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Rami's Short Story!

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Rami Naeem

Rami Naeem

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Cosmic Light Beings
A race of beings made out of light. Many would relate the talents of this race to necromancy; however what the Czigus do is a little bit more complex than that. They have the ability to live inside the body of a person who is dead and control the body of someone who is alive. When living in the body of a dead person they have a time limit of up to 2-3 years to live in said body before it disintegrates and they have to find a new host. As a Czigus they cannot live on their own, so most of their lives they are constantly living other people's lives not fully having their own identity. Czigus gain all the knowledge of the body they are residing in from what the person tasted throughout their life, their experiences, their mentality, so on and so forth. When the body that a Czigus is residing in disintegrates they keep all of the knowledge from that person and bring that information into their new host and the cycle repeats itself until they can't find a new body. Once that happens a Czigus only has 3 days to find a new one before they themselves die.

Brief History  
Czigus are a race of secrets. They are so reserved from others even themselves that they never expose who they really are to anyone. The reason for that is because their actual bodies are harvested for crafting materials by Reggs which is why they are always in constant hiding. Half of the time to Czigus don't even know they are talking to one another because of how afraid they are from the rest of the world; they act like and talk like the body of the person they are living in. No one knows that they are speaking to a Czigus, not even a Czigus themselves.
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Altamones (AHL-tuh-mohns)
Divine Magis
Spell casters, wizards, witches and warlocks can never compare to an Altamone. By being able to control nearly eight elements at a time such as Fire, Lightning, Water, Earth, Air and Ice even elements like Dark, Light, Time, Gravity and Space this is a race to be reckoned with. How a Altamone is able to harness multiple elements is by utilizing Sacred tomes that only they are able to read. These tomes have been scattered all through the world of Gavenia and if an Altamone finds one of an element that they do not have they are able to read the tome and gain the knowledge of said tome and its element that is has. For lower level Altamones they must hold on to these books until they become a high enough level to where they do not need them to use their abilities. If an Altamone has 8 elements already and finds a tome of an element they do not have they are able to sacrifice one of their current tomes and replace it with the one they had just found. For Example: If an Altamone Finds a Water tome and wants to Replace one of their Current elements such as Air, the books themselves perform a spell on the Altamone making them forget everything they knew about Air and gain knowledge about Water.

Brief History  
Altamone's tend to do well when it comes keeping to themselves. They avoid conflict as much as possible but sometimes in a world of war influence gets the best of you which is understandable. When the disappearance of David Padilla occurred sacred tomes were discovered several weeks later that could only be read by certain individuals, and the moment those individuals touched their first tome their physical appearance changed all together as well as their mentality causing them to be nose deep in their tomes and shutting out the rest of the world. The tomes that the Altamones hold can be found almost anywhere from desert caves, town libraries, forests and the ocean as well.
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Vanutei (VAH-noo-TAE)
Fissure Walkers
Many would call these people 'Mother Nature's Disciples'. They are so connected to the earth and the land animals that live amongst it that they are able to communicate with the animals and plants alike. An interesting fact about this race is they have two forms; Their regular every day form, called their Herba form and their second form called their Terra Form. Their Terra Form is an ability they only use when the situation ultimately demands it. When "going terra" the Vanutei conjure and earth spirit to take their place and turn into giant stone golems that range from 25-60ft in height. Each Golem is unique to its Vanutei and has cracks in their bodies that radiate the color of the Vanutei's aura. Vanutei are mainly calm beings until aggravated or pushed into a corner. Many Vanutei reside together because they believe that the world will be peaceful once more and tend to not altercate with fights and such. They are known to be peacekeepers and will do whatever it takes to make sure the peace remains if someone or something is trying damage or take it.

Brief History  
When people of this race discovered who and what they were everything about their mentality to the way they dressed changed. They view themselves as protectors of the earth and have been that way since the day their powers were discovered. They are as humble as they can be and tend to make sure everyone is in a good mood because it's what the world needs. Since the war has started the Vanutei have been doing little to nothing in participation with the war however they are offering their services as guards and sheltering those affected. Many people believe the Vanutei think they are better than others, which isn't the case because they view everyone as equal individual, titles mean nothing to them.

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Exatiaz (EHKS-zah-tee-ahz)
Disciplinary Gladiators
This race needs no guns, no swords, no weapons at all to fight in combat because their physical body is a weapon in itself. By creating spine swords, vein whips, even eye ball grenades this race takes thinking outside the box to a whole new level. Their passive regeneration ability makes them heal 10 times faster than any other race and are considered to be immortal only because some can take out their hearts and have another one grow back while they are in the process of taking out the original one. Some people from this race are even known to shoot the bones from the tips of their fingers as if they are bullets and there hand being the gun. This race's options of weaponry are practically limited and limitless at the same time.

Brief History  
When the Exatiaz race was born a lot of people called them freaks and didn't entirely treat them with a lot of respect like they did other races, it is because of the neglect they received from the other races that the Exatiaz only will ever trust their people and only their people unless given a reason to cut the other races some slack. You have races that can control elements, others who can control the bodies of the dead and living and a race that can communicate with land animal life and plants, then you have a race that can pull their entire spine from their back and launch eye ball grenades in whatever direction they want. It is because they are slightly so different from the other races that it was hard for others to adjust to living in the same world with people who used their bodies as a weapon.
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Machina Steam Punks
A race of technologically advanced, steam punk geniuses. Reggs have been known to create weapons and machines ranging from standard guns and swords to mecha-war suits and arm laser canons. With their minds the possibilities of what they can make and when they can make it are constantly limitless. They have been known to start one of the first black markets in the world of Gavenia and are actively becoming a wealthier and wealthier race as days go by.

Brief History  
When the Reggs were looked down upon by the rest of the world because they were thought to have no powers. Nearly 95% of them all moved to the southern portion of the region to create a new life for themselves. When moving to the southern portion of the region they created their first city which they called "Hun City"; their home. The Reggs then formed an organization known as the Monarchs who want to kill all people with special abilities and what not. In just 3 years' time they went from being 35% of the world's population to 55%. Massive genocide, war, and even raids and rapes were created by this organization mainly because of how they were treated by a select few races do to not having flashy powers. They were tormented, teased, and ran out of their homes which was the drive that pushed them to become a cold, sinister, manipulative race.

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Corleiks (KOHR-leeks)
Spirit Warriors
The race of spirit warriors. This race starts off by finding a spirit companion than can be found in just about any item from a sock to a great sword and everything in between. Corleiks normally start off with one main spirit that they make an unbreakable spiritual connection with. Every spirit they find after their first one are considered 'support spirits' spirits that can be left go if the Corleik feels as if its best to release them; They cannot under any circumstances get rid of their first spirit for if they do they die, if their first spirit dies the Corleik dies as well and vice versa. A Corleik can hold up to four spirits at a time and when they become 75% bonded and connected to their first initial spirit they are able to fuse two other spirits to the first one to create a Spirit Templar, which is more or less like a permanent Evolution for their first spirit. The Templar still counts as one spirit in itself and meaning that they can carry 3 more spirits right after it, however they only need one spirit to fuse to the Templar to permanently evolve it into a Spirit Dragoon which is the final form/phase of their first spirit. Their spirits emit themselves from the Item almost looking like a ghost with a spirit tether connected to their Home Item. Once a spirit reaches Dragoon level the tether is removed and they can move freely with their Spirit Warrior. When a Corleik utilizes their spirit in battle by summoning it from its item, the item turns into a weapon for the Corleik to use while in battle.
Brief History
Corleiks are the youngest race to discover their powers. They were first mistaken for Reggs due to not showing that they had any powers. About a decade or so after the other races discovered their powers the Corleiks finally bloomed. Once the Reggs started the genocide and war killing a large portion of the other races, it was the Corleiks primarily who took a stand to counteract the Reggs and their mission. Since the Corleiks are such a young race their history isn't at all long, but they created an organization they call the GBW and they believe everyone should live on Gavenia without having to worry about anything but happiness. Although the war is now four years in they understand that force will have to be brought in order for the peace to return.

