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Taiyo Razik

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Taiyo Razik Naruto_manga_597_tobi_by_itachiulquiorra-d5b09os

Under the mask:
Taiyo Razik Sasuke-uchiha-shippuden-susanoo-11107-hd-wallpapers-320x293

Taiyo Razik AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Taiyo
Tier: C - Tier
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age + Birthdate: 18 | April 24
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence | Light Magic

Taiyo Razik JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Destructive | Lazy | Cocky | Seductive | Rude | Outgoing

It isn't beautiful unless it is destroyed, or distorted in some way. Taiyo is extremely destructive, often breaking things for his own amusement, or destroying something just because he doesn't like it. A job isn't complete unless something is done, which would explain why he has destroyed things while on missions just for the heck of it. Some people call him crazy, some people call him scary. Truth is, he does what he wants.
Don't expect Taiyoo to move around a lot, because he won't. He happens to be very lazy, barely doing anything, and would rather much sit around, and cause havoc, or do something simple rather than have long draggy fights, or play sport, etc. Anything that involves him sweating he refuses to take part in. Hence why he usually seeks to end the fights before they start. It's surprising that he isn't overweight by now. Doing nothing but destroying, harming, and striking fear into the people of this world is pretty simple.
Taiyo is extremely confident in his abilities, and takes lots of pride in his looks, and even his personality. In fact, he can be a little too confident, calling himself the best, and better than most people. Even deeming himself as the king of kings. Taiyo feels as if nobody can tell him what to do, and that he deserves the best, simply because he IS the best. It may be true that he is a twisted man.
Being bisexual, Taiyo can be extremely seductive, often speaking seductively to the people he targets to kill, or harm. Just for the hell of Taiyo is seductive. It has been told that he is a master of seductive (Made up word). Taiyo's seductive abilities are so great, that there is a huge chance of that any person he targets will sleep with him. Don't believe it? Try it for yourself, see where it gets you.
Not caring about nobody else's feelings, Taiyo often comes across as rude. He feels he is just completely honest,usually blurting out the hurtful facts, pointing out the flaws in others, or telling people what to do better, and how to do it. This male is completely honest but same people can't handle the truth. Along with this, Taiyo has no manners so going out to dinner with him would not be the brightest Idea.
Always wanting to be the greatest, Taiyo is very outgoing.  He'd rather show off his skills in a battle then actually fight, meaning,he would much rather scare someone off. As a child, he always was outgoing, doing things with all his heart, never caring what anyone else thought. Not being shy, is probably one of his best characteristics, but it can get him in trouble when people start to doubt him, or his abilities.


  • Pain: Ever since Taiyo was young,Physical pain was something he always liked. Pain gave him the feeling of excitement, and he enjoyed it whenever the chance was given too him, in addition, he also likes to see other people in pain as it ALSO excites him.
  • Sex: It's pretty obvious why someone like Taiyo would enjoy the art of 'Sex'. It's just a great feeling, not to mention he has a lot of experience.
  • Power/Control: His love for power and control is ridiculous. He loves commanding people, and ruling over the weak, making everyone surrender to him was always a goal.
  • Food: Doesn't everyone like food? The great taste of the variety of food that exists is amazing.


  • Vegetable: Although he likes food, he hates all vegetables. They should not even be counted as a food, they are disgusting, and a disgrace to the taste buds.
  • Kids: Taiyo hates kids with a passion, they are icky, and are stupid. He hates them just for being kids, as he was bullied by kids. The only way that he'd ever use a kid, is to do slave work...
  • Bugs: It's pretty obvious, is it not? Bugs are nasty creatures.
  • Fanalis People: He was bullied by Fanalis people, so it's only fair that he hates them.
  • Mismatching: He likes to color coordinate, he hates when things don't go right together because it's just plain ugly.


  • Bugs/Roaches/Rodents: Bugs are disgusting creatures that crawl anywhere they feel like. They are annoying, and almost every single insect is ugly, small, or sucks your blood. While Taiyo worked as a slave, there were many bugs, ones that he didn't even know existed,ones nobody would think existed, rodents, and roaches are little demons, they all deserve to die.
  • Death: A fear that most people have, death is not a beutiful thing, just knowing that everyone has to die one day is disturbing, no longer being in the world of the living, but dead, lifeless, you become nothing and are no more of what you were on earth. Is there a heaven?


  • Becoming Immortal: Taiyo strives to become the ultimate being, never opening, or even getting close to the door of death.His goal is to live forever, so he can lead this corrupted world forever.
  • To Create The World In His Vision: This world is too corrupted for people to continue living the way they do. Taiyo has plans on becoming the leader of this world, and creating it within his vision of peace, and harmony. This goal keeps Taiyo alive, this is the reason why Taiyo yearns for power, this is why he was brought into this world.

