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Five, Kurama, Allen

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Character Bio:
Five, Kurama, Allen
[b]Name:[/b] Five, Kurama, Allen
[b]Country Affiliation:[/b] Heliohapt
[b]Race:[/b] Half-blood Human Mother / Fanalis Father
[b]Tier:[/b] D
[b]Class:[/b] Warrior
[b]Age + Birth date[/b] 23, October 23rd
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Sexuality:[/b] Monosexual [b](Straight)[/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] Five is a kind hyperactive knucklehead who will go out of his way to protect others. When in battle he is a genius, but when it comes to a mundane task, he always fails miserably accidentally tarring up clothing, snapping the firewood hatchets handle, or even breaking the fence that holds livestock. Even with his failures when it came to chores, Five had an uncanny way with animals. As if he really understood what they were saying, as if they were speaking his tongue do to this he began to feel more comfortable talking to the animals rather than talking to other people, making it uncomfortable for him to talk to strangers, especially when it's necessary. He is also a bit shy when it comes to girls that catch his attention, not knowing what to say or do he usually stays quiet which gets him into trouble anyway do to the way he acts making his actions seem as if he is ignoring them or just being rude. if ever traveling with someone the first few hours will seem very awkward but as long as it is only one or two people those hours are him trying to get used to the people with him, to prevent the Journeys from seeming stranger than they should be. However, if a battle were to start his true colors show with a large smile on his face and laughter that make you believe that he was a social fellow.

[b]Likes:[/b] Fresh hot Pasta: "Five. Does not really understand it but when he eats a bowl of hot pasta He feels like he is at home eating with his family bringing peace of mind that he is not in danger",

Cool but clear days: "Five doesn't just enjoy cool day he loves them they are the only days he is not looking over his shoulders do to Bees and Wasps one of his quotes is 'everyone has at least one fear of the wilds' however, that is why he enjoys going out on cool days",

Wildlife: “Fives home lays on the coast of Wafira a beautiful and calm ocean hardly ever bringing storms. Also known for its vast variety of fish and other ocean delicacies, but there are also many aquatic mammals as well as inedible crustaceans and fish that are in danger or considered a nuisance. However, five dislikes here what they are considered and will gladly help the animal get to its destination whether back into the ocean or further inland, as some crustaceans do”,

[b]Dislikes:[/b] Wasps / Bees: “Five more than dislikes Wasps and Bees, he is absolutely terrified of them due to his family’s bad, luck of having an allergic reaction to the insects sting whenever he spots one near him. He swiftly walked in the other direction to get as far away as possible. And whenever one is trapped within his room, it turns into a battlefield.”

Narcissists: “there are people who do not know then there are people who kind of know and then there are the Narcissists people believing in only what they say, even when they are hundred eighty degrees wrong Five gets migraines when dealing with Narcissists, especially when they do not let one talk and explain what really is happening.”,

Cherries: “Five dislikes, cherries to know, end their bitter flavor combined with this sour aftertaste. Even the smallest amount if even the smallest amount of cherry touches his tough it will make him gag due to the bitter flavor.”,

[b]Aspirations:[/b] Fives wishes to become as strong as possible and to break any limits his body has he wishes for the strength to stop needless conflicts. To discover his own Martial art that complements his weapons and tremendous strength to discover a sustainable income to help his father and siblings and to sustain them, to no longer feel the emptiness of the stomach or any element that crosses through their home. In addition, to have a home that does not leak rate whenever there is a small storm or a strong breeze if such a fortune exists, it would not be just for his family, but for his home Silvershore that it may grow and prosper.

[b]Phobias/fears:[/b] Arachnophobia [Spiders]: “Five is deathly afraid of Spiders especially the highly deadly ones. However, his fear only goes so far when in a dangerous situation that endangers his family he will walk through a room that crawling with spiders and scorpions even if they were in the top ten most deadly Arachnids.”,

Spheksophobia: “scared to death of Wasps and Bees mainly due to his mother's half of the family having allergic reactions when stung, due to being allergic to Wasps and Bees that can cause his throat to swell closed and without a special herb pill he would not be capable of breathing.”,

Autophobia: “If Five is left alone for extended periods of time, he will begin to get uncomfortable. He would start to show Symptoms gradually get worse anxiety, pacing, panicking all the way to his mind breaking down into hysteria"

