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True King [Training][w/ Ling Pao]

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Neph Acxa

Neph Acxa
aseo asehi

True King [Training][w/ Ling Pao] 2s7cgwi

Foggy Forest Arc I

Aseo had been dragged back into the camps, he knew last time was enough did they know that? Was it the knowledge he attained in the near death state, or was it him being the last to see the magician trusted by Yoshiro himself? Many knew him as “Man with the hole’. That may be a true statement, however that never defined his experience he gained after, and during. He never fell in line with the lowly rumors gossiped by the low fodder called soldiers, and it made him feel superior more of a higher power held. No, he deserved to feel superior moving through the camp with Neki Tan.

This evening was peaceful nothing happening besides training for more incoming sieges, battles, and crowd controls. Sun shining high within the mountains with slight winds that felt nice against the skin. Overcasting the top of the buildings sat three puddles leading from an large outer layer decreasing proportionally getting smaller. Neki Tan, lead the magician from the bottom from the steps up to the top. Admiring the old structural path. Broken. Eroded. Collapsing. That defined how the old structural path looked in his eyes, Neki Tan could feel it beneath himself cracking underneath the pressure of the two travelling up. “ Master Asehi, We should commence an training regime for you to undergo while away from the estate. I recommend if, I may suggest. Cardio, Strength, Stealth, Percisive Attacking, and Offensive Magic. Let start with your  silent approach? ” The grown well fitted elderly, stripped of his tuxedo vest, undershirt, and jacket. Kicking off shoes proceeding to dip his toes in the outer layer of the circles. “ I shall start with calming my nerves so, Mister Neki. Remain relevant, but not present. Nothing more, nothing less. ” Aseo slipped further toward the center of the water. Ripples off his body. Neki Tan, stood near the stairs remaining quiet with a steady breath.

Leaving only his shirt behind floating atop of the water he had made ripples around him calm, and stopped the noise around him. Basic usage of his magic, Aseo found himself in a calm, and relaxing atmosphere with just, Neki Tan off behind. Laying on his back he's stare off towards the skies, becoming lost in thought. Long before time has gradually come to catch up to him. “ I must gather my strength again. A little run shouldn't hurt ” Raising from the water, everything on his body wrinkly and Aseo turned to notice Neki Tan had quietly fell asleep awaiting his master. It wasn't going to hurt for him to slip away? He did just that since it was not. Dashing off to his left skimming the top of the water causing ripples to appear once more now that he allowed it.

The forest had grown dense with fog, and the travel routes all seemed to be covered. Aseo travelled from branch to branch, drying himself while stretching out his legs once more. Something odd drifted in and out with a colorful silhouette. Was it a man, or women? Aseo hadn't know, until he dropped down from the top of the tree lining. A cloud of fog covered. He would eye them in silence, he needed to work on his patience, and concealment. Not giving himself away would be the best course of action while training himself.

Holding his hair in a pony tail:

True King [Training][w/ Ling Pao] 7CGZznV
Name: Aquamarine’s Tears
Tier: B
Type: Magic Item - Brooch
Magic Type: Crystal [Heat + Strength]
Appearance: A golden brooch with 3 aquamarine crystals decorating the upper part of the jewel and another crystal decorated the lower part. The magic circle is located on the back.

  • Crystal Craft - By feeding magoi into the item, the user would be able to create any kind of mundane item by using the crystal, including any shape of keys. The item has B-tier durability, the object that can be created by using the crystal can’t exceed 5 meters in any dimension. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

