. A few days ago he heard a couple of people talking about the spiders recruiting people such as traders or fighters for their group, this surprised him a bit since they seemed to be out in the open now as this was the first rumor he heard about them where it actually mentioned them doing something which sounded like much more then just mere rumors. This definitely confirmed that the spiders were a group yet it did not prove yet if they were behind the disappearances. That and it meant that something big most be coming up for them to be out in the open all of the sudden, and that gave him even more reason to find them quickly.

WC 534/1000

Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida
So the great magician had spent the past couple of days trying to find them and where they recruit or even any person that is on there way to join them. As of this moment it was much harder then he had expected since they were constantly on the move in order to stay ahead of the guards or any other person who would want to put a stop to the group and their actions. As he was thinking this he saw a man leading a small group of four or five men. The men of the group just seemed like normal folk, everyday citizens or run of the mill thugs. However it was clear that the man leading them was of a different breed entirely. He was built for someone who normally fought or had to handle and control numerous slaves. He also made sure his face was partially concealed without making him stand out or seem suspicious at all. He was the type that stood out by trying not to stand out, most people would not notice that if they were not trained like Silva the Silver Eyed was. He decided that he would not just go up and join the group but instead follow them from the shadows and find out where they are meeting first before going up to them to ask about joining their ranks.

He decided instead of stalking from behind that he would try using his new godly body to go from roof top to roof top to follow them. Also doing this will limit the chance of them seeing him since people normally don't look up when checking to see if they are being followed. So he took to the tops of the buildings, however he did this in his normal form since his body was in peak physical condition without needing to go into his god form unless in a fight. Finally the came up to a dock where the was a lone ship that appeared at first glance to be a normal merchant ship which was extremely common in this country. A man walks off of the ship and towards the group of men, he seems to be the one recruiting them and deciding if they can join but Silva was sure that this man was far from being even close to the top.

The Silver haired man decided it was time to go up and join them. He jumps down landing with grace and starts walking up to them. The man looks up from the group seeing the man noticing he was different from these plain Janes. "Looks like we have a late comer. I assume that you are here to join the Spiders and begin working with us?" the man asks. Silva nods smiling, "I may not look like it but I am more then capable to handle whatever you need me to do and I have plenty of experience in this type of work." The man nods not really caring who joins knowing that if he was some spy for the guards or something that he would be found out and disposed of eventually. "Fine, fine, fine. You are on the team. Come back here tomorrow night." He says to the group before walking back onto the ship as the group begins to disperse. Silva smiles to himself as he finds himself on his way to his goal of meeting the leader even though it may take awhile. So begins his inception.

WC 1000+/1000


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