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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa

Jahans vault Tumblr_lxsy8r5CXd1r1a4ylo1_400

Name: Jahangir Nikotor (Also responds to Jahan or Niko)
Tier: B [Novice].
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 22 yrs old born December 12th
Nationality: Reim
Race: Halfing: Human/Fanalis. Fanalis dominant Born of Mix Blood between a Heliohapt human women and a Finalis of Reim: Races


Carefree and adventurous. Jahangir is not a man known for being serious. If anything he hates complexities in the world and would rather keep everything straight forward. Jahangir is easy going, sly, calm and charming, yet and still he is lazy and hot tempered by nature. His behavior can often be called ludacris if not childish many if not all of his decisions are done by sheer whim and impulse.

Jahangir has a kingly demeanor and handles himself as if he were one of high class, while this is less than true people are often fooled by it. Materialistic as he is he often spends his money on gold or clothing.

Jahangir was born with ADHD as a child he was always hyperactive, his guardians focusing that energy on training him. As an adult it has settled a bit allowing him to have moments where he lazes around or even prefers to be inactive. One case of this is with lovers, Yes ladies, he's a cuddler.

Other than that Jahangir is highly competitive and an seeks adrenaline. He loves the thrill of battle and teasing his enemies as he does so, so much to the point to he often toys with the idea of conquering a country. None the less if you can get passed his antics he can be quite the friend, rival or lover.

Jahanghir has however grown a new much colder and ambitious side to his nature. Years of being trapped within a shell of his mind, losing so much time have obsessed him with gaining strength.

Likes: Jahangir, Likes gold, for aesthetic reasons of coarse and how it reminds him of his dreaded past. He also loves the idea of taking gold as loot from fallen countries.

Jahangir likes nature, which is an odd thing for a person of his personality to find interesting but he is drawn to the adventure of the unknown. He longs to enter a dungeon at some point.

Dislikes: School, Jahangir hates schools and orderly class room environments with a passion. He finds them all to be a system of keeping people unimaginative and in "the system".

Prisons, Jahangir hates prisons just as passionately as he hates schools if not more. From his time in them, which have been far too many, he has learn they are some of the most boring places to go. Completely Dull and lacking adventure, if he were to spend any hard time there he may very well go insane.

Phobias: Fear is a rarity in Jahangir, This is the same guy that seeks adrenaline like a child seeks sweets after all. Though he does have one very large fear. Losing another loved one, its to the point to where he hesitates at friendships and romances. The memory of losing his mother and father is subtly haunting.

It gives him nightmares of having his family taken away from him, he often has nightmares of his friends dying.

Aspirations:Impulse. Almost anything Jahangir does is done on a whim. The problem with this is beyond heavy spending, lives are put at risk when Jahangir gets an idea. He may very well start a war if he could, not alone the countless "mistakes" he has done in the past. He seeks adventure and his own morale implications, while existent are often looked over in favor of a short term goal.

However Jahangir does seriously want to conquer one day, he envisions himself on the throne often. He simply doesn't have the right convictions to do so at the moment, not to mention the means. He has a long ways to go before he can rule anything.

Face-Claim: "Nue" by "RachityRach" (Drawing)
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Lavender
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Rukh Alignment: White.
Special Traits:
Appearance: While he is Tall Jahangri sports almost no body fat, so it comes to a great surprised how muscular his body appears when unclothed. That is without a doubt the product of his heritage his father being a Finalis he inherited the strength of one. Jahangri does however take on mainly his mothers appearance. Her deep black hair, lavender eyes and brown skin are all a product of his Heliohapt ancestry.

In battle he is stanceless, Jahangri having mastered the Long and Short sword finds using a stance to be near useless. He instead fools his opponents by taking use of his environment, often hiding his battle skills and switching between forms rhythms and intensity mid battle.

Jahangri has the body language of both a wanderer and a king. He walks with his head high up and his right foot forward, however skipping, twirling and dancing are not out of his day to day movement patterns. However he does get serious, and when he does its something akin to a lion. Another trait inherited from his father, as well as the hot bloodedness. Jahangri is known to snarl or roar even in a lion like fashion, the scrunching of his face in anger usually done before or after a fight is reminiscent of his father.


