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Character Sheet


Derfel's Vault R1B3q7U

Name: Defel
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Magician
Tier: D-Tier [Novice]
Class: Magician [Light]
Age + Birthdate: 18 - 04/06
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterossexual

Personality: When interacting with people he dosen't know, Defel displays a calm and polite personality, never being rude or hostile, hardly making fun of anything, he's always very straight to the point when he has bussiness with those kinds of people, however, when he's with friends and people he really trusts, Derfel shows that he is in fact, a very kind person, who is always happy to be with his friends and help them solve their problems the best as he can, he never refuses to help when people are in trouble.

With his experience with magic, he dislikes it's usage for warfare and violent means in general, he belives that magic was a gift laid upon humannity to aid scoiety in solving it's problems without having to resort to fighting, war and death, Derfel is, by all means, a pacifist who loves peace and hates war.

Derfel may dislike fighting, however, when something or someone he deeply cares about is in danger, or when there is really no other option, he will battle using the best of his abilities, even if he does it reluctantly.

When he meets someone he judges as bad, Derfel dosen't show any sympathy to the person, being quite cold and collected when interacting, but never rude or impolite, he belives that any person should be treated with respect, even if they are the worst types of villains. The thing that makes him most mad is unfairness, when someone is being opressed, humiliated or being harmed, Derfel always does his best to help them get out of those kinds of situations, but hardly resorting to violence

He is also quite shy when interacting with woman, he acts normally most of the time but when the girls he dosen't know start being too friendly with him, Derfel instantly starts to blush and sometimes stutter.

- Peace: Derfel enjoys places that are not on war and where it's people live happily.
- Being with people he trusts: Interacting to his friends is somthing that he really likes because Derfel normally wanders alone.
- Fair and noble leaders: The magician has a strong admiration for leaders who are loved by their people and are able to solve conflicts without resorting to violence.
- Unfairness: That's the think that really get's under Defel's skin, he belives that all people should be treated as equals, even when he knows that in the real world, there will be always a group of people who are viewed as inferior to others.
- Agressive and hostile people: The magician dislikes any kind of hostility, so he trys not get much involved with people like that, but always being polite to them.
- Violence, war and battle: Derfel is a pacifist, he belives that war is something generated only by hummanity's dark desires, things that he belives all people should supress and control.

Aspirations: Derfel's main goal is to change the minds of people, especially magicians, and make them realize that the the gift of magic is not meant to be used for violence, but to solve society's problems without having to resort to war and death. He belives that wandering the world aiding people who are in need and sharing kindness is the best way to achieve his goal. He also want's to get as many people as possible rid of black rukh, as he belives it only creates more war, pain and agression, clashing straight into his convictions.

Derfel also want's to know more about Magnostadt, he never had the desire to join the place as he believes the academy uses magic in the wrong ways, and is firmly against any kind of institution centered around the idea of teaching people how to use magic, as he belives magicians should all discover and learn how to use magic their own way and to achieve their own goals, and to not have any influence of ''superior'' and ''more experienced'' people. Also, something just feels off about that place, he believes that he really needs to check that out.

Phobias/fears: Derfel's biggest fear is that he would be unable to reach his goals, or even convinced that he can't, the fact that the unfairness, war and death in the world would never change worries him, and the fact that he maybe can't do anything about it haunts his dreams, when someone confronts him about it he would always argue and try to refute the person, he is just unable to ignore that.

Deep down inside, there is something telling him that he's just a regular magician that can't do anything as big as what he want's, he tries to supress and ignore it most of the time, but when people confront him about his ideals and make him ponder about them, he feels really sad and depressed, needing lot's of determination to get up on his feet.

Face-Claim: Aries Mu - Saint Seiya
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Greenish blue
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 75 kg

Appearance: Derfel is a tall man with a pale skin, has long and straight pink hair, greenish blue eyes and thin eyebrows. He has two dots in his forhead that he dosen't even know why are there, but thinks they're stylish. Most of the time he displays a kind expression on his face, but when he's fighting or confronting a enemy, his expression changes to one of strong will and determination.

He usually wears travelling light clothes, with a brown tunic covering his white cotton shirt, he also wears green pants with leather boots, an outfit he thinks is fitted for traveling anywere, he uses bandages wrapped around his wrists and biceps.

Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Features: N/A

History: It was in a small, nameless village somewhere in the great plains, that Derfel was born, his family was of common, unimportant farmers that lived peacefully there. The boy's childhood was troublesome, he was constantly bullied by the other children who were taller and stronger than him, he was also very shy, wich was the main reason for all that bullying. Derfel was, strangely, very physically weak, way weaker than any of the other children of his age, his dad also judged that he would be unfit for farm working, treating him in a really cold way, because he would be unable to make the family profit and would be a useless adult in the house.

All that made Derfel's early years to be very lonely, only his mom treated him with kindness, and was always willing to aid him in any situation, even standing up to his father for treating the kid bad. The boy didn't have any friends so his only way to have fun would be observing the wierd white glowing birds, that only he could see.