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Rami Naeem

Rami Naeem

Padilla Legend Creatures

Ruco (Roo-koh)  
Web winged manta rays with a singular eye on their underside. The eye generates when they fly through a cloud collecting every ounce of electricity that it can before shooting it off to it nearest victim. The can shoot it off to an ally and cause a lightning ring which is a deadly attack that creates a large lightning strike to singe and burn anything within the circle 

Hunica (Hue-nee-kah) 
Tiny fuzz balls that have large eyes in the middle of them. When they cluster they become giant bombs and explode if they sense a threat. They normally travel in groups. 

Nihj (Nai-hij 
Small Caterpeetle insects that excrete a liquid ooze from their outer shell. The Ooze can be used as an energy supplement and can be used to heal even the most fatal of wounds (unless it's a severed head) the ooze can heal anything just as long as the host of the wound is still breathing. 
Kredus (Cray-duhs)  
Fluffy monkey creatures that when scared, upset, or hurt become rather vicious and dangerous. Caution when approaching these animals.  
Xy (Zai)  
Gastly three tailed foxes that cast nightmares on you stunning you for a post. the foxes have white masks on with red markings on them. Each fox appears with flames on the tip of each tail different colors per fox.

Wermu (Wur-moo)  
The largest living mammal of its time. The Wermu is known as the Titan of the sea. Weighing in at roughly over 98 short tons (196000lbs) this monstrous being can swallow whole a full grown blue whale if said species existed anymore. The Wermu carries on its back a rocky shell that can inhabit an entire city of 40,000 people. Imagine the size of this beast. Its only natural however that a being of this size could live on a massive planet. Males are rare two find and are in fact a fraction larger than the female which is the size stated above earlier.  
Garg (Garhg)

Garg's are flying serpents that have no eyes and no mouth. Their sense of smell and hearing exceed all other animals and kill their prey by constricting them and draining their aura.  

Pulm (Poolm)  
A giant saber-tooth tiger, reptile breed. Babies are normally six feet in length and 3 feet in height while adults are generally double that. In their fangs they hold a very deadly venom that is hard to remove from the body cause it spreads quickly. They also are extremely fast runners  

Fumaha (Foo-mah-haw)  
A land/water mammal that not only can breath in air but it also can breath underwater. It's body can self adapt to the environment that it is in if the environment is mostly air based or water based. when on land it is slightly furry with a pur white coat. its eyes shift from solid black to solid silver. When its mouth is open it has extremely sharp teeth. When underwater it develops gills and webbed feet. its eyes glow a luminous blue color and its teeth grow 5 inches in length. It eats sea food on land and land food in the sea.

Yark Yark(Yahrk Yahrk)

Melon sized white and orange bird creatures with a small outer mouth appearance but if they spot you they purposely expand their mouth opening it by a foot and a half letting out a ear shattering scream that hurts you and aggrivates near by creatures and causes them to attack you.  

Olik (Oh-lihq)  
This being comes from a parallel world. It loosely resembles a salamander, and it has a tail ending in an eye. Its body is skeletal, yet it has functioning organs.

Owlouce (Ow-loohs)  
furry ball shaped owl/mouse hybrid. They always travel in groups and are known as guiders. if provoked they summon a large spirit to attack you. this spirit is linked with them. defeat it you defeat them.

Cybana (Sai-bah-nuh)  
Mechanically anti gravity jellyfish that have escape the lab of Korsu and have scattered all over Southern Odrea and Laikaido ocean. They can shock and cut you. 

Lugrim (Luh-grehm)

A giant skeletal golem species. These large beasts are said to once be Core form Vanutei's as the wear the skull of their former titan self as a helmet. They are a rather friendly species however when aggravated can be high dangerous because they cut ties with all emotions except anger and rage by this time you must either run, kill, or try to handicap them.  

Margina (Mahr-GEE-nah)  
Creepy crawlies with wings. Margina's are spider like creatures with moth like wings. There webs can hold nearly anything. They are mostly found in the desert and running into one of their sand traps is a pain. They're venomous.  

A bunch of deadly sludge monsters with turtle like shells. They are mainly sleeping and only feed at night. If awakened during their slumber their sludge bodies slightly spill out of their shell in order for them to move and attack. If struck by one of these beasts you will be poisoned and stunned.

Large round feathery birds with no wings but long legs. They basically look like feather balls with two large sticks lodged in the bottom of them. They are used for transportation for they can run extremely fast and are known as the 2nd speediest creature out there. Don't let their appearance fool you because they can carry over 1200lbs. Babies can carry over 700lbs.

Lolini (Loh-lee-nee)
Five tailed fox/wolf creatures with antlers that resemble those of a deer. They are naturally friendly but are extremely territorial. Their colors change per season. Autumn they have a orange circular patch of fur on their forehead while the rest of their body is light brown. The tips of their tail are Orange as well. During winter their light brown coat switches to black for females and white for males. The circular patch and tail tips are a light blue color. During the spring their fur is a salmon color. The circle and tail tips stay blue. In the summer their fur turns a beautiful light green color for females and a vibrant orange color for males. The circle and tail tips are white. Males have the horns females do not. 

They are tiny brown rhino/armadillo hybrids. These frightening creatures can go from being the size of an egg to the size of boulders. They attack on site and when they do see you they expand to boulder size and will roll you out if you do not move. Normally travel in clusters of 6.

Large skeletal bats that only awaken when they since life is nearby. They naturally drain life whenever life is present and when life is present their skeletal appearance changes into large full flesh and fur bats. These bats still have skeletal heads just the rest of their body is functioning with life.  

Andy (AHN-dee)
Andy's are creatures that take the form of whoever they manage to touch. You never know where one might be which is why their known appearance is unknown. They can be anyone or anything.  

A highly dangerous creature. Not as dangerous as the wermu but definitely not something you'd want to face alone. It is known as the titan of the sky as it resides in the sky. It has the head of a jaguar and the body of a dragon. It carries itself with the wind not with wings. This creature has no home as it travels wherever it pleases. Encountering it could definitely be a random occurrence. 

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Rami Naeem

Rami Naeem

Osiris Naeem - Male - 22 - REGG
  · Main Character
  ·   Short, ruffled, feather like white hair. Olive tan skin, hazel green eyes with the Regg symbol branded on his chest from peck to peck stretching to his belly button.

  ·   Tall, slightly muscular.

  ·   He is blunt, cocky and doesn't follow directions quite well. He tends to adapt to situations on his own terms.

  · Has a pet Pulm whose name is Isis. She has black fur with a few tan spots scattered about. 
·Osiris possess chakram blades. The base of the weapon is a perfect circle that is a foot and a half long all around. The outside of the circle holds five long sharp dagger like shapes used for combat both offensive and defensive. The weapon harnesses a safe zone for being able to hold it without being cut. Osiris possesses two of these unique weapons. The dagger directly across from "safe zone" is a customized laser pistol with the trigger located in the safe zone. An interesting trait about the safe zone is that it can turn the weapon its self into a yo-yo of sorts. There are two triggers. One for the yo-yo and one for the pistol. The weapons can mechanically shrink to bracelet size and can be worn around his wrists. 

Dezerae Nadira Castillo - Female - 23 - CORLEIK
  · Main Character
·  Long, wavy, maroon hair usually hangs freely but occasionally is put in a pony tail. Her hair can be mistaken for a deep purple. Olive skin tone. Vibrant purple eyes.
· Average height for females. Hour glass figure.
·       Consistant, stoic sometimes, angry other times, violent as well. Always trying to prove a point. Has few friends, never been in love but many lovers.

  ·  Has a pet Lolini she has named Koala.
· Dezerae possess a bayonet knife with a serpent engraved on the blade. It is her spirit item with the her spirit partner Lazar trapped inside

Victor Del Kuni - Male - 36 - VANUTEI  

  · Main Character
· Has brown hair, braided back in a wolf tail style. Vivid forest green eyes. Light tan skin tone.
· Extremely tall, built well.
·  Stern sometimes but normally relaxed and carefree the majority of the time. Tries to find other solutions before resulting to violence. Generally hates fighting.

Anya Vexen - Female - 25 - ALTAMONE
  · Main Character

  ·  Dark, reddish brown, straight hair that barely stretches past her chin. Polar white eyes and sea mist blue skin.

  · Above average female height, somewhat curvy and evenly proportioned.

  · Extremely knowledgeable, short spoken, often quiet, always in her books, rather friendly, hidden power house.