Taiyo Razik ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto | Tobi (White mask)- Naruto
Weight: 190
Hair Color: Black | Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown (Natural) | Red (When magic is in use)
Height: 5'10
Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Traits:
Taiyo is a tall male who stands at 5 feet, ten inches, and weighs no more than 190 pounds. His hair is short, usually standing diagonally, dark brown, but often appears as black. Taiyo's eyes are dark brown, matching his hair, and his eyes often turn red indicating that his magic is in use. He has a slim body type, but underneath the clothing he often wears, is an average 6 pack of abs. Taiyo looks like an average 16 year old boy, often being called handsome, or attractive.

Taiyo usually wears a loose velvet colored, short-sleeved shirt to cover his upper half. Sometimes he wears a purple rope as a belt, and dark colored jumper-like-sweatpants, along with typical sandals. Taiyo's outfit changes depending on his mood, so he has been seen wearing a black cloak with red colored clouds on it. Overall, this young man is pretty into the latest fashion.

Taiyo Razik YunanTab_zpsba28a063

The Baby Angel:

Ironic, the title no? Taiyo was born to a loving mother, and... well, he didn't have a father, or at least one that was there for him and his mother. His mother always said that he had priorities, just like lots of people did, and she also said that some people didn't believe that their young should be of their main priority. Taiyo's mother was a woman who believed that no matter what, your kin came first. From the moment of birth, which by the way was done by herself, she always cared for Taiyo, being the best mother that she could possibly be, and Taiyo couldn't want better. Growing up around a strong woman taught him, to be strong, to be tough, and to never give up. These lessons would stay with him forever.

Reim wasn't the best of places, but it was a pretty full area, populated with lots of people, and allowed Taiyo's mother to have lots of company. Taiyo was always the quiet, shy kid around his peers, never really talking much, or saying much due to his fear of being judged, or saying the wrong thing. Many thought it was something wrong with him, but his mother understood. Taiyo was a pretty good kid, was always happy, never really did anything wrong, and always knew how to make his mother proud. He was happy to be himself, he was happy to have a mother as good as his.

Is this Heaven?:

Taiyo was only 13, and the pain was only getting worst. His mother, she was sick, and had cancer. It wasn't long before she died, and Taiyo could do nothing about it.He was only thirteen years of age, and had no experience with doing anything BUT read. His mother had been in her bed, coughing up blood as usual. She would always tell Taiyo that her time was near, and he needed to start living on his own, but everything seemed to be happening so quickly, there was barely time for him to grow. Just the thought of NOT having a mother there for you, to see you become a great man just began to stab Taiyo's soul.

The day finally came when Taiyo's mother passed. He had came back from buying groceries, and had seen her laying in her warm bed, but she was cold, dead, and gone. Like any child, Taiyo cried, and cried, for hours, sitting beside her, eyes bawling, and he was lost. After a long while of crying, you come to realize that there is nothing else to do but deal with it. Taiyo was slowly going crazy, blaming himself for his mothers death, often thinking thoughts like I should have... & It's all because of me that...

But as much as Taiyo tried to find peace within himself, he knew that he couldn't... EVER. He had to bury that pain, and man up. His first step was to pack his bags of all his clothing, and foods that he would need. Coincidentally, they had no more money, so he would be leaving Reim broke. He would be broke of currency, and love, broke of happiness, but rich in pain. His journey began with leaving Reim and finding a new home, to forget, but it seemed like no matter what he did, he always ran into the worst case scenario. On his way out of the continent, he ran into a man who seemed to be high in society. It was pretty obvious that Taiyo was a kid who was living on his own, his clothes slowly became rags, his footwear slowly became holey, and he carried a bag of needed supplied on the end of a stick. Anyway, the stupid young, and hopeful Taiyo fell right into the man's trap, his name was 'Jellal' and Taiyo thought that he was the nicest guy on earth. After a week of living with him at the end of the continent Taiyo was practically rich. He was being spoiled, but that all came to an end when he was put in a carriage, and witnessed other children dressed just like him.

The carriage must have been full with 50 kids, all around Taiyo's age except one, who seemed to be younger than the rest. Jellal had told Taiyo, who was now fourteen years old, that they would be going to a big house to live with each other, and the gullible child believed, because he was too scared to NOT believe. He wanted to feel that happiness that he felt when he was with his mother, and couldn't bare all the pain of being motherless. The kids were brought somewhere dry... dry... and extremely sandy. When Taiyo got off the carriage he was instantly panting. He could barely keep his eyes open, but a couple of guys came around and plashed water onto the faces of the kids as well as handcuffing. The kids all began to cry, complain, and some scream and shout. The men became upset before bringing out whips to beat the kids, and that is when Taiyo knew... that he would be a slave. Wow... what a treat.

