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Opening day

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A few months ago there was a battle in the Jade Dragon mountains, only two people fought and the world didn't care who won. However, for one person that was a moment etched in memory forever as it helped her achieve what she considered her first major victory. Pale digits running along the scar, the pain and frigidness trickling crimson from her eye still lingered like a phantom. Ignoring this Imuchakk was proud of what she saw here before her in the mountains where she had originally come only to kill a person and make a few extra bucks to feed her and her beast.

Where broken walls once lay there was now stood a strong gate, extending into defensive walls that Ani herself had planned. After all, if she wanted to succeed, make this fortress succeed she knew that preemptive measures were important. That lesson tasted bitter on her tongue as she mouthed something silently to herself. She walked through the tall gates, watching them close as she put the ebony walls behind her. Inside was the project she had used some of her dungeon money on, and the savings she made from doing odd jobs around Kou and offering her services to the army. She had repaired the fortress and made it her own, there was now plenty of room for which she filled with an armory, and stable. She looked passed both of them as she eyed the final large addition to the fortress.

A large clear space was now filled with a climbing wall, an obstacle course, various work out equipment, a sparring ring and various targets for various types of training. The reason for the sheer mass of the training field she had made was simply because she accommodated it for beasts. Turning her eyes back to the main fortress she would hum as she pressed her hands against the door. With little effort, she pushed through the fortress door looking around as she let out a soft coo and her lips curved into an excited smirk as she began to look around herself. Placing her hand on her shoulder guard as she turned around to view the interior of the finished hall she would think back to its previous appearance. Her dark blue coat following with her slight movement, the sound of her boots clicking against the floor echoing through the empty halls as she began to think of the future things that could happen in these halls.

She soon began to walk through the halls looking at the various rooms she had built, most being able to accommodate one or two people, but at the end of one of the hallways, there were two large rooms across from each other each one holding multiple bedrooms. There were a few large rooms in the fort after it had been redesigned and rebuilt. There was a war room, a drinking hall/mess hall, a workout area smaller than the one outside, and even an indoor bathhouse. Luckily there was a source where Ani had been building, so she incorporated it. Her gait strong, and her hips swaying playfully she soon made it to the end of the hallway she was in.Looking to the left, her blue hair shifting to the side as she looked at the room that would be hers, before opening the door to the final room. Inside was an office, a place where Ani could come to think if she needed and she walked around thinking of what she might decide in here, and as she stared at a candle her lips curled up once again into a smirk as she already made her first.



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