[b]Face-Claim:[/b] Takashi Komuro (H,O,T,D)
[b]Hair Color:[/b] Dark brown
[b]Eye Color:[/b] while calm Silver-Blue, when emotions are out off check orange when angered very dark orange
[b]Height:[/b] 192.024 (6'3)
[b]Weight:[/b] 81.64
[b]Appearance:[/b] Five is a young man, his hair is a light brown he keeps his hair a medium length and prefers not to have it brushed. His eyes shine a silver-blue, and he has a somewhat young complexion. and he stands six foot three inches tall. He also appears rather skinny for someone of his stature. However, if one were to look at him closer, they would notice how dense his muscles were in his body. His overall strength would be equal to that of four strong bodyguards without training. However, he never shows off his strength nor does he try to get into altercations. Due to this, his body bears no scars
[b]Rukh Alignment:[/b] White
[b]Special Features:[/b] Tall with a lean toned body and silver-blue eyes
[b]History:[/b] Living in a small quaint village located in the country of Heliohapt, Fives story begins starting with his father Johnson, Allen age 26, a traveling merchant. He traveled across the land to every known city, town, and village. One day he stumbled upon Silvershore in the early morning, a small fishing town that was not marked on any map. After the surprise of the town, being there,

Johnson did not let another question go through his head wandering around he asked villagers for some information on the village, the first Villager was not being helpful, due to Johnson red hair that signified he was of Fanalis blood. The villager then unexpectedly started to yell at him, calling him a fraud for selling junk at an outrageous price, none of what the man said was true, as Johnson had never been there. However, Johnson did not care what other people thought of him. He then started to look for a market to buy some food.

Running into a young woman by the name of Maria Sly age 22, without a second thought. She pointed him to the docks, while she was heading in the opposite direction of the docks, not just fish were sold other goods that arrived by boat were traded as well, even though that the girl that Johnson had run into who was running in the opposite direction of the docks. While looking through all the produce stands he finds the young women he ran into when she was going in the opposite direction. She was working at a stall selling fresh fruits and vegetables taking several oranges and apples. He tries to juggle them in his hands while reaching for the silver to pay the young lady as he did so Maria reached over touching his hand and telling him [color=#ff00ff]“no, do not worry about paying. You look you had a long tiring trip here think of these fruits as a welcome gift.”[/color] She stated as she began to release Johnson’s hand she began to blush, Johnson then quickly changed the topic. [color=#006600]“Oh my name is Johnson you can call me John, so how do you do business with your fellow merchants do you trade or use silver?”[/color] he asked while, he tried to conceal his red cheeks, [color=#ff00ff]“first off my name is Maria. and Well, we try not to trade or sell with each other so that we have merchandise unless it's food of course. as for other goods, we try to sell to travelers such as you and the trade ships, that's an unspoken rule it helps keep our village from going broke.”[/color] Maria stated while blushing still, Johnson then began to move on to sell and trade his wares. but before he could take a step Maria with a sudden shy tone to her voice asked Johnson if he would like to go out fishing with her Johnson took a few moments to answer [color=#006600]“sure let me secure my goods,”[/color] he stated. Not having anything perishable in his wagon, walking to the docks he spots Maria in a long canoe with a counterbalance on the right side carefully stepping into the canoe Maria then hands, Johnson, a paddle and started heading out to sea good ways before stopping and getting the fishing gear ready

[color=#006600]“So what are we after?”[/color] Johnson asked while he watched Maria skillfully toss a net out she then began to pull it in just like that she had caught roughly 100 pounds of fish, that she tied to the side of the canoe where the counter balance was to prevent them from capsizing. Maria then reached into the net to show Johnson, what they were fishing yellow spotted tuna, a cousin to the bluefin tuna. However, the yellow spotted tuna only grow two feet long and love to school each fish carries a hefty amount of meat very little fat after showing Johnston how to cast the net. After three, more nets full before returning to shore and almost immediately. Some merchants from one of the ships ran over with a sack of silver and gold that were handed over to Maria as the merchant had a few men carry the nets back to their ship. [color=#006600]“Okay, that was a quick sale. I would ask you what your trick was to selling so fast, but I am guessing they asked early in the morning is that why you are running the opposite way from the market when we first met.”[/color] Johnson asked his quick deduction was spot on as Maria told him that she was running to get the nets, Johnson then disembarks from the canoe while holding a hand out to help Maria off the canoe.

They talked for several more hours. Random trivial stuff before Johnson then mentioned that he was going to set up a stall using his wagon and asked if she could mention that he is not from the village so it is okay to trade and buy from him. As they walked back to his wagon, a large smile appeared on Johnson’s face from learning how to fish in mass. [color=#006600]“Thanks for the lessons on fishing”[/color] he then looked back at Maria [color=#006600]“is there a place I can spend the night at?”[/color] Johnson asked. Maria was quick to reply, [color=#ff00ff]“Unfortunately, there are no inns this small town… However, let me check around to see if anyone has a spare bed."[/color] after 30 minutes had passed the sun had already gone down the whole time Johnson was grooming his horse before Maria had run back up to him [color=#ff00ff]”Sorry, but there are no spares wait I guess you could take my brother's bed. He was forced into the military”[/color] a few days pass and Johnson had sold all his wares by this point, he was ready to go to towns and cities.

