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It's Only the Start [Mini-Event]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Magnostadt enjoyed a time of relative peace; they were nicely recovering as their eastern neighbor raged on. Life was gradually returning to normal as Magicians went about their everyday lives.

However, such peace would not survive. From the forests bordering the Plains and the Jungles raced bipedal creatures. Their fury was unrivaled as they tore through the empty lands, hungry eyes set on the bountiful city-nation. Their arrival went unseen and the walls did nothing to keep the invaders out.

Screams erupted from the city entrance as massive monkeys attacked. Hopeful Magicians looking to enter Magnostadt scattered in bouts of terror as primates of all sizes chased after. But they were not the only target; Mosheh and his mighty hammer could do nothing against the numerous foes as they overran him.

Apes, gorillas, baboons - monkeys of all shapes and sizes invaded the city. Their baying laughter and piercing shrieks filled the air as they rampaged. The outer residential areas and districts were hit the hardest; their fronts were destroyed by the bigger species while ankle-biting terrors filled the broken down spaces and further attack.

Magicians of all caliber rushed forth to meet the danger, but even their magic could do nothing to help. The smaller monkeys outmaneuvered them while the larger silverbacks closed spaces and crushed their borgs.

To imagine that the prosperous city of Magnostadt was going up in flames due to monkeys, of all creatures...

[Notes: Magicians of Magnostadt, feel free to take up wand and staff against the monkeys.]

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