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Rami Naeem

Rami Naeem

Many people today question where exactly they come from. Where their powers originated from or what they are in the world; things of that nature. 
There is a man in legend known as David Padilla. David was said to be powerful beyond his years and the only person of his time with special abilities and gifts. He himself was an outcast and was forced to go into hiding, mainly because people like him were rare and since he was the only one of his kind he would be chased, hunted, and even almost killed on several accounts.

One night however David went to the top of a mountain called Mount Gyaru. Gyaru is the tallest mountain in the world standing at about 11,000 meters high and 29km in width. It took him a total of 76 days to climb the mountain from base to top. No one has ever manage to even make it to the halfway point of the mountain before high tailing it home, but not David; this is his legend.

When making it to the top of Gyaru, David stood tall and raised his hands to the sky. His body began glowing as the sky lit up in a rather colorfully, vibrant pattern. The light itself could be seen from all corners of the planet casting over all the land and water encasing everything it could in its arms; people, animals, plants alike. When the light dispersed so did David. 

Although David had vanished, what was thought to be his 'legacy' was more of a curse, or was it a curse? Weeks after the mystery burst of light 70% of the world's population experienced a change in their anatomy, who they are, who they were. People started discovering abilities and powers that none knew they had until the explosion; It was complete chaos. Genocides, Executions, and raids flipped the world upside down. There was no more order just destruction. The people who received the shorter end of the stick however were the people who didn't receive any special prowess they were immediately called Reggs. 

The Reggs rebelled however. Overtime a vast majority of them left all of their cities to travel south and create a new life new civilization for themselves. When they did a sinister organization was formed called Monarch Inc. Monarch Inc. was originally just a large organization with no exact leader. That was until Yasi Jhun appeared turned the Monarch Organization into something life changing. She believes that only God can have all powers and she makes it her lifelong mission to eliminate all beings with special gifts.

For five years almost, the Monarch's have executed nearly over 1,000 Sucio. Sucio means impure which is what they have decided to call the beings with gifts. The moment the Reggs were thought to have finally taken over the world a new organization formed to counteract the Monarchs attempts of annihilation. This organization was known as The Goliath-Bird Wing Corporation. The GBW Corp was created by a man named Koba Moari. He envisions a world where everyone can live together in peace in harmony, but he also believes that in order to achieve that some force will have to be made. 

Jhun and Moari have become the worst of enemies and as the years go by the hatred grows. Now 3 years into their war and still nothing is resolved. Will they all kill each other in the end? Will the GBW or Monarch win? Only the future will know the outcome. Just hope it won't be too late.

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Rami Naeem

Rami Naeem

Chapter 1 - Drunken Memories

"You wait out here. If I need you I'll call you," Osiris walked into the pub as his Pulm Isis laid near the entrance waiting for him to return. "Waiter or whatever I need a beer," Osiris sat at the front counter as he was finally handed his drink. He guzzled it down as if it was water he hadn't drunk in years.

"Another One!" He demanded as he put money down for four more. The waiter gave Osiris a very troubled expression but that expression soon turned to fear when Osiris glared back at the waiter placing his chakram on the counter. Soon enough four more drinks were given to Osiris and he guzzled them all down.

Several hours had passed and Osiris was sitting at the same counter head buried in his hands with his elbows propping him up. He still had one more beer bottle in his hands; conscious while looking unconscious at the same time. Isis began howling outside while finishing off her howl with a vibrant hiss, "Ahhhhh Shut up already! I'll be outside in a minute! Fuck!" Osiris said guzzling the last bit of his beer. He remained at the counter however head back to being buried in his hands.  

"Don't even think about it," Dezerae pointed at her oversize dog. He gazed at the open desert on all fours with a sense of urgency, "I don't want to tie you up like last time." Dez glared at her large pet and pointed for the doors. "Stay"

She opened the door to the pub with ease and walked over to the bar, her boots heavy with sand, her skin, shorts and shirt dusted by the desert. At the bar she waited for the bartender to approach her to place her long awaited order. "A beer" she ordered when approached. She hunched over and crossed her arms over the bar.    

 The beer arrived and she lifted it to her lips taking in half the beer a few gulps. With a sigh she lowered the beer focusing on the other liquor bottles on display behind the bar.

She heard a few slow set of heavy boots stopped behind her breaking her trance. She lifted the beer to her lips for another swig when the loud boots behind her started to speak "How much for a night Corleik?" she could hear the jangle of his belt as he chuckled noting the jewel showing very visible on her lower back along with the color of her underwear.

She took another sip of her beer as she slowly reached for her Beretta nestled next to her breast holster.  

"Hmmm..." Osiris pleasurable moaned as the drunk affect of the beer took control of his mind and body. He barely paid any attention to Dezerae who had just entered but decided it would be best to keep his guard up. He then began to take note of the situation when a rather burly man approached her soliciting her for sex. Osiris wasn't known for defending other people other than his self and his pulm but matters seemed to have been playing out different in this instance, "I wouldn't go there buddy if I were you," He said silently taking note of Dezerae's beretta, "You are definitely barking up the wrong tree, but for myself...well you'd have to buy me a drink first," Osiris winked at the man while picking up his chakram beckoning the man with it. He wasn't entirely one for jokes, but he has had twelve drinks too many; forgive him.

 Dezerae raised her eyebrow at the exchange behind her. Her drunk neighbor decided to interrupt her chance to finally feed her addiction to adrenaline. Dezerae turned around and looked into the drunks eyes. Hazel.

"What kind of game are you playing queer?" the man barked at the stranger. He shuffled back raising his hands to the pistol sitting on his hip.

Dezerae too reached for her Beretta when she saw the other man's clear homophobia. Her other hand reaching for Gunter, the knife on her hip; on cue her pet whined from the outdoors, bleeding into the strangers pet's cry for peace.

"Are you done talking?" Dezerae had asked the man as he  had his eyes fixed on Osiris.

"You fucking flirt with me again it'll be your life you piece of shit!" the blood could visibly be seen boiling in the guys face as he had one hand resting on a pistol belted around his waist.

 Osiris gave a taunting grin to the man baffled by his flirtatious comment. The women next to him gave him a look, he half thought she was doing to say something up until the man had called him a Queer reaching for a pistol resting on his hip. Osiris put his chakram down on the counter next to him before staring the guy dead in his eyes," I can tell you right now...I am way to drunk for I'll go easy on you this once," Osiris snickered as he walked up to the man with the pistol. Not fully worrying about getting shot, I mean if he cared he wouldn't be walking up to him in the first place. "I'll say this once and only once. Either leave or your head will be hanging over my fireplace..." It was unclear if Osiris was sobering up, from the sway in his walk to the slur in his words, "Whats your move pretty boy?"

 Dezerae took the hands off her weapons and leaned against the bar with her arms out and crossed her legs. She took a look at the drunken stranger and at the pervert in front of her. She pulled out a pack of cigarettes where she placed one in between her lips and lit it with her military zippo. She took an inhale of smoke and blew it out.

With the beer between her fingers she let it hang as she smoked her cigarette. She had a look of deception and seduction as she stared at the perverted man. He was tall, but far from handsome with dark hair and a thick mustache that said he thought he was more man than most. He appeared to be a middle aged Regg, he was bulky with meaty hairy fist and an old pistol on his hip that looked like it needed more attention than the pistol in his pants. His shoulders were broad. Dezerae knew the type, she knew it all too well.  

  A sick son of a bitch. Dezerae had a quick fantasy of holding those shoulders as she kneed him where the sun didn't shine. Her previous plan when the perverted dog started on his racial insult. God she hated Reggs. But they were her favorite play thing. Her inner thoughts rang.

She blew a cloud of smoke towards the stalky pervert and spoke in a low voice, "What's it going to be big boy, decoration or deformation?"

 The 'stalky' pervert looked at Dez with wide eyes and looked at the drunk with insulted pride. Osiris looked at the woman as she pulled out a stogie. He cracked his neck as he prepared for a fight he knew was yet to come. "I'm going to need to bum one of those off of you when this is over," Osiris turned to look back at the man who decided to slug him.

Swiftly dodging the move by leaning back he performed a back flip kick hitting the man in his chin before landing on his feet and following his move with a low sweep of his foot causing the man to fall to the floor. Osiris laughed at the man as he took several steps back awaiting his next move.

"You might as well give me that cig now, unless you think I'm trying to hit on you," Osiris winked at the woman again.  

 Dezerae rolled her eyes at the drunks attempt to speak to her.

