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Amatus' Profession [WIP]

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Amatus Laertes

Amatus Laertes
Primary Profession
Related Class: Warrior
Profession Title: Gladiator
Description: A warrior who fights in the Reiman Coliseum to entertain its audiences. They are pitted against other gladiators and occasionally beasts in brutal fights. Deaths are not an uncommon part of their daily lives and each day poses new threats in the battlefield.
Profession Perks:

  • Analyzer: Being able to read your opponent in the first few moments before the battle truly begins is vital. Gladiators are capable of seeing the weak-points in a person's defenses, any strengths they have, and come up with battle strategies.
  • Celebrity Fighter: Gladiators who succeed in the Coliseum and entertain their audiences become well known. Fans remember their names and cheer them on during the fights. As an up and rising gladiator, several fans recognize him and are more than willing to chat with him and give out favors in order to receive something in exchange.
  • Battlefield Experience: Due to their daily fights in the Coliseum, gladiators are more than well adjusted to the sight of blood, the sensation of pain, and the shock that usually overtakes a person in a fight. Experienced gladiators are more than capable of keeping their head cool and their thoughts clear in the middle of a fight, and little will shock or trip them up.

Secondary Profession
Profession Title:
Profession Perks:

  • Perk 1
  • Perk 2


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