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Chimera Hunting [w/Oliver]

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1Chimera Hunting [w/Oliver] Empty Chimera Hunting [w/Oliver] on 26/07/17, 03:22 am

Neph Acxa

Neph Acxa
Job Details:

Job Name: Monster in the Woods
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A local beast has been terrorizing the outskirts of a village in the Kou Empire. Soldiers have been sent to deal with the creature, but all of them either died or returned wounded with the beast still well and alive. Go out and kill the beast to finally put a stop to its rampage.
Enemy Details:

Enemy Name: Chimera
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Description: A large monster with the body of a bear, the heads of a goat and lion, and a snake tail. It deals C-tier basic damage with its claws, snake, and teeth.
♦Lion's Bite The Chimera lunges forwards and bites down using the Lion's head, dealing B-tier damage
♦Goat Ram The Chimera rushes forwards, with the head of the goat in control. It rams into an enemy with its head and horns, dealing B-tier damage
♦Viper Strike The snake tail attacks an enemy, biting an enemy and dealing C-tier damage. The enemy is then poisoned by the viper's venom and receives D-tier damage each post for two posts. The combined damage is B-tier damage.

Items Brought:

Chimera Hunting [w/Oliver] 9bU7kn0
Name: Ebenezer
Tier: C-Tier
Material: Wood, Silver, Gold.
Appearance: A long staff that doubles as a cane/walking stick. It also has a large knuckle guard which reaches down the bottom of the handle. Inside the larger area where the white and gray meet, there are small gold-colored gears. Handle is 10 In ( 25.4 cm ) ending at the wood. The wood is 70 cm long totaling the whole staff to be 95.4 cm.


Chimera Hunting [w/Oliver] 669l08
Name: Pinnacle
Tier: B-tier
Type: [Syringe] Acupuncture Needle
Material: Lightweight Metallic Glass
Appearance: Pinnacle, is a simple reciprocating pump consisting of a plunger that fits tightly within a cylindrical tube. Total length is 7 in ( 17.78 cm ), having a short body cylinder of 5.08 cm, and it's hypodermic needle is 7.62 cm. The metal ring loop 2.54 x 2.54 cm fitting around the finger nicely and firmly.
Ammunition Material: Lightweight Metallic Glass
Ammunition Appearance: Pinnacle, is a simple reciprocating pump consisting of a plunger that fits tightly within a cylindrical tube. Total length is 7 in ( 17.78 cm ), having a short body cylinder of 5.08 cm, and it's hypodermic needle is 7.62 cm.

A large crowd had been formed. It seemed people were in a disagree meant. In the middle of the street it looked to be two heavily injured guards mens. Then a couple of commoners that looked to be rallied up about an issue. Noting audible from the distance, so getting into arms reach was Aseo’s next objective. What’s going on here? He asked confusedly.  One person in the crowd spoke up to explain. To all fail he didn’t exactly know himself what happened, so Aseo tuned in to the conversation happening between the people. The two soldiers didn’t hold distinct look besides having gash marks through their metal armor. How could something  slash through metal leaving such a gash through it. These things he would just need to ask once it present itself. Going to catch one of the guards barely standing speaking.

