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The Wonder of Literature [Job/Plot]

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Reed Harper

Reed Harper

Job Details:
Job Name: Assistant Librarian Needed
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
The magical school that helps bring so much joy to our country is short handed this week of librarians. They need a person to come in and help sort through some books and scrolls and put them back in their proper locations. Just show up to the library and help go through the giant mounds of backlogged books and scrolls and find their proper homes. The library is the largest in the world and is up to 30 stories tall making it a pretty long task to do.

The young man walked the halls of the academy, his knapsack in tow, avoiding friendly stares or the usual polite etiquette people made with one another. Reed only sought one thing, to gain a little extra cash and do the job he signed up for and go back to his room. He had no obligation to make friends, so why should he? He scurried through the halls, bumping into fellow peers along the way. He never uttered an "excuse me" or "I'm sorry," so everyone just kind of thought Reed was a total grouch.

"Hi. My name is Reed. Reed Harper. I'm here for the job," Reed spat, he slammed the posting on the reception desk as the startled librarian looked up at him, terrified. "I am diligent. I am organized. I will fix this mess." The librarian managed a wry smile, holding back every urge to fire him on the spot. Unfortunately, no other student offered to come help and spruce up the library so, with open arms, the librarian showed Reed to his designated area to fix up. It was a relatively small section of the library, but it was a nice start to introduce a person to cleaning the entire thing. However, that did was not enough for Reed, and he merely scanned the scope of what he was supposed to do today, sighed, and moved out ahead, beginning to clean up.

"I can do this easy, I don't know why you didn't trust with a more difficult task..." Reed rambled, unaware the librarian has since hurried off back to their desk while Reed hastily re-organized the shelves, and placed loose books and scrolls back in their rightful homes. " left. Well, another person here would just be a distract. Besides, if I do this quickly, I can leave, get paid, and go back to my room. Why am I still talking to myself?"


"I can't believe that little prick is Lyra's brother. Unbelievable."

Back to Reed...

Within no time at all, Reed had organized almost of his section of the library, and trailed off to other duties as he got bored with his current situation. Upon finishing a very rushed yet immaculate cleaning of the library, his eyes happened upon a simple fantasy book he remembered reading long ago. For a moment, his heart thawed, and he felt himself overcome with a wave of emotion he only reserved for time spent privately with himself, or if his sister was in his presence. He swallowed air, and gulped down, fighting back tears, before he set the book back in its place and finished up his duties. With the last book placed in its spot, Reed hurriedly made his way to the librarian's desk.

"Job's done. Would you like me to complete anything else for you?" Reed said, the tone in his voice with the just the slightest bit of sadness in his voice. The librarian merely stared at him and muttered a soft "no" before sending Reed on his way. Reed left the library, his head hanging low as he walked through the door, before turning around and zipping to the librarian.

"Actually. Could I take out a book? I know where it is, obviously, and I didn't think I wanted it but now I do," Reed asked, his cadence a little more animated and exasperated. This stunned the librarian, but they merely gave a nod of affirmation and sent Reed on his way to grab the book. The Weeping Prince, a sad, if slightly triumphant, tale of a young prince who is cursed with unfortunate after unfortunate event, only to realize these moments made him stronger. In accepting his misfortune, he begins to finally move forward. The story resonated with Reed as he identified with the prince. Reed grabbed the book and rushed out of the library, thanking the librarian as he left in a hurry.

Word Count: 662/500
Magoi: 160/160


Shards of Solomon x1
Trait Points x4

The Wonder of Literature [Job/Plot] MlM2sTf

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