He grabbed a hold of the reins before he could give them a crack, a gold piece went flying towards his head he Instinctively raised his hand Catching the gold piece without realizing it. Looking over to Maria And then back to his hand. He opened his Palm to see the gold piece. She had thrown him [color=#ff00ff]“that is for helping me with the fishing, come back soon okay”[/color] Maria had asked Johnson out, agreeing to meet Johnson set off returning only a couple months later. This time, he decides to stay. Even after, he had sold all his wares. He did set out again for another couple of months, but when he returned he decided to stay To help Maria with the fishing he decides to sell his old wagon Not before removing a massive object from under the wagon to buy a bigger canoe to carry more fish, four months past before Johnson decided to propose to Maria. Johnson made the proposal ring with the little bit of metalworking he had learned in the past by watching blacksmiths at work, he even uses the gold coin she had tossed to him as the centerpiece. Getting the supplies Johnson and Maria hopped into their canoe, and back to their hunting grounds, casting the nets, Johnson grabbed the ring from his sleeve firmly grasping in his palm. After which Johnson proceeded to measure the fish To be sure that they were the proper length for keeping and cooking at a remarkable speed, he then stopped measuring pretending to be unable to tell. If the fish met the minimum size

Johnson began to hand the fish over to Maria and as she lifted the fish to flip it. Doing so, revealed the proposal ring noticing that she saw the ring along with her face turned red as a cherry she then calmed down but still her face remained bright red, with a gentle voice [color=#ff00ff]“I-I do”[/color] were the only words she could utter, giving Johnson no time to ask the question. a month later Johnson and Maria are now married six more months pass and Maria starts talking about having kids, she stopped for a while, however, Johnson brought up the idea of again having kids but Maria then added that she wanted five children and name them from highest to lowest. Nine-month pass and Five is born, however, with his name being a number. The letter 's' was added to Five to help identify him not by number but by name. Two years later his mother gave birth to twins, their names also carrying a number. However, they were given nicknames to prevent confusion the names given to the twins were Fouria with Threena both of which having calico eyes one silver and the other blue like the ocean, the silver eyes from their Father and the blue eyes being from their Mother everyone in the town was happy For Maria. However, her health was not doing so well the twin’s birth took a lot of energy. It was three weeks before Maria had the strength again to walk around let alone take care of Fives and his newly born sisters.

Eight years pass and Maria is pregnant ones again however with fraternal twins a boy and the other a girl, their names Tootern the boy and Oneny the girl they both carry their parent's eyes Oneny having silver eyes and Tootern carrying blue eyes

Thirteen years pass, Five is now an adult but unfortunately, his mother had passed away and his father Johnson had to work four times harder on the most hazardous jobs around, just to feed his children. Five attempted to help but he continued to get in the way creating small problems in which his father always took the blame, however, due to his honesty Fives father earned the title of an Honest Worker thus he had never been fired, allowing Johnson to keep his various jobs. Nevertheless, he still only made enough money to cover the necessities for his children and with just barely enough to keep him going, However, Five easily noticed that his father had been fasting, and he began to look more and more like a skeleton. His rib cage pronounced after seeing his father deteriorating health. It prompted Five to leave his home in search of sustainable money for his family  

[b]Role-Play Sample:[/b]
After leaving his home unannounced, with only a note in place of him Five had a twenty-minute head start, but he was surprised when he heard his father’s voice from behind him. Not wanting to get into an argument he decided to be the first to speak [color=#0099ff]“Dad you should not have followed me I am doing this for the family.”[/color] Five stated before turning around to his shock his father had not just followed him but caught up to him while dragging a massive object that he had never seen before.[color=#0099ff] “How in the world did you catch up to me while dragging that thing?”[/color] He questioned his father, whose eyes were sunken and rib cage extremely prominent [color=#006600] “to be honest, when I was younger I could wield this with one hand I guess when you have not worked out for a while everything suddenly becomes heavier”[/color] he stated. With a chuckle in his voice that made Five begin to laugh while thinking about his father's comment on not working out, Five spoke under his breath [color=#0099ff]“yeah, or it's your old age”[/color] saying it just quiet enough for his father not to hear Him [color=#0099ff]“so, father what is that thing your dragging?”[/color] Five asked walking up to the object to observe it while his father began to unwrap it, revealing a massive great sword his father then spoke [color=#006600]“take the sword son this sword has been in our family for centuries so take it and save your siblings the way you believe you can.”[/color] Johnson looked into Fives eyes for hesitation and doubt seeing no trace of either in his eyes Johnson turned around as Five spoke [color=#0099ff]“that the idea catch you later”[/color] his words clear and filled with determination as he wrapped the massive sword up. He then proceeded to try to do what his father said he could do lift the massive sword with one hand. However, five was not strong enough to do so resorting to using both hands to lift the blade and with it wrapped up he rested it on his shoulder as he left the place he called home for his entire life up until now [color=#0099ff]“goodbye Sivershore.”[/color]

