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Name: Daisuke Suoh
Tier: D-tier
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age + Birthdate: 17 June 10th
Nationality: Kou
Race: Human
Specialization: Dominance

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Personality:At first glance Daisuke would seem to be a kind and soft-spoken student, that is shy when around many people. But in all truth he is just acting, loving to trick people and deceive them with horrible consequences, not caring what happens to them or himself after them. To further the illusion that he is a gentle and kind person, he always hide behind something when first meeting some and when they think he isn't shy anymore acts as if he is a true friend.

He will always claim to have only those good tendencies because if he opens up to people he can get close to them so he can ruin their life. Thinking that it is just a game to ruin someone's life. But he also acts another way around those who those who see through that act. Showing to be  arrogant about his own abilities and disrespectful of those he considers as weak, but is not above giving praise to his allies or  enemies. But will still be quick to speaks words  painfully striking, if he knows them they often hold would hold much truth.

If someone sees through all of Daisuke's fake personality they will find out he is a manipulative person and prideful person who only want to cause mayhem and destruction. Not caring for anyone but himself, thinking of himself as if he has a higher purpose and other people and things were put in this world for him and him alone. Hating those smarter than him, no matter who they are. He also shows interest in things that don't concern him or don't interest him, this being people or events that happen around the world. At the same time shows himself as cheeky, and cheerful in a dark way. Dark ways meaning he is still very deadly, violent, and a bloodthirsty person.

Violence and Death- Him being an anarchist he just loves violent things whether it being something small like someone being bullied to someone ultimately dying. And if he doesn't witness any acts of violence from time to time he will make some of his own, targeting any random person. He would probably sneak behind them and just attack them or try paying someone to do something that shouldn't happen. And if he is really desperate to find some violence he might just doing unspeakable things that can cause the death of many innocents, but he doesn't care and never will.
People that don't bore him- Even though Daisuke doesn't need anyone to make himself feel good or to not feel lonely he at times wants someone to entertain him. That means he will travel with a group or another person if he finds them interesting, wanting to witness things that they did that might be interesting. People that interest him the most of the time are those that have gone on many adventures in their life and is willing to tell Daisuke about them, especially if they involve them having to do horrible things during those adventures. Many different  type of people interest him but his most favorite type of person is those who have done things horrible in their life to get where they are now.

Feeling Pain- Even though he mostly likes other's to feel pain or suffer he tends to enjoy it if it is afflicted on him. It weird but he enjoys it the most when he is acting like a carrying and innocent person, but likes it no matter how he is acting. He at times even pays people to hurt him, especially if that person is a women. Only telling them to stop when he is covered in bruises or bleeding heavily, but pain isn't just physically but also mentally. Even though he doesn't like those who are smarter than him it pains him to admit they are, but when they do he not only get angry about it but also enjoys it for a strange reason.

Music-Any form of music that is beautifully written or performed warms his dark and twisted heart, because honestly who doesn't like good music. But his love for music makes him hate those who don't respect it or don't know what good music is. Because he loves music he has since a young age begun to try to master every instrument that has every been invented and if he lives long enough ones that are about to be made. His loves of music coming from his father being a musician and teaching his son everything he knew about it.

Tea- Daisuke just loves this drink, drinking more than he drinks water. The reason for tis is just because he had always made to drink it with his mother and has made this into a habit.

Helping people for free-Daisuke believes if he has to help someone he must receive compensation and those who help others should also. Especially if they ask for help and don't or can't pay any money, if they aren't talking money he don't wanna talk. He believes that nothing in life is free and helping people is no exception.

Being outsmarted- Even though Daisuke loves feeling pain from  meeting someone who is smarted than him. Daisuke just hates it when he meets someone more intellectual than him, thinking they are just smarter than him because of their age, even if they are younger than him. Rather paying to feel pain then having to deal with the enjoyable pain he gets from meeting those types of people.

Phobias: As a child he has always been afraid of people with bad teeth or breath. What he considers bad teeth or people with missing, rotten, or unordinary ones like people with very sharp teeth. He teeth like that also go for some animals, not afraid if that animals teeth are supposed to be like that. But if they aren't and he knows it he wants to stay as far away as possible from it. The smell of someone having bad breath makes him even faint, especially if he isn't able to make some space between them and himself.

Aspirations: What he wants is simple, the complete annihilation of this world. And for him to be the one that forms a new one. That being his only goal in this life nothing more and nothing less. But he wants to take his time with that, it being his long-term goal. So he wants to build himself up to be a king no a god that can rule and shape the world in his image. He also wants to cause those who have done him wrong to feel pain beyond this world, wanting to also do the same to everyone they care about. Hoping that when they are an inch away from die that they shouldn't have crossed him.