” You lowly bastards. Y’all act like you’re in great peril, but haven’t face that beast. It’s snake of a tail, and body of a bear. Just remembering it hurts. Go talk those empty complaints to someone else. Not one of us soldiers cares for your loss, we have our owns.” He said. He was sort of vague in explaining. Aseo, took note of something that had a ‘tail of a snake, and body of a bear’. Unnatural animal appearing? Aseo, looking over to the commoner standing to see his response. ” Lowly bastard? Says the one who’s injured by a animal. If you're so superior. Go finish it off. Oh wait, you're not. Hmph. Remembering getting your sorry arse handed to you. Should be ashamed to be apart of the Kou Army, with this display.” the commoner said. The others seemed to be hyping him up standing behind him. Aseo, eyebrows arched up.  Situations like these he enjoyed. Stepping over someone in front of him. Literally walking on his head not caring for apologizing. A part of the crowd grew anger at Aseo’s action. He simply landed on one foot in front of the commoner and near the guards. Reaching his right foot out, Aseo began to stomp the commoner in the back. Hard enough to knock him to the ground, but light enough that he didn’t receive a lot of damage. I require more details. This large crowd might be form for nothing, but I haven’t came for nothing. So you’ll get stomped until I’ve gotten every drop of information from you. Aseo, said coldly. All the other commoners becoming enraged all around. The guards helpless in the situation. But they weren’t forgotten. Aseo turned his head to face them while continuing to stomp down on the one person. I’ll infuse that metal upon your backs to your skin. Than painfully tear it off if, I don’t receive information from y’all either about why you’re in a sorry condition. Aseo, said to the guards. Was there someone around to stop him from? Is he still going to get his information out of them if he was stop, maybe, maybe not. Aseo, just continued until he started getting answers.

Word Count: 526/1,500


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Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford
Items brought along:

Name: Big Dipper
Tier: B Tier
Type: Interlocking three-section-cane
Material: Strong merbau wood, sheep leather, iron chain links
Appearance: Appearance: Taking the form of a 122 centimeter long pole with a red and black wooden shaft separated by leather grips about 20 centimeters at a third of the way between the staff from one end to the other, resulting in two distinct leather grip sections.  The ends of the cane have been tipped with golden cylindrical tippings used for head beating. These are not needed but there for the purpose of the stick's main function which is splitting into a three section cane with the chains hiding inside compartments at the joints of the weapon.  The chain links are 13 centimeters each.

Name: The Satellites
Tier: B
Type: Throwing knives
Material: Variable (can be stored many different spots)
Appearance: Stored in cloth pouches or leather pouches or even inside hidden compartments inside of sleeves, the knives are able to be carried in many different ways.
Ammunition Material: Iron and woven cloth
Ammunition Appearance: Thin and stackable blades, these throwing knives can be stored away into pouches or hidden sleeves.  They are seventeen centimeters long and four centimeters wide. The tassels on the end serve to make them aerodynamic, or letting them be whipped around at an angle to get a good lob in.

Name: Asteroid Belt
Tier: C
Type: Miniature multi-purpose gas bombs
Material: Burlap
Appearance: A burlap sack containing the marbles used as bombs
Ammunition Material: Clay, flint, various caustic materials
Ammunition Appearance: Each of the little marbles has a circumference of one to three centimeters, inside of the clay layer are a mixture of flint ready to ignite on contact with the clay striking it and a number of powders, liquids or solids used for various purposes.

Oliver Oxford, the vagabond minstrel, the meandering author, the wandering noble, was busy strolling along through some random town and, as if by happenstance, he came across the sounds of something interesting going on.  Now Oliver was always keen on crazy events going on, they seemed to find him even.  From the stopping a necromancer diddling the dead to catching a slave ring that targeted families as a whole.  But this was a first. A beast with the body parts of many different beasts all put together? That sounded just like something he would love to write about!  So of course he found himself gravitating towards yet another adventure to write about.

The first character to encounter might have been more savory, certainly not the main protagonist of a novel, but a no-nonsense and hardened warrior to support the cast?  He was already making mental notes of the man stepping on other people while the crowded hissed and jeered at the guy.  The sandy taupe headed Magnostadt runaway approached the man, looking to get in on what was going on.  On his person, he was wielding Big Dipper to walk along through the crowd, using his multi sectioned cane Big Dipper to push through the crowd.

His overcoat resting over his black and white patterned top with the diagonal coloration of black on the top and white on the bottom, alternating turns of black and white circles inside of the black and white patterns of his shirt. On his legs were grey colored pants and that overcoat was a nice light beige.  Under the jacket up his sleeves and in his pant legs were holsters hiding The Satellites, his throwing knives.  Hanging from his hip was the pouch containing the explosives known as Asteroid Belt.

