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Hero Queen

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[center][big]...You bear witness to a world in crisis and peril...[/big]
These are desperate times. We grew too complacent and adjusted to our world filled with Heroes, and we have taken them for granted. In spite of all but 2% of our population at large being classified as 'Evolved Humans', we have made mistakes, and now we are paying for them.
[big]...A world that writhes in the pain of its own naivety...[/big]
Our time is nigh! Against all odds, we have shifted the seemingly continuous sands of time. Whatever is affecting the globe, now is our time to act! The do-gooders have had their place in the sun! Now, it is ours to seize!!
[big]...The abyss approaches, marching in time to hammering hearts...[/big]
Now is the time to unite against these forces of darkness that threaten us. Seemingly from nowhere, it appeared and laced its way through the most dangerous locations on earth. Will you not hear our plea?
[big]...At the end of it all, it will be unmistakable; the grand entrance...[/big]
Take control and rise with me, brothers and sisters! What use is trying to restore a balance that has been fully tipped, been set completely in motion?! Their efforts are pointless. Ours can shape the future, re-write the History books, and start a new Era!
[big]...Paradigms shift, and opposing forces toil for control...[/big]
Can you not hear me?! You must choose! Help us restore the balance!!
[big]...But in the end, there can only be one winner...[/big]
You there! Yes, you! Let's smash the scales, send everything spiralling out of control!!

Join MHARP and hold sway over the AU RP world itself!

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