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Vodarara Detailed Ideas for Introduction on Admin Placement

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This thread is dedicated to my ideas of what I would want to introduce or ideas other can use and introduce to the community, I will split different topics post by post.

This first post gives details about me.

So on this site, I go by the name Vodarara, a player whom has played on and off on this site since its existed, though personally age on sites is nothing important but rather your interest in the site itself and the quality of your roleplay.

In my real life, many of you guys will know if you see the jokes, I get my surname is Potter, my name being Matthew Potter, Currently I work full-time as a trainee manager currently working in a retail setting.

Though such a role takes up a lot of time, I still enjoy the occasional roleplay alongside my gaming, I would hope to bring my management training and some new ideas to the site.

In addition, I would hope my more lax nature to my site playstyle would also place me in the position of being fairly unbias (other than IMU FOR LIFE) and i would hope I would be able to come to unbias decisions regarding player actions.

Personally, as a player I am more Pro-NPC in terms of them holding higher positions unless players show extreme levels of commitment and effort into the site over decent periods of time.

The role I would expect myself to cover is as a Mediator, Organiser and also a new role I would look to add as one of the Imuchakk Country Moderator.

In the further posts I will go into further details on my ideas and suggestions.



My first post on my suggestions is regarding, Staff and New Staff roles:

I would look to introduce a number of new roles into the staff roster, while also somewhat allowing the merger of other roles into new roles as they come.

My first and my personal favourite idea in this regard is my Country Moderator Idea, this role would be work by the Country Moderators being in charge of handling/aiding with the below functions and roles:
-Aiding with the generation of local events for the local player base of that area
-Reviewing and aiding with player queries regarding the local population of the area, this is prevalent for Fanalis from Reim and Imuchakk of Imuchakk
-Production of details of areas/locals of that nation to allow players to better focus their roleplay or have aids with their writing.
-Production of Jobs and approval of them in that country.
-Working with Plot Mods to help and work with players on personal plot.
-New Founded Countries by Players, would be expected to be moderated by that player, any content of their own will have to be approved by another moderator however.

Change to Plot Mods, Plot mods would remain somewhat the same however there may be some new duties that either move, shared or become roles for them.
-Focusing on overarcing world plots and can seek correspondents from nation mods.
-Handling of Dungeons and Djinn content
-Able to perform the rp content for country leaders where a country moderation team doesn't believe they are capable enough.

-Reserve Admin, The 2nd admin would be a major figure in the site, able to step up and assist the head admin where necessary for example in event of family emergency taking the reins of the site, they are also another actor and someone who should have the ability to intervene when they believe if plot is becoming to focused in one direction and to act as a check and balance to the head admin.

-Creation Mods, Standalone Creation Mods would still exist however I would look to role them into a mixture of aiding with just base setting up of players templating, In addition I would look at seeing if they would be willing to help focus on ability and trait creation, specifically if our current admin Duquin has time training these people in his system.

-Community Mods, these moderators I would suggest primarily focus on interacting with the community, be it of discord, cbox and other communication methods by doing this helping keep player retention as well as aiding players when they are most confused, when they first start on the site by helping them where they can and directing or calling for someone who can help the player.

-News Mods, I would suggest our news mods become more of a memo maker as well as history writer shortening down content so players who start or have been away can take a brief read of world events as a whole, In addition I would look at placing them at the position of handling site advertising.

-Graphics Mods, these would be those with the graphic design ability able to commit time and assets for the site, however, personally I know very little about this role at current.



Detailing and Developing the World and its Countries:

First, i would start with our current nations to aid with the fleshing out of them, I would suggest the making of Bestiaries these would give a list of creatures and the information on them for jobs, so that if a player wished to produce a job they could use a creature from a premade list, in addition to making their own.

This also gives newer players the knowledge of creatures and their details should they want to use them in non-job roleplays.

This is the first part of detailing nations, Secondly, I would like to spend the time with a few others working towards completing Imuchakk as a prototype country design, so we can look over it and make any changes before rolling out development to further countries.

The reason, i pick Imuchakk, Firstly It is the furthest towards this process with a map already developed for it, that was approved for use and is detailed enough for us to see points of key interest to work further on naming development. Secondly, Imuchakk being the country I personally know the most about.

Thirdly, I would like to develop more ranks within nations for players to reach, both to attract new players to stay in their home countries by giving them reasons and duties they can perform for reward, rather than having very little to keep a player in their initial state.



Omega Tier Class Trait

As Clarity due to a number of messages of concern this isn't an Omega Tier Trait, but rather a an idea to detail something of the characters specialisms at Omega and give benefit for that. If we do the admin Q&A ill be happy to explain further.

The below idea was an idea that came to mind from comments Zadi made on his omega tier ranger query.

Omega Tier Class Trait - These traits define a character making them unique they have reached the pinnacle of their ability known either in their nations or in the lands they have travelled, they are the best of the best in their sub-domain of their class.

This class grants special specific attributes to that player based on a training specifically done at omega (if you have already attained an omega class (less wc than omega training) or the text they state during their omega, it is designed by the staff based on this.

These effects may cause great benefit in major situations where experts may be needed, for example if Zadi was Omega in Ranger and specialised in Siege weapons, he may assist with bring down a huge monster that had DR plates, his siege weapons may damage or destroy these plates, making it easier for those he is supporting to come out victorious.

Someone like myself however, being a Hunter that uses focus and stealth wouldn't use siege weapons but would rather be more prone to being closer towards Assassin, so may gain perks relating to Survival and Tracking in regards to such a trait.

A secondary idea to this would be allowing of C tier or another rank pending being trained by them to gain a minor perk that increases based on the tier you take it to, however if you bring it up to B or A tier you would be locked in and have to defeat your "master" to gain their Omega Class Trait.

The reason I think this idea could be useful is that it would provide additional bonuses to players that are only dual classed rather than triple classed as you have less spendable traits as a dual class compared to triple classed.



Magi Details and Omega Tier Rank Challenge

-I would like to maintain Ariella as one of our player Magi's for the situation she returns.

To allow us to have a magi, I would suggest that we would develop a new NPC one for control by plot mods for the development of plot in terms of dungeons and a few other themes to give them options. Secondly, we could begin looking for a 2nd PC Magi but this would be something that is offered rather than having people apply for it.

Magi System - A new magi system along side the new systems could be developed though it could be build around the trait system etc to give Magi's the power they really should have in terms of what we know from the canon.

-Such as reduced magoi cost for their techniques etc
We have discussed a few ideas in the discord which could be run with as well.

Omega Tier Rank ups:

When players reach omega tier, we have a suggested route/quest for that player to attain their omega tier access prior to them being able to train it.

I would prefer while in some countries that route/quest is always suitable in terms of the spirit of the people, in some cases it would suit the player for this route/quest to be different as these routes/quests are always DMed I think this would allow the plot moderators or staff member running said job the flexibility to make such a legendary story fit to that characters background.

I think this would allow greater story telling and immersion for our player base, this additionally fits to what was originally spoken about as per reference from Garret, in terms of that it was considered an option for staff previously.


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