When he finally pushed through the crowd, twisting his waist side to side, using his shoulders to move on through the people so that he could get close and reach out to tap on Aseo's shoulder before he crouched down to speak to the commoner on the ground. "Might be best if you told him what he wants to know. Also tap the ground twice really fast if you want me to welt him for ya."

The commoner would squeal the information about what they needed to hear, and Oliver would get information about that beast, looking to break away from the crowd before things got crazy, leaving Aseo to deal with them himself.  He was getting ready to head out and go hunt a beast.  Of course, Aseo was welcome to come along on the adventure if he dealt with the angry crowd fast enough.  Oliver would be heading off soon after, looking to travel with someone to hunt a beast together.

If Aseo even decided to come along, Oliver would look to make some small talk with the man whom he did not recognize as a mage right away, "So that how you deal with all people on a regular basis?"  It was a start for conversation at least, and it was Oliver's way of getting into the thick of things.

word count:
518/1500 words for completion


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Neph Acxa

Neph Acxa

aseo asehi

Removing his foot. Getting his foot dirtied anymore wasn't worth it. Even stepping on the man was out of place. By the day. Yes, the day. Aseo, knew he was becoming more spiteful, and like the despised like noble. Could he change it? No? Maybe? He could only change himself. Would he do it? Not if he continues down the path of hate. Aseo, looked down. A shade taking over his brow. Eyes were watching. A public image wasn't being upheld, more of a monstrous image of a fiend. Aseo, could be consider a fiend. As of recently he stopped caring. Nothing seemed to hold his emotions. People, Animals, and Insects. All seemed to look the same to Aseo. The value of life could easily be taken away. His value was taken easily. “ Stand up. Stand amongst the other people. Don't fret. Never again. May you come by the Asehi’s estate. I'll feed the street, twice a month. A feast. First, however. “ He halted.

From behind the fray. Stepped from behind others. Orange hair. Pale in skin like the inside of a coconut? Probably. Scarf wearing? Yes, the man was. Aseo, took all that into account as he came. “ Might be best if you told him what he wants to know. Also tap the ground twice really fast if you want me to welt him for ya. " Addressing the commoner. This is by now, the time Aseo had allowed him to stand. The information obtained wasn't enough. Anyone could gather information from an infinite pool or source. But the current source to had dropped its last drop. Aseo, hadn't care much more for it. “ I don't know you. But care to help me feed these people? You don't have to bother much with the feeding part. More of the muscles. It's hunting season, if I’d like to jest. “ Aseo, said. By hunting season, he actually planned to go hunting once in awhile. He needed to train his skills, but for now how is that possible with a chimera? Strange beast. Such a waste in his mind. The world continued around him as he made gestures and some mean faces. But he caught note of the man taking leave. Aseo, took that as he was going to help with the hunt.

The man seemed quite friendly. Friendly people could go long ways in the world, but too friendly would show them a ends. Unlike Aseo, he was once like that. Now he can't find to pace trust in people. It would seem however, this friendly individual liked chatting? “ So that how you deal with all people on a regular basis? “ He, said. Aseo, poised the gesture of a shook expression. Yes, he was shook. Aseo, normally doesn't greet people like that, but it's been awhile coming. “ Regular basis? No, just that mob of people. Anyways, Your name? I’d like to make a formal greeting. My name is Aeshi, Aseo. Please call me, Aseo. “ He, said. Not putting a smile on his face. Locking eyes, if the man had been looking him in the face. A solid strong voice. Strong like a mountain man, or something deep and raspy? But a light touch of kindness hinted in it.