Jahangir is a product of a relationship between the High Priestess Nefertiry Baket and a Reiman Soldier Augustus Nikator. The relationship was taboo and due to the fued between Heliohapt and Reim, certain men that are now in the council, wished for the death of the child and his Father Augustus. The couple planned to escape Heliohapt and flee to Reim once the child was born, yet things had not turned out how they planned.

His father and his military friends whom Jahan would grow to call his "uncles" were ambushed as they prepared to leave Heliohapt. Jahan's father was killed in the battle, his comrades were able to flee with Jahangir to Reim, where the boy lived the rest of his life believing his mother was dead. Jahangir spent some time in and out of orphanages, at firs due to his "uncles" having to go through the adoption process, and later dut to his "uncles" being a tad bit less than "fit" guardians. The mens drinking and violent escapades ultimately led to Jahan having almost no supervision as a child, where he would get in huge trouble, only for his guardians to be considered unfit and for them to change down the line to another of his fathers comrades.

Unfortunately Jahangir was always...Different. His brown skin made his origins evident, but his insane strength and ability made him monstrous. He didnt have many friends his age to say the least. Any friends he did make were usually made in battle one way or another; rather that had been by saving their asses or impressing them is subjective.

However in Heliohapt his mother the High Priestess of The Central Temple of Ra, whom leads the council is very much alive. She has remarried and had 4 children. Yet the woman has contracted a strange illness and her time left seems to be limited. She spends majority of her time trying to quell any conflicts between Heliohapt and Reim, in hopes that her first born son Jahan is still alive.

The rest is simple history, Jahangir learned swordplay starting from the age of 10 and due to his military connections he had several mentors. He eventually turned to create his own unorthodox fighting style , combing spinning and acrobatic movements with skill full sword techniques. He left his home to venture on his own at 17 however he still is often in his home country of Reim.

Jahan conquered his first dungeon and was quickly looking to becoming a formidable threat in the world. However fate had thrown him a wrench, being infected with an ancient parasyte that attempted to attack his mind, Jahan fell into a coma for 2 years. The only thing between him and hell was the power of his Djinn and an undomitable will power.

Now Jahanghir has awoken once more.

Role-Play Sample: Laughing. Jahangri burst into tears at the idiotic idea he would have to audition for something. Did they not know? He was a king. Well whatever, fools will always be fools. Jahangri stuck his tongue out playfully, a charming if not cute scene.

"Here this is my best effort"

They, however were not very amused. He was removed from the premises as usual. Though he may have a few more fans than usual. So it wasn't a complete failure. He furled his brow.

"Acting may not be my calling after all" Sighing he looked off into the distance. Something about how the colors melted into the sky gave him chills, he began walking towards it. Already finished with his acting endeavors.

"Theres a Brand new world out there" he smiled devilishly. Time to make it mine.


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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa


  • Primary Warrior | A
  • Secondary Beast Tamer |D
  • Tertiary -

Fanalis Trait:

Enhanced Magoi:

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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa

D-tier Abilities

C-tier Abilities


B-tier Abilities


A-tier Abilities

A Tier Abilities:

Omega-tier Abilities

Name:Nur-Al’ Jadhibia!
Djinn: Gremory
Cost: 100
Type: Gravity | Strength
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Cool-Down: Once per thread

This spell summons forth the unique force of gravity found only in the Dungeon of Gremory. This spell will radiate forth from Jahangir as an aura, then be condensed and weaponized around his body. The form that “Nur-Al’ Jadhibia”, takes is described as ‘luminiferous’, by the Djinn; because of its star-like appearance.

Jahanghir utters the incantation, “ Gremory bring forth! Nur-Al’ Jadhibia! | دع النور يعبر إلى هناك”.

At This point Jahanghir's body and Weapon Equip will ignite as if struck by black lightning. This aura apparates around Jahanghir as quickly as it is called and in some ways it resembles an electrical storm, with cracks that warp and arc the space around the force which is the spell itself. This spell has an air of heaviness. While the spell itself is “invisible”, it would be near impossible to not see and hear it.


Omega Factor: Those struck by this spell will have their gravitational constant influenced by Jahanghir, upon being hit Jahanghir may alter their gravity, causing them to "fall" in either direction at A tier speeds. This effect lasts for a total duration of 4 posts.

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities


Social Abilities

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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa



Aurangzeb-- The Ornament of the Throne:

Sword of Damokles:

Solaryst Medal:

Birds of Paradise:

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