The perverted man was stunned to say the least as he tried to scramble his way back up and get another hit into the fight. He seemed confused and ready to kill.

She watched the exchange with nonchalance. She leaned back further in her seat and took another swig of her beer. She stopped mid sip when she saw one of the perverts friends step up to try and help with the brawl.

Dezerae scoffed. The pervert charged toward Osiris ready to give it another shot at kicking his ass.
His friend stood behind the kid with his fist raised.

Quickly Dez dropped her bottle and moved putting her gun to the new opponents head. With her cigarette still lit she spoke through clenched teeth.

"Tag team him, you'll meet my hot friend Harry here. "

 Osiris was getting pumped by how the night was turning out. He took note of the guys reaction to getting sweep kicked by him and by the looks of things it was certain the man was not happy at all. Osiris jumped back to grab his chakram as he noticed one of the goons buddies was joining in on the fight. He wasn't worried about either or, but if things progressed one of the perverts or even both were soon to be dead. It was then when the woman decided to assist Osiris that he took a long pause for a second. Why is she helping me? Do I look like a fucking damsel?  

 When he equipped himself with the Chakram he fired it at the man he was brawling with. With a quick tug on the wire of his chakram they would wrap around the pervert constricting his upper body movement. Osiris walked up to the man and pressed the blade of his second chakram hard against his neck causing him to lightly bleed. "You're killing my buzz. I've had a long day as is, this was interesting to say the least, but if I see you again...bring yourself a body bag..."  

 Osiris was finally sobering up after so long and his face revealed frustration. His eyes peered deeply into the mans eyes, nose scrunched like he was prepared to snarl.  

Meanwhile, Dezerae chuckled slightly as the perverted man's goon stopped in his tracks to stare down the barrel of Dezerae's baby Harry. One of the few men in her life that offered her favorite kind of control.

 She watched as Osiris fought with his perverted opponent, clearly with the upper hand. His comment to death was the one that brought her out of her comedic splendor. I'm sorry Harry, we have to be moral. She thought looking sympathetically at her Beretta.  

 With a quick switch to targets. She sighed heavily shaking her head as the she pointed her gun to the back of the white haired drunk and spoke with irritation, "And you're ruining any chance for a buzz. And I'm late for a spark date. Come on kid, he's not worth it. Put the ego away and let the pervert run away. You clearly won."

 Osiris pressed the blade harder on his throat. He wasn't going to kill him but striking fear in his spirit was a task he wished to accomplish. Things in the pub were getting crazy as is and thankfully there weren't a whole lot of people residing in it for the time being but the situation definitely needed to be deescalated.  

 It was then in that moment he had felt all eyes turn to him as the woman helping him out had pointed her gun to his back. He knew he needed to calm down, but he didn't like the idea of being controlled. "Okay, I'll stop. But not because you told me to," He said unraveling his chakram from the pervert giving him his mobility back. Once the chakram was fully back in Osiris' possession he jammed on of the blades in the arm of the pervert, "But because I wanted to," He ripped it out of the mans arm and cleaned the blood off the blade, "Now leave before your other arm gets impaled."  

 Osiris headed back to the counter and took a seat, placing his chakram in front of him. His face shone bright with frustration.  

 Dezerae took a deep breath as she watched the goon walk away. She had a moment to herself as she put Harry back in his rightful home against her breast. She looked to the pervert as he scrambled himself together, blood and all as the Osiris moved back to the bar.

The pervert left with his gang, eyes all around still gazed at the dramatic scene that played before them. Until Dezerae screamed, "What the fuck are you all staring at?!"

With that she turned around and looked to the white haired man and spoke, "Still need that cigarette?"

 When things finally settled down Dezerae had retired back to the bar, where Osiris was, offering him a cigarette. He stared at her for a second before ordering another beer, "Sure," He was short worded with her because he wasn't trying to make friends with her and he also was focusing on getting drunk again.  

 Part of him wishes he would have just killed the man on the spot but the other part reminded him he wasn't a GBW or Monarch officer anymore and he needed to lay low. If the woman wasn't there though the pervert would have probably been dead. Thinking back on the situation he wasn't grateful for her help but he half thought she would get on his ass about not thanking her for the assistance so he decided to just say it and get it over with, "Osiris," He said taking another swig of his second bottle of beer since the fight ended.  

 Dezerae asked for a shot with her single finger as she made eye contact with the bartender. She couldn't decide if Osiris was his name, or if he was asking what strand of bud she had in her cigarette. Known for her dealings in various towns she had never heard of such.

She raised her right eyebrow at the man, her shot had arrived before that. She was going to need something a little stronger to help her cope with her life's latest drama. She needed a shower, some bud, a bit more of a buzz, and probably a clean shirt. This one was starting to tear down the middle.
"Dez" she said simply at the man. "What was all that about. . . " she tossed back her shot, "can you not handle the fire water?"

With that she heard her dear pet wine outside. She grunted in response.  

 Osiris took another swig of the beer as he returned to his former pose before the incident in the pub had occurred. After the lady had introduced herself as Dez, Osiris left it at that and didn't want to speak any further.  When Dez asked Osiris if he couldn't handle his fire water he smirked.

"Well If I couldn't handle it, I wouldn't be drinking it," He said nonchalantly. He put his finger up motioning the Bartender to come his way. "Yes how may I help you sir?" the bartender said voice extremely shaky. "I need something stronger. On more drink before I head out, so give me the strongest one you have," Osiris said shooing the Bartender away.  

 Several moments later the bartender returned with a large mug with a blood orange colored ale inside it. Osiris took a quick glance at Dez before chugging the ale down, dripping off the corners of his mouth Osiris finished it in seconds flat. "That's more like it. I'll be ordering that next time I'm here." Osiris put his money down under his mug before getting up from the stool and slowly making his way toward the exit.  

 Dezerae looked at the man and then looked at the bartender. She signaled for one of whatever she was drinking before.

She watched as the drunkard walked from his seat. "Be careful out there, kid." she said as she threw him a cigarette. "For the road. Don't get too high."

Something inside of her told her to follow the drunk. From her days waking up naked when in a similar drunken state, she wished for some kind of sympathy.

She heard a wine from her pet outside again. "KOALA WHAT SHUT UP!"

 The fight that had occurred earlier brought memories back that Osiris thought were long forgotten.

Almost lost myself again, he thought to himself as he started seeing images flash in his head of all the people he abused and killed. However the images weren't haunting him, they were just fueling a side to him not many but Isis and now Dez have seen.  

 He turned to Dez and motioned his fingers for a light. She was the first person he paid attention to for the most part, even now in his drunken state he noticed a lot about her in just a short amount of time. He had no where else to go and hated living in the cities. He half thought it would be best if he asked Dez to tag along with them for a short time.

"If you want...," He said words slurred, "Come with me. Isis and I have a little hut setup out in the desert. I am not asking you to live their, because I don't need another mouth to feed...but if you would like to stay the night you can," He awaited her response.  

 Dez took her shot and closed her eyes and brought her hands balled up to her forehead. She took a sigh; you saw her chest slowly move.

She sat in her haze for a moment, letting the alcohol run through her blood. She looked over at the man as he slurred towards her. She raised her eyebrows and turned her head to the side. Confused by statement, her pet started to whine again interrupting her inner monologue; he was an attractive stranger but young. Though underneath the drunken glaze in his eyes held a sense of . . . sadness.

Dez sighed, "Depends if my six foot fleebag can come."

 Osiris leaned against the wall of the pub to hold himself up. It was clear the affects of the alcohol have taken control of his movement as he couldn't even walk in a straight line without swerving to the left or right. He stumbled to find a chair to sit in as the wall wasn't doing nothing for him but bringing him closer to the ground as he slowly slid down it.

"Isis!" He yelled as his pulm ran into the bar lunging in front of Dez staring at her with the intent to attack. Her large saber teeth glinting in the dim light of the pub, growling with a tinted hiss.

His pet was big, that was for sure. With her bared fangs Dez took a step back reaching for her firearm."Isis, she is fine. Get over here and help me up," He said as Isis relaxed her demeanor assisting Osiris. She got behind him and nudged her head between his arm and lifted him up to where he could stand.  

 Dez raised her eyebrow at the man as she watched the exchange between the drunk and his pet. I guess he's kind of cute, she said to herself as she tilted her head. She dropped her hand and looked over to the man and his over-sized cat.  