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Face-Claim: Reborn-Enma Kozato
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color: Red
Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Traits: The pupils in his eyes take the shape of the four pointers of a compass.
Appearance: Daisuke has a laid-back appearance and is inferior in stature to many around him.He has both red eyes and red hair. The pupils of his eyes take the shape of the four pointers of a compass. He is a thin teen with a short build. Who can usually be seen wearing a  white, full-length kimono with a pattern of six black four pointers of a compass around his high collar. Under that he would wear white paints with no shirt. When he wasn't wearing that he would probably be wearing  a red and black jacket which reaches down to his waist, with the jacket being zipped up halfway. Wearing a white shirt underneath, his pants being black. With both attires he would wear regular Getas.

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Daisuke doesn't have a dark past despite him being natural evil. That is only the path he choose instead of the one he was given. Born June tenth to a loving family of who were owners of a famous restaurant in Zou. Daisuke was raised to carry on the family business, since he was the only child. For most of his childhood he did everything that his parents asked being the model son, but as time passed he grow tired of it. At the age of ten he was beaten up by a bully and instead of fighting back he let it happen, never feeling that before. As he sat on the ground bruised and in pain he felt truly happy, but that wasn't enough. He wanted others to feel what he felt that day, the happiness pain can bring. He would begin to develop habits of making himself get beat by other just to feel the pain, and when his body needed to take a break from the great sensation he would pain to see others feel pain. Since he was a small kid at that time he would spend most of the money he was given to delinquents that he saw to beat up any Daisuke wanted.

Soon though Daisuke's thirst for himself and other to feel began to become dull to him, he needed more excitement. The first thing that came into Daisuke's mind was his families restaurant. A few days later after figuring out what he was going to do it his family's business was no more, his mother and father dying from the fire. How they actually died was by Daisuke's hands. The night before he had gotten his father drunk, tying him up after he had passed out. Then he hit his mother with a blunt object, knocking her unconscious. Since they lived in the above floor of their restaurant it was easy to move them into it. For the rest of the night Daisuke would torture his parents, and then set the place a blaze so they could burn alive. In truth he didn't hate his parents nor did he love them he just wanted them to feel the greatest pain and then ultimately death.

From that day he started to become more and more dark, loving how he could decide other peoples fate through pain, destruction, and death. Killing his parents made him gain ideas that he was a higher being that could ultimately become a god if he continued to do those things to people around him. He would make up in his mind from that day onward that he would decide this world's fate by spreading those things in order to make a new and better world, him being the ruler of them all.

Role-Play Sample:


Daisuke was walking back and forth in front of his parents, who ere tied up to chairs. They had frightened expression on their faces as they wondered what they could have done to deserve this, nonetheless from their only son. A twisted smile was on Daisuke face as he would stop and look at his parents, the things he wanted to do were limitless and unimaginable. Daisuke would put his hand on his father's shoulder, his other hand behind his back.
"Father, I hope you enjoy this as much as I will." he says as he reviled what was in his other hand. The object his had been just a simple knife but to Daisuke it was somewhat of a divine tool of pain. For the next hour he would torture his father as he made his mother watch, leaving his father to the brink of death.

He would then turn to his mother who would try to break free from being tied to the chair, only able to make it fall on its side. That amused Daisuke as she would watched her  struggle to get free, "You know it's useless right?" he would say to her seeing that she had gotten one of her hand free. She would remove the gag she had in her mouth and look at her son. Tears streamed down her face as she didn't know what to say. She didn't know what she did wrong as a mother to deserver this and have her son turn out like this. "HELP!?! SOMEONE HELP US!?!" She finally blurts out, she hoped someone would here her pleas for help. Daisuke would get irritated at what she  would do and walk over to her. Without saying a word he would kick her again and again till she coughed up blood. "I wasn't going to hurt you physically because you have already received your pain. But it seems you want more."He says. He had done what he did to his father in front of his mother in order for her to have her see her love tortured. He would put the gag back into her mouth and stick the knife through her hand so that it was pinned to the floor." I was planning on letting you two live. But, you also ruined that for foolishly calling out for help. So enjoy the last moment of your life, my dear mother." Daisuke says as he walks out of his mother's sight and not returning. He would then have the restaurant go a blaze by setting a fire near highly flammable things they had within the restaurant. Daisuke was caught shortly after, but not because he caused the fire. But because when people came to see what was going on stopped him from trying to enter the place, he only telling at them to let him go because his parents are still in there. He had successfully tricked them in believing that he deeply cared for his parents and wanting to save them.

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Thank you all, for everything.

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