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One Piece Pirate Nation

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Pirate Nation

One Piece Pirate Nation 0hBIPkC

A year and still running!

Here at One Piece: Pirate Nation we strive to give you the best possible roleplay experience. Giving you simple, but at the same time flexible and deep rules, we hope to get rid of the instability in the current RP era. One Piece Pirate Nation is a place where creativity and character development are all encouraged and placed above PKing.

One Piece Pirate Nation will include things such as:

  • Canon and Non-Canon Devil Fruits
  • A difficulty system that offers protection against unwanted deaths and supports RPers from all walks of RP.
  • An open world position system allowing you to start with ranks like Yonko, Revolutionary Commander, Cipher Pol Agent, or perhaps an Admiral in the Navy.
  • A large world, with many different islands, staff and player created: each with their own story, wildlife and more.
  • Bounty Hunting for both PC and NPCs.
  • Customizable weapons, pets and ships.
  • Occupations such as shipwrights, cooks, and swordsmen.
  • Player-Involved events at a constant rate.
  • Friendly and helpful, staff and members.
  • An inclusive environment.
  • Much, much more.

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