"This is my friend..Isis. Your Lolini can come with us as well..." Isis began to pratically drag Osiris outside as he was dragging his feet on the floor. Through the front door you could see Koala staring over the door. Her sunken features mixed with awareness, made eye contact with her leash. She waved her down.

A slight chuckle came out of Dez with Osiris's unique nickname. She took out another cigarette and put it to her lips. She took a sigh as she heard her pet whining from the outdoors. It has been a while since she was able to sleep. Plus it beats the inn.  

 She took her lighter and lit her cigarette. She walked outside to feel the fresh air. Reaching for the sky for a good stretch and moaning. Her tank top stopping just below her breast.

"Okay Koala, we're staying with Honeysuckle over here." She stated with a slight smile.  Osiris looked at her for brief moment, not knowing how to respond instead he kept his comments to himself and pushed forward as Dez followed; into the heat of the desert.

Chapter 2 - Sleepless Nights

"How much longer until we get to the hut,  honeysuckle?" Dez followed him into the abyss of night and sand. With her hand close to her knife and quiet footsteps she walked with a sense of awareness for her surroundings. Koala's brown fur said the same, he could sense her uneasiness.

Osiris groaned when Dez had called him honeysuckle. He was in no mood to argue with her in this point in time so he let it go for the time being. Isis was his crutch as she helped him make his way to the hut when leaving the pub. The night was getting old as the stars filled the sky in a white splatter; the deserts heart however still burned with fire.

"The hut is for Isis and Isis only...however I am sure Isis wouldn't mind if your lolini decided to bunk with her," He said as he looked at Isis. She licked his cheek as he wiped it off, "Don't do that Isis..." he said not fully meaning it, but his tone said otherwise. She purred at him as they were soon approaching the hut.  

 When finally making it there Isis touched her nose and forehead with Osiris's nsoe and forehead and closed their eyes for a second as she soon resided to her hut. Osiris stumbled to the campfire just outside the huts entrance. The fire itself wasn't lit and it was clear Osiris's drunken state proved him useless to make it.  

 Why does he sleep outside? Dez was tempted to ask him, but watching the exchange between pet and man was a bit, Kawaiiiiiiii!, her inner thoughts sparked. She adjusted her shoulders to shake off her thoughts.  

 She looked at her lolini, her eyes filled with questions. "Fuck, Koala, you can go." She cursed to her pet, as she took her backpack off its clip and dropped it by her feet. Koala jumped into the hut to snuggle up to his new companion.  

 "His name is Koala by the way." She said towards the flat drunk. There was a stack of sticks near him and by his vertical state she realized it was up to her if they wanted any kind of heat.
She looked out at the distance and thought she saw movement. Without confirmation from anyone she moved her thoughts to her current task.

"So I guess, I'll start the fire." She said as she started to put together the ingredients for their desert fire. She played with the sticks and her flint until she caught a flame. When done she sat back and leaned on her backpack. She took out one of her specialty blend cigarettes, lit it, and took an inhale. A sense of relaxation came over her.

She looked over at the man, and percolated on a few conversation pieces to make sure he was still alive. "So, where are you from young blood?"

 He stared into the flames of the fire as they danced about. He gazed at Dez not fully looking at her but sort of looking passed her. He didn't know how to build a conversation with her because he never had anyone to talk to other than Isis, "I am an ex-officer of both the GBW and Monarchs," He left it at that for a moment letting her take in his words. he didn't fully know how she would respond but in this moment in time anything she said wouldn't affect him in the least. His honesty was beginning to pour through his teeth however, "I helped with interrogating and executions. That is what I do best," He said nonchalantly

 Dez took another inhale of her drug, on the way out her eyes opened wide with the man was saying. "So you're a Regg. . . "

She sat there and looked at him. She didn't know if she should expose her hatred for his race, but something inside of her raged. After some rouge Reggs destroyed her life, she held a deep hatred for the race that took her only happiness in life. She narrowed her eyes to keep watch on him.

In the distance she saw a flicker of light but shook it off for it being desert life. She looked behind her to make sure Koala was safe and sound.

She didn't know how to respond. It was simple as that. She didn't know how. With her words, her guns, hell maybe give Lazar a chance at some form of sick revenge. But something about him showing kindness told her she should try an alternative route before she followed her mission.

Breathes of silence passed before she awkwardly said, "You said used to, what made you leave the Monarch?"

"I killed my parents per their request," nonchalantly sighing. He looked at her for a moment before gazing back into the dancing flames. "I worked for them to get all the information I needed in combat and weapon crating. I got my hands dirty on the way but I knew what I was getting myself into. Plus I didn't have a relationship with my parents so it wasn't hard to me to pull the trigger," He said as he then laid back closing his eyes taking a deep breath, "I worked for the Monarch to help my future become clearer, which is the same reason I worked for the GBW," Osiris new he was over informing Dez about his life but it was clear he did not care about that in all honesty Osiris was one to not leave anything out because he didn't like a conversation to be longer than five minutes, sometimes he might have a change of heart. "I left because I don't like being controlled and told what to do. Anyone who tries to control me will suffer my consequences. My parent's leaked information on the Reggs knowing what was at stake if they got caught."  

Dezerae smirked at his response. Just like a man. . . she stated in her head. Lazar slithering many things in her head, her emotions running wild as to whom the person is that has given her refuge in his home? If that is what you can call this piece of land.

"So did you have your moment of clarity before or after you decided to kill your parents?" she said with a venomous sizzle to her 's'.  

"I never liked being controlled regardless of the person. I live my life for myself. Everyone is equal to me and each other. No title will make me treat someone differently. Call me selfish but it is a man eat man world out there if you haven't noticed already,"  Dez stared at the man with blank eyes. Her blunt hanging from her lips, she barely even noticed it start to burn her lips.

"MOTHER FUCKING JEBUS" she screamed as she snatched the last bit out of her mouth and threw it on the ground. She turned to her canteen to try and cool her lips but found it empty.

Osiris paid little to no mind toward Dez's sudden outburst as he continued talking, "In all honesty I killed my parents because I knew if I didn't someone else would. I didn't want to kill them but I had to. It's better I did. Or else someone would have tortured them before their death's and I know how torture feels," Osiris undid his shirt opening it up to show Dez his brand; A skin burned outline of the Regg Insiginia, "You may not like the choice I made, but when I killed my parent's this is the price I had to pay."  

 Her eyes stood in shock at his response and the insignia on his chest when he opened his shirt. It was large and boisterous reflecting pain and loyalty to a clan that never did any good as far as she can see. As cold as it is, it soothed her wildly racist side to hear him and his reasoning.  

"Reggs killed my parents."She said. "It seemed like a cop out for you to choose to kill them, when I would of paid anything to bring mine back to life. But when you're five wanting them back is all you want in the end. I can see your choice." She nodded her head towards him.  Dezerae took out her pack of cigarettes and took one in her mouth. She looked at the top of the pack and pointed it in Osiris' direction.

 Osiris stared at the fire as flash backs from his past began to trample his mentality. He did not know how to feel in this moment. He has a burning hatred for most people in Odrea, but when it came to Dez, he looks at her and doesn't want to tell her to fuck off. Though he will never mention that to her, not many people can get a whole lot of words out of Osiris.  

"Violence, mayhem, sorrow, destruction," He said grabbing one of the cigarettes from Dez's pack. "Fuck this world," He placed the tip in the flames and took a large inhale. Blowing the smoke out he took a another puff before digging in his pouch and pulling out a flask. He took four gulps before offering some to Dez. This truly was a bonding experience for him. He didn't fully know how to react, he never had anyone to call a friend besides Isis and he didn't know if Dez was a friend of his or not since he still hardly knew her but the future always holds mysteries.  

Dezerae sighed into the moment that was just exchanged between man and well man for all Dezerae understood. There was an attraction to this man but not one of hormones and sex. It felt as if this man was a long lost soul that understood her on a level that most always tried to, but could never really reach.  


"It'll be fucked up until someone does something about it. What are you planning on doing?" Dezerae said as she took the flask and took a couple of swigs.  "Because right now I ain't got shit planned."She said as she cringed from the burn going down her sternum. She looked at the flask and went to hand it back to Osiris.

"What the fuck is that?" she said directing towards the flask.

