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shora's vault (wip.)

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alica fireberg

alica fireberg

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alica fireberg

alica fireberg

shora's vault (wip.) Suisei-no-Gargantia-06-Bellows-anime
Name:sorha bloodborn
Country Affiliation:wanderer
Race: halfling human+fanalis (fanalis dominant)
Tier: D-tier
Age + Birthdate:21, July 19th
Gender: futanari
Personality:She is a hot headed caring woman her temper is that of her mother’s while the caring and loving side of herself is that of her father. If in a bad mood she is known to bash things mostly people she enjoys helping people but is very easily pissed off when angered. She puffers to travel with others and is usually seen with a horde of other Halflings. She has the pack mentality and is great at being a leader people say when her and her band of warriors come to town that she should rule her own nation. They say this because she is known to get people behind her when it comes to doing the right thing she is known in combat to be boss and quick to bark orders to her personal army. The men and women in her army never stay long and are always coming and going she is always sad to see them go and always there to welcome them like any other balbadden would do. Just like the people of her home nation she her as family she sees the people in her group as family and is always there for them she also likes to hum a lot.
Likes: women
she is crazy about women of all shape sizes and races. She does prefers older women but isn't all that picky about age. She loves women period and is obsessed with them. Even though like her mother she can't speak she still finds ways to interact with them.

helping others

She enjoys helping others infact it is one of the reasons she left her home in balbadd and choice to travel the world helping anyone she one way she helps people is hiring herself out to people as personal guards but she does whatever she cares not for money but for the joy her help brings to tough around her.
Dislikes:people who pick on the weak
she hates those who for any reason pick on the weak it angers her beyond words.

The rich who pick on the poor
she believes that sharing is indeed caring and that anyone with wealth should share that wealth with others.
Aspirations:Having a family of her own
she wishes to one day settle down get married and adopted her own kids after her work is done as a hero that is that is her dream and her lifetime goal. She might even one day found her own nation but it is yet to be seen if that interests her in anyway. But if she would do so she would make it a fair and equal land for all
Phobias/fears:That she won't be able to help others
growing up on a farm in balbadd thought her the meaning of kindness and not judging a book by its cover. She was a strong since of right and wrong and loves helping others if she can’t help others she would feel useless. And would get very saddened by this and would hide away for days. Whenever that happened the group she traveled with wouldn’t see much of her
Face-Claim:Bellows from Suisei no Gargantai
Hair Color:brown
Eye Color:blue
Height:182.88 cm
Weight:77 kilos
Appearance:She is a tall overly busty woman with a muscular build tan skin blue eyes and long brown hair and red. People who meet her and know what her race is say she takes after her mother’s side of the family. But also notice she has her dad's smile. She wears a lot of black leather and armor when in battle out she wears a tank top with the battens open to show off her large breast and blacklegs. She rarely is ever seen not wearing some sort of ring or something on her person she loves to a wear jade colored necklace that belonged to her mother it was a gift given to her before she left. she is very tall. Standing at about 182.88 cm. and weighs about 77 kilos. her dark skin is due to being born and growing up in the deasart. Where she had to hunt and grow her own food. due to this she still isn't use to big cities and towns. her life of heavy lifting as given her a very muscled look. Her long toned legs make her fast on er feet on a fight and her strong arms are good at lifting things twice her size.
Rukh Alignment:white
Special Features:she was born with pointed ears
History: the meeting
A long time ago on a farm in balbadd a Man lived alone. One day when out in the fields he heard a noise coming from his barn. He went to see what was causing such a noise. What he found was a naked Fanalis woman with dark tan skin and blue eyes and red hair. When he walked up to her she hide from him behind some hay. He had picked an apple before hand and stretched his arm out for her apple in hand. She grabbed it. And he asked her what her name was. She simply put her hand to her trout and shook her head. She was mute and could not speak.

Her birth

Many years later they were married and had a baby named sorha who didn’t cry when she was born but made musical sound waves from her mouth that when hit her mother's and father’s ears became cries. She was born with the same gift that her mother was born with. That worried her parents because they were afraid she would be thought of as an outcast. But being in balbadd that fear never came to pass.


When sorha was a child growing up she helped out on the family farm one day a female warrior was badly harmed found herself on their farm she barely made it to the door when she passed out and was picked up and moved inside by a 6 year old sorha after that the warrior was carried for and her and the other girl became close friends. It turns out that teen was a half Fanalis half human just like her. That night the teen disappeared and sorha hasn’t seen her since.

Teen years

Many years after that day she had became obsessed with women and quickly filled her room with pictures of famise women from around the world. At the age of 19 she left her farm and her home in balbadd and began traveling the world with a goal in mind to right the world’s wrongs.
NOW days
recently she is traveling around the world going from city to city helping those in need.
Role-Play Sample: it was an easy going Sunday and usually on this kind of day sorha and her group relaxes and drinks at the local pub of whatever town they find themselves in they had recently got back from a partially bad job and were resting in their rooms. Normally they didn’t do those types of jobs but they were short on cash and needed money for the stay at the inn usually when every they stayed in a town over night someone would always with to join the group they where welcoming and never said no to anyone who wished to join the

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alica fireberg

alica fireberg

shora's vault (wip.) Weapon-large_lance
Name: bloodstealer
Tier: d-tier
Type: lance
Material: steel
Appearance: 236.22 centimeters long with a spear tip the handle is made of oak and the blade steel the blade is 345.78 cm in length and 36 cm on both mini blades in width

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