WC: 565/1,000 | M: 320/320 | S: 155/155


Ling Pao

Ling Pao
The Great Toad Ninja from the East had found himself to the country that was probably closest to his, the imperial land of the Kou Empire. He had come hear with his guardian deity Shimigichi, the ninja toad that was devoted to protecting the clumsy fool of a ninja who would be helpless without him. Ling was lost being in a new country and especially since they were in a forest before getting even more lost in this dense fog. Luckily the Great Toad Ninja had Shimigichi who could sense things that even a ninja of his caliber could not. Shimigichi stops hearing something or someone nearby and Ling feeling Shimi suddenly stopped figured he senses someone nearby so he stuck his left foot forward and his hands into the air as if to lift an invisible roof and shouts, "Who goes there? I must warn you that you are in the presence of the Great Toad Ninja Ling and his noble companion, the great Ninja Toad Shimigichi. So show yourself now!" He would shot to anyone who could hear him. Shimi would strike the same pose croaking while Ling stood on top of him. Both ready to fight if they need to.


True King [Training][w/ Ling Pao] Jpeg_212
Name: Shimigichi
Tier: D
Type: Normal
Species: Ninja Toad
Appearance: Shimigichi is a dark orange toad with blue markings all over it's body. It is about 5 meters tall and 8 meters long and about 5 meters wide. He can rather be on all four or even stand on his two back legs.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Ninja Toad Legs
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Must be a Ninja Toad
Trait Description: The Ninja Toad has powerful jumping legs that allows him to jump high and far allowing it to have great mobility.
Trait Effect: Shimigichi is able to jump 5 meters high and 5 meters length.

Trait Name: Ninja Tongue Blade
Trait teir: D
Trait Requirement: Must be a Ninja Toad
Trait Description: After years of training Shimigichi is have to sharpen it's long tongue turning it I to a sword that can move and bend fluidly like a regular toad tongue. It becomes sharp by flattened and hardeninf the edges while keeping the middle sot allowing it to keep it's fluid movements.
Trait Effect: Shimigichi's tongue can be come a flexible blade that is five meters long. This can be used in Abilites and basic attacks.

Trait Name: Special Ninja Toad Solvent!
Trait Rank: D
Trait Requirement: Must be a Ninja Toad
Trait Description: Shimigichi can put something in it's mouth like dirt, sand or ice and chew on it. When being chewed the subtance it is chewing is mixed with the toads saliva which has a special enzyme in it that reacts differently with different subatances. The saliva and substance turns into a new substance that will do something special when introduced to oxygen.
Trait Effect: If it chews and earthy substance such as dirt or sand it turns into a mudlike substance that when spit out it quickly hardens like a rock after a few seconds in contact with oxygen.

If it chews snow or ice it can create a stubstance that is basically the same, however it can also deal freezing damage if attached to someone. It can also be used to create ice projectiles.

Can be used in Abilites.

Neph Acxa

Neph Acxa
aseo asehi

" Who goes there? I must warn you that you are in the presence of the Great Toad Ninja Ling and his noble companion, the great Ninja Toad Shimigichi. So show yourself now! "

Such words would become amplified. Using the rukh to control the sound of the poorly dressed man. Those words he said would echo through the fog, playing endlessly like a track on a record. Aseo cracked a smile, shifting the pitch, molding the words into something a new, causing them to make reach octaves now. “ Presence. ” Came first.

From where he stood, he noticed that outfit was quite ridiculous on the man. How could one be ‘great’ dress as such? Aseo knew what would be perfect to improve his ability, and keep this man away from that weird toad. Condensing the fog around the man. For, him he could tell where the man was clearly, but for the man Ling maybe he couldn’t not tell what was going to happen. Leapping from the branch, coming down from an height of 10 ft, cracking the ground beneath him causing the ground around to shatter. The intention was to put him in high alert, but before he would scramble, Aseo would use the noise of the earth beneath him to create a loud pop. The pop itself was Tag . With that being used. Aseo made a dash passed Ling Pao.

A tap on his shoulder going passed the man, he was no faster than D-tier himself, so everything would look visible, however he used the fog as a trail to create after-shadows making him look faster. Evening to the point of leaving a slight trail, hoping the man would play along in the weird game from the stranger.

WC: 805/1,000| M: 400/400 | S: 175/175


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