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1Incrementum Empty Incrementum on 07/02/17, 11:03 pm


Alright, it kinda started out simple. Some guy, one day, decided he was gonna try and walk on water. He managed to succeed...ish. Anyways, people got video, plenty of photos, he said a dumb phrase- it was an internet sensation for a month or two. People spent their time trying to debunk it when one helpful member of an online conspiracy debunking community pointed out that he was walking on SOMETHING that wasn't water. Everybody was outraged! It made it all the way back to the guy who could "walk on water" and he happily pointed out that his feet had turned into boats.


Sounds stupid, doesn't it? Well, it's real, and after this startling reveal, plenty of other people started coming out with weird, modified bodies- hell, one man was turning into a god damn pylon! Scientists researched this for a bit, and discovered something they're calling 'Incrementum.' Not long afterwards, people started controlling these weird mutations! Soon the strongest of them started taking over cities, whether that be for protection or personal gain is up to interpretation... And now some newbies are joining in on the little turf war these freaks got going on. Are you one of 'em?

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