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Fed a Man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a Spider. ??????

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Job Details :
Job Name: Fishing Time!
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Shu Fang River
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:  N/A
Job Overview: Some of the war refugees who is taking a shelter near the river are struggling to feed themselves and the weather to catch some fishes is just too harsh, making some of them end up eating leaves. Help them to catch some fishes in the river despite the bad weather and they will reward you.

The midday heat was scorching even in the shade of the trees growing along the river bank. Green wisps of leaves rustled as a welcomed puff of cool wind passed through the tree-line. It even brought a faint smile to shaded woman's face as she rested in the shade of a vast tree. It was almost too quiet aside from the soft munching of her beast of burden in the shallows of the water, making a meal of tough roots. Black juice flowed from the roots as Fenhei knew from experience that making any meal of any root weeping that color would lead to digestive upsets.

An almost nostalgic look passed over her face she recalled the time she brewed such a tea for the Elders. The look turned bitter like the root after she remembered her punishment for the trick. Not even the softest pillows offered at the Temple could soothe her aching backside. The parting of leaves made her look up in alarm as she saw a strange sight..a small, abnormally thin child stuffing leaves into his mouth. A cry of alarm came from the child as his face flushed red in shame of being caught before loosing his hold on the branch.

The Many-Eyed God still enjoyed his tricks on her as Fenhei found her lap turned cushion, with the shaking child pressed against her bosom. Holding back her sigh as Fenhei gently patted the boy's head in what she thought a comforting fashion. Maternal instincts were far and few as she expected of her as a Priestess to remain chaste and unwed. The few interactions she did have with children as a young adult were to kindly smile and listen to their words..but never touch. Temptation and Holy Vows never permitted to mix. Watery blue eyes looked up at her as a nervous smile spread across the boy's face as he judged the cold expression on Fenhei's face.

The boy shuffled in place as the woman pushed him back on his own feet. Rising to her own feet as the hem of her silk dress brushed against the dirt, the amount of dirt shuffled by the boy's bare feet would dirty the fabric if he kept it up. Leaning down until her face was eye level as her voice asked soft, but serious "Where are your caretakers. I doubt those leaves spoiled your midday meal..but it isn't clever to eat strange plants..". The boy nodded solemnly as his stomach made a low rumble, making the woman sigh.

Returning to her full height as Fenhei gave a faint smile before offering the boy her hand "Well, it won't do us any good to stand here in the heat..I am sure your guardians taught you some manners right. Isn't it polite to escort a lady in her travels? Especially if she is your guest?". The boy's expression puzzled, but understood the gist of it as he eagerly pulled along his new friend. As the pair walked, Fenhei hoped the boy's poor condition wasn't due to a spark of anger bloomed over the thought. Yet, at the same time..she hoped she was right..War ripped through the region in such little time..this was the consequence . She would know..she profited from it..

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It turned out her first guess was wrong as the boy ran into the arms of matronly woman who fussed and scolded at the same time. The woman was in as poor condition as her child, but graciously thanked her after Fenhei reluctantly allowed herself to dragged forward by the persistent child. She found herself welcomed to sit on the family's sole surviving blanket as the matron explained her family's woe. Once simple farmers their profession turned into ash as the flames of war burnt their fields turning them destitute after their last meager coin was spent. Refugees now, attempting to scratch out a living from the river..but with the intense heat, the fish hid themselves deep underwater to escape it.

It explained the child's unusual meal of leaves as the woman bowed her head in Fenhei direction "Thank you for returning my son. I am afraid..he..". Tears filled tried eyes as the woman choked out "Tried copying me..I tried to make soup from the leaves..We have little choice..the river cannot provide, we only have nets..but those can't reach the fish alone..". Fenhei's heart tugged as she had profited indirectly from their suffering. It was possible the weaponry and other supplies she had sold were the reason , mother and child were fading away. A soft smile spread across her face as an idea came to her.

It took some time for the refugees to gather on either side of river, their nets floating in the shallows as Fenhei made a gesture towards the tree branches above her. A few gasps escaped the refugees as the creature slowly descended from his shelter, suspended only by a strand of silk.  Argos chittered as Fenhei gently brushed a hand against a sharp fang as if to soothe the creature. Spiders were naturally shy creatures and who would like strangers staring thunderstruck.  Whispering softly as Fenhei redirected the spider up to the tree once again as a performance began. Silken threads spun between branches into complex patterns before falling gracefully to the ground coiled like rope.

While wide-eyed children placed river roots and small stones on the ground..too distracted by the large spider to do much but stare. Nervous parents did their job for them as plain stones turned shining after rubbed with the black juice. It was a simple idea..turn normal rocks into enchanting lures to entice the lethargic fish to the surface.  It took practice as children tossed the lures into the water, jigging them along until a large splash made them laugh with excitement. The silver belly of a fish had made its appearance. Soon the villagers with nets had their hands busy as the fish would find their escape impossible when attempting to dive back down, to be caught in a net.

Smoke and laughter rose throughout the night as the villagers shared their catch with the former Priestess. She politely accepted it, despite her stomach turning at thought of fish. It had never agreed with her taste, still she accepted her share with a polite smile. Even a few daring children attempted to toss up raw bits to a lurking Argos, the beast retreated to taller branches after a piece of offending flesh hit his many eyed face. The refugees would be able to use the coiled web for quite some time..and the reeds could be used as replacements.

War had it's consequences..Fenhei would suffer for them. What was the cost of helping feed the victims..her time..her morality as the guilt clawed at her gut. Still as the night continued, she kept her lips closed of her occupation. Let the naive be naive...

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