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Oliver's the bomb (training/solo)

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Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford
Time to get to work, he thought to himself as he sat in the middle of one of Takane's many training rooms. Oliver Oxford sat down, table in front of himself, one of those kneeling tables you have tea at in this type of setting. He was mixing different powders and ignition triggers into the fold.

Why was he doing so? Well he had gotten in to working with The Asteroid Belt, a new weapon developed for him for the sake of using small scale explosives and deterrents. His first task was to make something that every assassin should be proud to know the second nature to make, a smoke bomb.

He named this particular model Ganymede, and was trying to mix up black powder and a little bit of an impact reactant. With enough force to the ground, it should pop like a fire cracker and get smoke to bellow out of it. When he had mixed around enough, Oliver stood up, juggled the clay sphere in his hand before throwing it across to the far end of the room. It cracked open, and instead of smoke, it made a bright flash with minimal smoke.

Well that wasn't right. Maybe more powder and some sort of flash suppressant would help. So he did just that, and practiced with different mixtures for a good hour and a half before he found a perfect mix of ignition, substance and suppressant. When he finally threw the ball again, Oliver created a large screen of smoke that was thick enough that one could not see through it with ease.

Now to sit down and start working on the next after consulting the book of chemicals Takane kept for her assassins in training.

Word count:
291/250 words for Ganymede trained.


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