Osiris couldn't help but utter a soft chuckle from Dez's reaction to his drink, "It's Vinair. Its pretty strong stuff, but it definitely helps me sleep," He took another few swigs before putting the flask back in his pouch. Osiris eyed Dezerae for a moment. He did not know what to make of the woman before him but knew a spark was forming between them, not one of lust, but just as strong. He took a long drag from the cigarette as began answering Dez's prior question asking him what he was planning on doing. Osiris knew what he wanted to be done, he just didn't know how to do it, "I want to destroy both the Monarch and GBW," he paused for a moment as his drink was handed back to him.

"I want to strike both organizations from the knees and watch them fall," He said blatantly. He began to lay back on a sleeping bag he laid out for himself. He laid one out for Dez as well as he stared up to look at the stars. His eyes lost in the skies emptiness. His eyes soon began to slowly close as he forced them to open with little to no luck. He was soon asleep.  

"Well, you know what they say; strike the body and watch the head fall." She said. She didn't know what was happening but she felt slight fuzz in her head.

"Well whatever it is, it's. . . " She had noticed Osiris had fell asleep and shook her head getting up, "I got to go to the bathroom." She stumbled as she tried to find some place to pop a squat. It seemed more of a challenge than it should have been.

When she finally found a small bush that seemed creature free she managed to get her pants down and able to release her pressure filled bladder.

She stood up and stumbled back again and tried to focus on the people in the distance.

With a yawn she shrugged off her concentration and marched back to the campsite.

She fell face first into her sleeping bag. Mumbling thank you into her sleeping utensil. She flipped around and took a look at the blurring stars. With that she fell into a dead sleep.  


 Sometime into the night after the fire had died down, Dez still on the outside of her sleeping bag, the night sky ablaze in stars. It seemed only the chaos of night seemed to plague the nighttime sounds.

It wasn't until the footsteps shuffling into the hut that roused Dez from her sleep. Then the hand that flew over her mouth and a body on top of her shot her eyes opened. His knees sat on her arms locking any access to her weapons.

She made eye contact with nobody but the pervert they previously battled at the bar. With a knife to her throat, he decided to speak.

"You had the option of getting paid. Now I'm just going to take it. You try anything funny; I'll make sure your friend here feels it."

For once her eyes said more than fear as she muffled a scream from behind his filthy hands; she was helpless.

Chapter 3 - Violence is Bliss

Osiris tossed and turned about, lost in a deep sleep. Words softly mumbled through his lips as his eyes clenched tightly with fear. Beads of sweat rolled off of his forehead as he began to heavily pant. A muzzled scream would break the trance he was in as he practically jolted from his body. His eyes cascaded with rage and worry as he turned to see a man pressed on top of Dezerae; One hand over her mouth, the other near her sacred temple.  

 If death were a physical person Osiris's demeanor would fit the bill as he peered at the man while standing up from his sleeping bag. He knew who the man on top of her was immediately. He slowly grabbed his chakram and equipped them to either hand. He glared at the man with a as a shadow overcasted over his eyes.

"Did I not warn you in the pub?" He snarled trying to contain his rage, trying to contain his urge to kill.  

 Dezerae was scared shitless. Not because there was a brute sitting on top of her trying to take a piece of her flower, but because she couldn't beat him or at least reach a weapon. His breathe wreaked of alcohol and smoke, and his spit was starting to make her skin crawl. She looked over to see Osiris locked and ready to go. He said something to the man but between her struggling brain and planning to get out, selective hearing was all she had.

She looked over to the hut, wondering where her pet was. When she saw the opening and her pet tied to Osiris's with a gun held to her lolini's head and another man holding a gun to Isis. She started to flail a bit more aggressively trying to get a leg out or anything to save her pet.

Two other men appeared from the shadows of the desert weapons pointed at Osiris, smiling as they watched Dez struggle to break free.

The man on top of her followed her eyes and smiled, "Stop moving so much, bitch, or your pet is going to see the other side." He took the back of his hand and slapped it across Dez's face.

"And I told you this wasn't over punk. Now you can walk away from this situation unharmed kid, or my buddies here can make this a real bad night for everyone. We can do this the hard way, or the easy way, either way I'm going to get what I want." He said with a struggle as Dezerae squirmed underneath him.  

 Osiris stood still noticing that he was being held at gun point from not one, but two angles. He turned slightly around to look at the hut and saw that Dez's lolini and Isis were tied up and muzzled. He turned back around surveying the area with a nonchalant gaze. He took a tight grip on both of his Chakram followed by a deep concentrated breath. He quickly shot both of his chakram out from the handles just aiming them passed both heads of the men who had him at gun point. He reeled them in as the wire from the chakram wrapped around both of their necks. With a quick tug of the handles he slammed both of the mens heads into one another. The blades unraveled from around their necks as they sliced open their faces like a giant blender.

"One-hundred eight," Osiris said as he turned around grappling his chakram toward the hut reeling himself within range of the gunman that were holding the pets hostage. The moment that Osiris entered the hut the curtain acting as a door fell and hid everyone inside the hut from the outside world. Gun fire could be heard from inside the hut as a tussle was definitely happening. Several moments later one of the gun men ran out of the hut in terror as Osiris walked out with the head of the now dead gunner in his hands. He tossed it to the man who had Dez pinned to the ground.

 Dezerae's skin started to turn red underneath the mans grasp. When she saw Osiris start to battle the men out of her peripherals she moved even more trying to get the man to move.

"You think I'm distracted by them." he said as he rubbed his knife along Dez's cheek. "I came here for you" he said softly "and that man's head!" He said with a snicker.  

Osiris shot his chakram at the back of the man running. Hitting his shoulder blade Osiris tugged the chakram back as it vigorously turned the man around only to see Osiris charging at him head on. Swiftly jumping into the air Osiris landed on top of the man feet to chest literally knocking the wind out of him.

"Get the fuck off of me you animal!" The gunner would say as Osiris jabbed him in his left and right shoulders pinning him to the ground with just his Chakram.
"Animal?" Osiris said confused, toying with the fearful mans emotions. He began twisting the blade in the gunner's shoulder; blood gurgled cries filling the air.
"I'm not animal...I'm Death himself,"
"Agh! You Crazy Son of a-" ripping the blades from the mans shoulders Osiris lodged them in the mans skull quickly pulling them out, "One-hundred ten. Do you want to be one-hundred eleven?" Osiris pointed the blade to the man over Dez, blood dripping from the tips.  

The perverted man  looked over his shoulder at Osiris spitting out yet another death threat to him. He placed his foot on Dez's chest as he started to stand up and square his shoulders at Osiris.

"You think your toys scare me? Like I said, I came here for her and your head. I'm not leaving until I get what I want."

With a quick turn of events and Dezerae's legs free she quickly lifted her fist to lock the man's thigh with a punch to the thigh. With that she quickly got onto her feet and socked the man dead in his jaw.

As the pervert stumbled to gain his composure Dezerae grabbed her Berretta from its holster and pointed it to the man's head.

"You thought you could have all the fun?" she said smirking at Osiris. "So, Honeysuckle, how are we going to do this? You want to take a spin on him for some fun first or just remove his dick from his brain?" she said as she held the Pervert in his place.

"Ugh, don't call me honeysuckle. You can take the kill..."

He fired both his chakram at the man's shoulders making real sure they were tightly lodged in the pervert's bones. He pressed the "reeling" trigger on the chakram aggressively pulling the man forward causing him to practically fly toward Osiris. Within an instant Osiris jumped in the man's direction; his feet making contact with the pervert's chest. Pushing off the man's chest the chakram were quickly released leaving grotesque gashes in the man's arms. Soon enough the pervert was sent flying toward Dez sliding across the ground back first.  

 Dez stood there with a smirk on her face. "Oh but you wear the name so well." She said.

"You're going to fucking pay for that! Rosco!" A man would appear from the darkness of the desert night next to the hut. It appeared as if he had a vehicle with him as he quickly grabbed Koala and Isis in attempts of stealing them from Dez and Osiris, "Lolini's and Pulms sell for a mighty high price on the black market. I'm sure you guys won't mind," Rosco had said as Isis began to hiss in pain.  