One day, a stranger arrived on the village. He was a very tall, bearded man with a pointy black hat, he said he was a magician from Magnostadt, tasked with finding new students for the academy, he said his name was Saul. The magician quickly took notice of Derfel's aptitude for magic and asked to take him as an apprentice while he was on the village, his dad quickly agreed, because that was way better than having to feed one more useless mouth in his house, so the kid started to take lessons from Saul, and for the first time in his life, he had a purpose, and a friend.

Derfel's magic training went smoothly, Saul said he would only be in the village for a while, but when asked about when he would return, the man always replied that he had not completed his task on that place yet, and so no one questioned him about that, because they had no reason to not trust him. Years passed and Saul sent the kid in an errand to a close portuary town, to ask if there were boats heading for Imuchakk in that week, Defel got the information and headed back to the village, only to find a big crowd standing in the center of the place, the boy made his way through the group of people and saw Saul laying on the ground really hurt, with two other men with pointy hats standing before him, those two had wooden staffs and Derfel presumed they were also magicians, when the boy questioned what was happening, they said that Saul was, in fact, a rogue magician from Magnostadt, accused of several murders and other crimes, and that his real name was Gundleus Thuzad. The two magicians declared that they were taking the criminnal back and were sorry for any trouble he may have caused, Derfel asked whether that was true or not, but the rogue magician did not awnsered.

The boy was deeply hurt by that revelation, his only friend, the one that taught him about magic was a rotten murderer who was only using all that as a cover, Derfel was not angry nor felt any hate for Gundleus, only sadness. To make things worse, the citizes of the town accused the boy of knowing the truth about Saul and trying to help him escape, even his dad agreed with this. So the citizens of the village decided to banish Derfel from the town, forever. The kid was devastated, but his mother, with tears on her eyes, encouraged him to stand up and face those problems with courage. One week after that, the boy left the village, he wanted to become a wise and fair magician, but not by being taught by others, instead, he wanted to do all that by himself, he would travel the world helping people in difficult situations and ending conflicts peacefully, he also planned on visiting Magnostadt one day, not to join it, but to know more about the place, because something about those two magicians and Saul simply felt a bit off...

Then he started his adventure, meeting the truth of peace and war, and then vowing to make people understand the true meaning of the gift of magic, that would be the goal of his life, Derfel would his best to make the world a better place, as a wandering magician.

Role-Play Sample:
The town was very busy, being a portuary city, the place was filled with travelers, merchants and all kinds of people, the port was incredibly crowded with countless ships from all of the world leaving and arriving, Defel was in one of those vessels, his goal was to stay some time on that city to try and solve some of it's problems, and to teach people about the true meaning of magic.

The sun was up in the sky, it was around midday when Derfel's ship docked on the town, the magician thanked the captain for the ride and jumped off to the streets of the port, he turnded his head around some times when he realized that he didn't know where to go, it was his first time in the city and he had forgotten to ask the captain for directions. ''Well, then i'll just have to wander around a bit until i find something to do.'' he thinked with a smile on his face, his stomach then started growling ''I think it may be best if i find some place to eat first...''.

The magician wandered around the streets a bit, he couldn't find any tavern, he found that wierd, usually those types of cities are fillied with taverns for sailors to drink and rest, he was starting to think if it would be best if he just asked someone about that, when he saw two tall, mean looking men threatening a skinny terrified guy, they yelled and cursed the skinny-helpless guy, and that was too much for Derfel to just pass by and ignore. ''You little punk!'' yelled one of the evil looking guy ''This time, you are done for!'' threatened the other. Without those two noticing, the magician sneaked behind them. ''I advise you to leave this person alone, or i'll turn you into toads.'' lied Derfel, with a determined expression in his face. The two looked at the magician and saw his expression, oh no, he wasn't joking... ''A... are you a magician?'' asked one of them, terrified. ''Yes, i am indeed a magician, and you two get out of this place right now, if you don't wan't to leave here croaking and looking for flies to eat!'' the two men then left running, and Derfel stared at the skinny man with a smile. ''You don't need to thank me, now, why were those two bothering you?'' asked the magician. ''Well, it's beacause they catched me stealing from their shops, thanks for that, i thought i was gonna get arrested.'' Derfel suddenly started to understand what just happened, and his smile quickly disappeared. ''Oh...''

Sorry if there are some grammar mistakes, english is not my first language...

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Classes, Traits and Professions


  • Primary - Magician
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -

Loved By The Rukh:
Trait Name: Loved By The Rukh
Trait Tier: -
Trait Requirement: Magician Race
Trait Description: Blessed and loved by the rukh, magicians have a deeper connection with it than any other race.
Trait Effect:

  • Able to see the rukh and communicate with it.
  • Access to the "Borg" racial ability.


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D-tier Abilities

C-tier Abilities

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities

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Weapons, Items, Beasts


Derfel's Vault ECCPijP
Name: Peacekeeper
Tier: D-tier
Material: Oak wood
Appearance: Staff's roughly 190 cm long and 3 cm thick, it's not meant to strike people physically so it's basically just a big wooden stick, even pretty fragile in comparison to others.



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