Word Count: 1,077/1,500
Magoi: 320:320
Stamina: 155:155


4Chimera Hunting [w/Oliver] Empty Re: Chimera Hunting [w/Oliver] on 05/09/17, 04:25 pm

Oliver Oxford

Oliver Oxford
Oliver continued to walk with the man, a long haired, raven headed and well built individual who wanted some help with hunting and feeding the people? "And you want to feed them with the meat of some mythical beast that could potentially prove poisonous or dangerous to us?" Oliver paused while clutching his chin, gaze turned upwards to the sky, his back to the man.  His left hand clutching his right elbow as the sandy taupe hair of Oliver blew in the breeze.

It was a few moments spent pondering the ramifications of just what they were going to be getting in to and now he was more keen than ever on the idea, "Sounds like a plan I can get behind. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Oh and it's Oliver by the way."

He left out his last name on purpose, maybe Aseo would press on the matter, but he had his reasons for not disclosing the name of one of the most powerful families in Magnostadt, let alone that he was a lout without magic from a family of magicians.  Or what he was doing in Kou.  As far as the two were concerned, they were random folk who stumbled upon each other by happenstance.

After a couple of minutes of walking, Oliver stopped and looked back at Aseo, "So--question for you. Why are we following me? What I mean is that--what are we gaining from following my directions when I decided to tag along with you? Think it would be better for you to lead the charge? Seeing as, you know, you probably stomped some information on the location of this amalgamation out of that guy."

He often spoke in a slight rhyming prose with new people, trying to see if any of his vocal quirks or tendencies could clash with or mesh with the personality of his traveling companions.  Now, he was just looking to see what Ase-Ase, as he was thinking of calling him, would do to lead them to the manticore.  Because let's face it reader, Oliver's good at writing, Oliver's good at being aloof and mysterious, but the kid don't know jack shit about maps.

Of course, this was all bearing on the fact that Oliver didn't know how close the manticore could be with them nearing the end of the village.  But the sounds of twigs snapping much louder than they should have as if tree branches were being brushed out of the way like toothpicks could be a good indicator.  Oliver turned about on hearing these noises when they were outside of the village limits, reaching behind himself to draw out Big Dipper.

Word count:
959/1500 for completion


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Neph Acxa

Neph Acxa

aseo asehi

Oliver, walked a couple of steps in front of him. Having the head start on Aseo, leading with a faster step making it to where he needed to catch up. Aseo, had clicked his cane against the ground as it shifted from cobblestone to grass and dirt to get the subtle change. Watching as Oliver, paused to question his early comment on feeding the people, it didn’t cross my mind at all. “ If it proves poisonous, I suppose I’ll just cure the meat. Maybe just go hunt the wild that still remains in the wasteland of war. “ Just letting it be in all honesty. The first issue at hand was defeating and getting rid of the chimera that roamed the lands for unknown reasons. Where would such a beast even come from? Aseo, rubbed the bottom of his chin stuck on that question turning to, Oliver to look at him then back to the ground thinking of what would be effective against such a beast.

Aseo wasn’t much of a talker. Leaving silence to overcome him since he wasn’t trying to force information out of someone, or enraged. Usually the only times he’d speak on something. Walking alongside this man didn’t make him feel uncomfortable, but it didn’t make him comfortable either. He couldn’t tell if he had alternative motives for after slaying the beast, or the real reason to why he came over in the first place.  All he could do was think to himself, keep his comments to himself, and take action when needed. The thing that was needed right now was to locate the beast and, Oliver wanted small talk about the information that was slightly gathered. “ That pest didn’t give sufficient information. The only thing he gave me was it’s usually hunting grounds, a hefty pled to beware for it’s claws, and a bunch of empty whining. Now question for you. Oliver, what brings you to this war ridden country on the path of self-destruction? “ He’d say, watching Oliver now. Aseo eyes locked on the outline of Oliver’s face and watching the edge of his lips to see if he would tell a fid, or give a relaxed reply.

Taking notice of him reaching for his weapon, Aseo took no action since his weapon was his cane. Ebenezer always ready, so taking heed to what Oliver may of heard, Aseo now looked out for two things.

Word Count: 1,480/1,500
Magoi: 320:320
Stamina: 155:155
Ability/Abilities Used:


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