A dark aura clouded over Osiris as he turned is back to the pervert to focus his vision on Rosco, "Get the fuck away from Isis!" he scowled as his fist tightly clenched his chakram, "Dez...handle him...this mine," Rosco began laughing at Osiris not taking anything he said seriously. Osiris began running toward the man in a full sprint. Even though Rosco pulled a gun out Osiris still ran toward him; fire burning in his eyes. Rosco fired one shot hitting Osiris in his shoulder but the rage in his heart numbed the pain from the shot; Osiris kept running.

Dez watched as Osiris took off towards a speeding car. It wasn't until she realized her fuzzy pet was on the back. She sprinted towards Osiris and the truck trying to catch up. She witnessed the shots being fired into Osiris as she stopped and witnessed the madness soon to come.  

"What the fuck is this guy?!" Rosco said firing another shot hitting Osiris in his arm only to get the same result. Osiris lunged at the man performing a front flip followed by a somersault in which he used his feet to rocket his head into the chest of Rosco knocking him back.

Osiris quickly cut loose both Isis and Koala. "Stand back," He said blood dripping from the bullet holes. Isis put her ears down worried about Osiris as she motioned Koala to follow her away from Osiris.

"You stupid punk!" Rosco scrambled for his gun as he pointed it at Osiris. Without even blinking Rosco's hand was sliced clean off; gun still in hand. Ear cringing wails filled the air as Osiris cut of his other Hand. Rosco was in agony as Osiris back slashed his chakram at Rosco's knee cap slicing clean through the bone. Unable to keep his balance Rosco fell to the ground bleeding out.
"This is what you guys were going to do to Isis. Tell does it feel?"

"You're fucking crazy!" Osiris slowly began cutting through Rosco's last attached leg as the wailing continued. Soon enough the only parts of Rosco that were still attached to his body were just his Head, neck and torso; even his ears were cut off.  

"How does it feel?!" Osiris said stabbing Rosco square in his chest, over and over and over again, "You sorry fucks are as worse as they come! Save a spot for me in hell..." With that being said Osiris performed the finishing blow cutting Rosco's head in half; down the middle.

 Dezerae's jaw bared as she viewed the man perform his dance of violent splendor. Her lolini ran to her side hiding behind her, shivering.  She placed her hand on his head and started to pet, unable to take her eyes off Osiris. Her stomach turned when the man's brain was exposed. With a dry heave she grabbed her stomach and fell to her knees. She was never a gory fighter, why she preferred her Berettas. This brought a whole side to her digestive system she wasn't ready to see. "I don't know Koala. I just don't know."

 Osiris began panting heavily. His tantrum was over and the effects from being shot were taking control of his body. He slowly began to walk over to Dez as he wiped the blood off his chakram. Sway in his walk revealed something about him was off. His eyes looked blank and empty, his demeanor looked pathetic and defeated, You killed us killed all of us...kill, kill, kill is all you will do...your sanity is no more... Osiris put his hands on his hand as he bent over. Eyes as wide as the sky, teeth clenched, and a stream of blood soaking his clothes, Osiris looked like a walking mess.  

 Looking up toward Dez he tried to speak to her but no words could be formed. He fell to his knees and continued trying to reach her until THUD! He hit the ground. From afar one would think he was dead, but a closer look it was clear to see he was obviously breathing. Isis ran to him trying to wake him up as she began to lick his face. He was out for the count. Dezerae and her lollini in that time rushed to his side.

She flipped him over to his back quickly and put her head to his chest. She waited until she felt her head move up and down with his shallow breath.

"Thank fucking god." She sighed against his chest.  

 Looking at his body, she saw his bullet wounds. She saw Isis licking his face, she reached her hand over to rub her neck. Easing the tension.

"He's going to be alright baby girl. Now help me get him into the hut so we can take care of him." She cooed to his pet.

With that she motioned for Koala to help lift the dead weight onto Isis.

"Now we're going to just take him back to the hut." She said as she started to walk over to their temporary home.

"Koala go get my pack and mat." She motioned as they walked into the small structure. She motioned for Isis to lay her leash down on the mat and sleeping bag Koala had placed. She took out her medical kit in her bag and laid out all the tools needed to bandage him up. She opened his shirt where she came face to face with his brand again.

She placed her fingers tracing the outline of the insignia. Each ripple made her anger levels rise for the race she intends to destroy.

After bandaging him up she decided it was time to rest and possibly eat. She stepped outside and motioned for Koala to do the same.

"Watch over him Isis." She said to his pet.

With that she gathered some sticks and started a fire. While she watched the flames start up she sat back and started to watch the dance. She took out one of rolled up joints and placed it in her mouth. She took her lighter and brought it to the tip.

Instinctively Koala placed himself behind Dez to act as her back rest. She leaned into his soft fur and took a sigh. Still watching the flames.

Chapter 4 - Subtle Pain

Osiris' eyes began to close tighter than what they were. His body began to fidget slightly as his breathing sped up. Sweat slid down either side of his forehead with Isis staring at him, ears drooping, whimpering all the while. "No..." spoken softly from his mouth, Osiris began clenching his fist, head moving shooting side to side. "No...!" his eye lids wrinkled even more as Isis began licking his forehead trying to comfort him in fear he might be dying. He began kicking about as the blood from his wounds poured through the bandages.

Isis quickly ran out the hut to Dezerae trying to get her attention. She ran back inside the hut to see Osiris sweating even more; his appearance revealing immense pain. Dezerae had dozed off by the fire while in deep thought. She felt Isis nudge her and slowly came back down to earth. When she saw her tail at the entrance of the hut she quickly stood up and rushed to Osiris's side. She knelt down and saw him panicking and yelling in the midst of his dreams.

"It job!" Osiris's chest began to raise higher and lower rapidly; piercing white knuckles.  

Dez sat in shock not knowing what to do to help her dare she say it, friend. She looked over to see Isis slowly trying to console her leash. She couldn't change his bandages with him in the state he was in, and waking him up would just put his body in shock. He hadn't been sleep long before his terror decided to take over, so she did the next best thing she could think of.

"Koala!" she shouted, when the pet came in ready for battle she nudge her head to Isis, signaling for her lolini to console her new friend.  

 She took his head and put it in her lap and brushed the hair from his eyes. With a stern tone she softly "Shhhhh'd" chasing his demons away. She started to run her fingers through his hair trying to calm him down. With cooed him trying to calm down the man down for the sake of his life and her sanity.  

 Soon the wailing and flailing of his arms subsided and his chest barely raised whenever he took a breath. His face softened up as he tossed himself on his stomach snoring loudly. He tossed on his back as he placed his hand in his pants unconsciously fondling himself. Hours later he would wake up to the faint breathing of Dezerae noticing her bare legs exposed to the public. He was shocked as his face slightly turned red. He staggered getting up as he grabbed a blanket and slammed it on top of her.  Dezerae shifted awake after feeling the fabric of the blanket land on her bare thighs.

"Cover yourself. You're getting nothing from no one here,"  It made her smile with comedic glee, she didn't think that her usual bed attire would stir such a reaction being exhausted when she was finally able to fall asleep in the hot night. But it was time for some smiles on their dark time.

 The moment Osiris had stepped out of the hut Isis ran straight for him rubbing her head against his abdomen. He petted her not fully knowing what went down until he noticed his arm was bandaged up. "What the fuck happened to me," he examined his arm seeing the dried blood on the bandages.  

"Oh hey honeysuckle," Osiris gazed upon the rising sun as it peeked its head over Mount Gyaru. He thought about the stories he's heard about a man by the name of David Padilla. He wondered what life was before the races clashed. He heard footsteps behind him that broke his train of thought. Swiftly turning around Dez would be scratching her stomach, "Why do you keep calling me honeysuckle. I must've blacked out after drinking too much,"

"you were amazing last night, I can't believe you don't remember." She said with a smile as she crossed her arms. She waited for his response before breaking down in laughter.  

  Dez's comment caused Osiris to give her a sharp look, "You're barking up the wrong tree sweetheart. I don't do one night stands," He turned back to face Mount Gyaru as he took a deep breath closing his eyes, "We have ground to cover. Get your clothes on. We're headed to Galvin City," He walked back in the hut getting his belongings. Hiding his hang over he began examining the wounds on his body. He turned to Dezerae asking her what happened, "Did you shoot me with your fucking gun?" He said slightly yelling at her keeping his tone mono.  