  • Bellringer:
    Five, Kurama, Allen Bellringer1_zpsliu66rxv
    Name: Bellringer
    Tier: D
    Type: Great Sword [Dragon Slayer Class]
    Material: Damascus steel and Osmium
    Appearance: Bellringer is a great sword measuring 241.29cm or (7'11") With the blade alone being 213.36cm and a Width of 45.72cm the 27.94cm of length being the hilt The massive blade also bolsters incredible weight weighing in at 500 pounds The sword has a unique orange color to it due to an unknown process

  • Enhanced Stamina:
    Trait Name: Enhanced Stamina
    Trait Tier: D
    Trait Requirement: -
    Trait Description: Through intense training, Fives starts to possesses an unnaturally large pool of stamina to draw from.
    Trait Effect: +25 Max Stamina
  • Flexibility:
    Trait Name: Flexibility
    Trait Tier: D
    Trait Requirement: -
    Trait Description: By performing intense stretching every day, muscles, tendons, and ligaments develop a higher range of motion than that of the average person.
    Trait Effect: With increased range of motion, one is able to cross difficult terrain slightly faster than an average person, being able to hurdle over fallen trees, fence etc. One can also navigate through corridors in old ruins or caves with ease and can squeeze through gaps 60.96cm tall and 45.72cm in width.

  • Northern Crash:

    Northern Crash
    Tier: D
    Class: Warrior
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Close
    Requirements/Drawbacks: A great sword must be wielded, overhead before the Northern crash ability can be achieved
    Scaling: 5 meters for every 10 stamina spent
    Cool Down: 1
    Cost: 10 stamina
    Description: The wielder of a great sword raises the blade above their head and with all their strength in their arms. The wielder slams it down in front of them, causing shockwaves that are sent out in front of them, knocking down both foes and allies to the ground, the amount of area affected at Rank D is a circle 6 meters in diameter
  • Eastern Wall:

    Eastern Wall
    Tier: D
    Class: Warrior
    Type: Offenses
    Range: Close
    Requirements/Drawbacks: a sword longer than 121.92cm must be wielded and held out to the side (left or right side) and rotated so that the age is facing the ground
    Scaling: 1 tier for every 10 stamina
    Cool Down: 1
    Cost: 10 Stamina
    Description: turning the sword to have the edge of the blade face the ground, the sword is swung like a giant fan, paddle or a club with the blade's edge in this position makes the sword look like a steel wall closing in on the opponent. Instead of cutting through its targets, it crushes them; Eastern Wall causes D-Tier damage
  • Western Horizon:

    Western Horizon
    Tier: D
    Class: Warrior
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements/Drawbacks: this technique requires the sword to be held behind one’s back using as much flexibility as one has to maintain grip on the blade in preparation for the technique
    Scaling: Double the hits for every 10 stamina
    Sustain: 0
    Cool Down: 1
    Cost: 10 stamina
    Description: the wielder of a great sword places the blade behind their back grasping the hilt. The wielder focuses all their strengths into swinging the blade from behind the wielder cutting across a horizontal plane in front of them. Western Horizon causes D-Tier damage
  • Southern Sunder:

    Southern Sunder
    Tier: D
    Class: Warrior
    Type: Defense
    Range: Close
    Requirements/Drawbacks: the wielder must have a clear state of mind with straightforward focus on what is happening in front of them with a tight grip on the hilt of their sword
    Scaling: A fluid parry that can redirect an incoming attack to a direction of your choosing within 45 degrees of its original trajectory
    Cool Down: 1
    Cost: 10 stamina
    Swinging a sword with a high amount of determination and concentration the sword meets their opponent mid swing, diverted what could have been a decisive blow to that of the sound of thunder cracking. In addition, it forces the opponent’s weapon to miss.
  • Bells Toll:

    Bells Toll
    Tier: C
    Class: Warrior
    Type: Defenses
    Range: Close
    Requirements/Drawbacks: a heavy greatsword is required for this simple technique burying the tip of the blade in the ground while holding the hilt as tight as one can
    Scaling: spending 10 stamina. For scaling damage
    Cool Down: 2
    Cost: 10 stamina
    Description: to use this ability the wielder of any sword must channel their stamina into their grip on the hilt of the blade to help reinforce it against attacks, the more stamina. One uses in their grip on the hilt. The more damage, it can defend against

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