To Be An Angel, You Must Work Hard:

For three years...THREE YEARS, Taiyo has been a slave in a giant mansion in Heliohapt. It was hidden though, a mansion built under the sand, it was a really unique building. The slave count had lowered to 8 and 3 of them were sick, unable to work, and ready to die. When Jellal and his peeps were tired of seeing the same sickened faces, they killed them off in front of the rest of the slaves, and demanded that they threw out the bodies. Constantly, they would make these teenagers work non stop, giving them water 4 times a day. Taiyo knew that at current rate, he wouldn't last another year, but he was prepared to die, he had witnessed so many friends die in front of him that he couldn't bare the pain any longer, so many deaths in the last few years it hurt.

The sun had just risen, and it was time for the slaves to wake up after a 4 hour sleep. They needed to work on trimming the gold, and Taiyo knew that it would take more than a full day to finish. The amount of sleep wasn't enough to continue on like this, and 6 people that day had commited suicide, slamming their heads on the gold. Taiyo was so traumatized that he didn't know what to do but... smile. There were only two slaves left, and the men who worked for Jellal seemed to be amused by the slaves killin themselves, and dying off so MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, if Taiyo killed the  last slave off, the workers would let him free! AND WHAT WAS EVEN BETTER WAS THAT TAIYO COULD PUT THIS POOR 13 YEAR OLD GIRL OUT OF HER MISERY!

Without a second thought, Taiyo picked up a block of gold, and surprised the guards by slamming it on the 13 year old girls head. It was a truly crazy thing Taiyo did, but he did it for the greater good, and this was only the start of the Heavenly Angel, something kicked inside, and he was able to create a giant beast right from his imagination for a quick second before the workers fled... they were weak, too weak to fight. He picked up the his head, and instantly felt his power surging through him... this was it... This is the day that Jellal would be killed, and this was the day... Taiyo would take his Magic Staff.

Role-Play Sample:
Everything looks better in a spoiler...:


"No, I want to sit next to Zai! Move!
"No, I do!! You move!!"

Zaixo remained quiet, focused on what the teacher had been writing on the lacrima board in the front of the class. Everything Msr. Haruki wrote, projected so that the rest of the class could see it. It was obvious that she was mage, and she used her Runic magic to teach the class very often, and even if Zaixo was in 6th grade, he already knew a lot about her magic. Zaixo, had been in the class before the other students, considering that the bell hadn't even rung yet. The guys would sit away from Zaixo, usually gossiping, or pointing out his flaws, although there weren't many, and the females... they were very much infatuated with Zaixo, always fighting to sit next to him.

Over the years, Zaixo felt that the best thing to do was to ignore them. They weren't important. Actually, anyone but his parents were important for that matter. He looked at the runes on the board, and copied them down in his notebook. His teacher had told him that they were going to be quizzed the next day, and Zaixo didn't want to get any more 98%'s. It was time to get 100's. The class went quiet for a moment. The guys laughing, and pointing at Zaixo, while the females stared with hearts in their eyes. Zaixo didn't like school. In fact he hated it. He hated being the center of attention all the time.

"Can anybody tell me, the exact definition of the word 'Dignity'?"

Zaixo slowly closed his eyes and raised his hand, this was a very easy question,and the answer was already in his head, before she asked the full question. The teacher called on Zaixo and right when he was about to answer it a spitball was thrown at Zaixo, and it hit him right in the center of his forehead. Everyone gasped, some laughed. The girls immediately asked if he was alright. Zaixo closed his mouth, and his eyes, and stood up. He already knew who it was. It was the class Bully, someone all the girls hated, and was only popular amongst the guys,

He slowly began walking over to the bully known as Mark. The young Zaixo opened his eyes, they were bright blue and glowing. The teacher immediately ran over to Zaixo, and the Blly, along with all his friends eyes widened in fear. The teacher then wrote a rune 'Cage', and he was trapped in a cage. Zaixo then ignited his Blue energy so that it covered his body, the cool air was felt by everyone in the room, as papers flew to walls, and the girls yelled for him to stop. Zaixo broke out of the cage and his hand reached for Marks neck. Mark begged for Zaixo to stop, but he couldn't at this point all that flowed through his energy was anger. After about four or five seconds, Zaixo stopped, and the teacher hand him by his hands.

The class was shocked, and amazed, the girls found it more attractive. They now knew that he was a mage. He was escorted to the principals office.


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Lovely application. Put an appearance description and you'll be good to go.

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Note that you are not yet approved for c tier. There were others who posted in the event topic before you so we'll see how those turn out before you get the c tier advancement.


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