"If you want to know what happened count the bodies you left behind last night. The pervert decided to pay us a visit for a family dinner and didn't make it past the first course "she said as she started to dress and clean herself up. "Then the kids from down the street thought it would be a good idea to take our pets for a walk. That's when you got your beauty marks."
Silence drifted as she completed her packing. She reached into her bag and pulled out a piece of jerky to give to her pet and a fresh pack of cigarettes.  

 She stood up and put her cigarette between her lips and proceeded to light it. She exhaled a ball of smoke.

"Then you decided it would be a great time to take a nap, where I then proceeded to play doctor for you through the night freaking Isis out." She said as she walked out of the hut to greet the morning sun.

"And also, trust me you're not my type." she said winking at Osiris.  

 Osiris gave Dez a disgusted look as he continued to get dressed. "Oh you don't go for the branded murderers?" he began to heavily think about what had happened the night before. Trying to play out the events in his head over and over again but still nothing to remember. He is aware that this happens a lot but it is not because of the drinking, he blacks out at random times when fighting against anyone; almost as if he has two hearts.  

 Dezerae's fist clenched at his response. She stretched her fist above her head to stretch her back and nonchalantly stated, "No more like I don't find self-pity very hot."

When she relaxed she looked over at the guy and stood in silence. She played in her head the miles she can take and didn't know where to go.  

" saw how I really am?" He said exiting the hut with a bag strapped around his waist. He ruffled his hair unleashing a soft yawn as he stood slightly next to Dez not directly looking at her, "Did they hurt you?" Although his tone sounded anything but caring it was clear as day some concern was seeping through the cracks. "I only ask that because you kinda look like shit," He flashed her a rare, yet soft smile gazing back at the mountain that overlooked the land.  

"No they didn't hurt me, just roughed me up a bit. I was just up all night due to your puppy dog moaning." She smiled over at him, exchanging the playful banter.  

"Isis, is a reptilian feline," He corrected her mockingly.  

"The puppy was you numnuts." Dezerae scoffed, "She turned and took another inhale on her cigarette. "So tell me, I don't have any direction. What's next on your agenda?"

 Osiris turned around and looked at the hut and dead bodies all around. "This place is a complete mess," He said walking to the burnt pile of sticks. He lit one of the sticks on fire and placed it on the hut as it began to burn, "How about we go to Galvin," He said as the fire erupted engulfing the hut.

"I need to speak with Koba, which won't be too hard since All corners of the region are at each others throat. Plus I used to be a GBW Officer. Getting into their facilities will be no challenge to me at all," He turned to look at Dez then Isis.  

"Why Koba?" she asked as she started to follow the man into the dessert. Her voice slightly irritated.

"And how do you know he'll speak with you?" she said raising her left eyebrow pulling out another cigarette to smoke.  

"If you don't know this already, Koba is a very powerful who can get things done easily and quickly without shedding too much blood," Osiris placed his hand on his chin deeply thinking about how to approach Koba, "Given the current events happening speaking with Koba won't be too hard. I mean I used to work for him so..." Osiris didn't entirely know how too feel about taking Dezerae on a mission such as this with him. he knew he couldn't do it alone even having Isis with him.  "I'm going to tell him information I have about the Monarch's. Saying that to the GBW they'll almost always let me speak to whoever. But in return I need Koba to help me locate an old friend that has gone AWOL. He and I used to be partners under Koba's wing," He stated guzzling some vinair from his flask.

 Still the question remained the same to Dezerae. Why Koba? Her inner turmoil spun out of control barely listening to the logic coming from Osiris's mouth. She half listened trying to come up with a reason why Galvin city wasn't the place for them to go.

It was a part of her past she wasn't ready to face. The heartache still remained with only a month to heal. She could still see the faces of the people who betrayed her heart. The conversations that destroyed the only mission her soul had. She ran for reasons unknown even to herself. She looked down most of the time during their walk. Koala could sense the tension, keeping his distance from the possible outburst brewing from his leash.

She saw Osiris take another swig, to distract her thoughts she spat towards him, "You ever think you have a drinking problem?" she said taking out another cigarette to smoke.  

 Osiris glanced at Dez and with another swig from the flask not missing a beat he said,"You ever think you have a smoking problem?"  Dezerae rolled her eyes at his attack at her smoking issue. "Probably, but at least I can remember it the next day." She said with a quick remark. She drugged along, stewing of her next options. The pair continued to walk through the desert with their pets following them from behind.

He noticed something was off ever since he mentioned they were going to Galvin City, "Look if you don't want to go to Galvin you don't have to, but I am going with or without you,"  Osiris started as he put his flask away, taking off his shirt wrapping it around his head. His skin lightly baked under the hot sun, but the heat felt good on his tan armor. "You have been quiet most of our travel and I really would like to know why. Did you get caught screwing Koba? are you a mistress of his?" Although it sounded like Osiris was being comical he was being overly serious.

 When she heard Osiris speak towards her she had to stop to look at Osiris. Her fist curled into her sides glaring at her counterpart. Where her inner thoughts would have liked to see her be Koba's mistress, his pry into her personal life was hitting a soft spot.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. . . She counted within her head, counting down the explosion brewing within her. "No, I wasn't his mistress you twerp." She said. With a heavy sigh she spoke, "I was a soldier back in Galvin. Something happened where a group of Reggs attacked our operatives, killing someone important in my life. After that I left Galvin to get away." she said trying to gather the proper words to detail, ""I left behind some unfinished business. The skeletons are going to dance whether I like it or not. Just be prepared is all I can really say without giving you the poetic version." She said as she turned to keep walking along their path.

For a little while silence filled the arid dry air of the desert as Osiris tried changing the course of the mood,  "Do you and koala have tag team moves?" he said as Isis crept from behind him rubbing her head against his waist purring as he petted her.

She sighed heavily into the distance ahead of them. Using Osiris's question to stop the ruminating trip through her mind.

"What?" she said turning her head trying to understand his silly question. "Tag team moves?" she had thought for a moment with her pointer finger pushed up against her lips, "I don't know if you call them tag team more of he has my back, I have his. I try to treat him like a pet just because he's been through so much. He has the training to be my combat dog, but we both have issues with authority so we tend to just play most fights by ear." Her ramblings lead into her past where she started to think about her ex comrades and one in particular where they sparred in tag teams. Her ex lover being her favorite partner for destroying their opponent.  "Snakes and dogs don't fight too well together if you haven't noticed." She said as Koala came up beside her, she reached out to pet his brown fur affectionately. Osiris smiled at the two of them as did Isis. It was clear the travel to Galvin would take them about a day and luckily Osiris was prepared for such a journey. He began setting up camp as they would be finally arriving to Galvin city first thing tomorrow. He was silent for the most part and didn't know what to expect between himself, Dez and Koba. Whatever the case may be he would have to a plan A-Z to prepare for the expected and the unexpected.

 Isis was visibly exhausted as she instantly went to sleep the moment Osiris began starting the fire. Once a subtle flame could be seen Osiris blew at the base to increase its size, "Now tell me," He began question directed at Dez but still nurturing the flame in front of him, "You're actively trying to avoid going to Galvin I'm assuming because you fucked up or fucked with someone. Am I right?" He started as the flames began dancing in golden light of the setting sun. "I have a bounty on my head from both the Monarchs and the GBW equaling to about five-thousand five-hundred gyun. I'm trying to clean my title because the last thing I need are two large corporations trying to kill me for my worth....I mean at the most I'd say im worth a good ten-thousand but I won't get into my reasoning's for that," Although he was rambling he was indirectly trying to paint a picture in Dez's mind letting her know what might go down when they are there with the information Osiris provided to her.  

 When Dez sat down next to his makeshift fire she shifted against Koala, searching for her spot. She looked into the distance, the tops of Galvin city bringing forth events she had yet to deal with.

"I'm supposed to be dead." She flatly stated, interrupting his mutterings. "It's as simple as I'm supposed to be dead. I went on a mission, and a comrade ended up leaving me to die in the depths of the monarchs. For one reason or another, he just left me."

 She said as she took another cigarette from her pack and lifted it to her lips. She took the flame of her lighter and brought it to the tip of her cigarette.

"So by walking into Galvin city, you're walking in with a ghost. I'm just trying to come to terms with what to say." She said with a stiff sigh. "I don't need your reality to set that in. I can see what I can do."

"What do you mean by that?" Osiris asked slightly confused.

"I'm an assassin for the GBW ranks."

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