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Name: Nahvi Elumin Delos Corvus
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Fanalis
Tier: D-tier
Class: Beast Tamer
Age + Birthdate: 20, April 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

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Personality: Nahvi was always kind and gentle when she needed to be, but otherwise she was a tomboy. She'd pick fights with the other kids, she also however was very playful. she was never the girly type of girl. Even as she grew older and all the girls would rather worry about boys and clothes. She was one who focused more on her sword fighting and Beast Taming. her favorite weapon, belonged to her father. His Twin Great Claymore's It was a feat to be able to hold not only one but two at the same time. She admired her father the most out of anyone. Not even her older sister compared.

She loved her family but she loved her dad and Uncle more. They were the coolest in her Eye's. The Alpha and his Brother. As a young girl Nahvi would train under her Father and as bold as her nature was, frequently challenged her Uncle Marx. Even though she'd lose every time, Nahvi challenged him to a fight every chance she got. She was headstrong, courageous, and a tad overprotective. She the inspiration had driven her so far that she swore to be like her father and protect his daughter Diana.
Family: She loves her family, especially her uncle Marx and her Dad Xene.
Loyalty: She Value's loyalty a lot. She wants to put her trust in people and have some faith in humanity.
Candy: Sweets are her weakness, you may see the occasional lollipop in her mouth every now and then. Her Favorite flavor is Cherry.(go figure)
Singing: Believe it or not she has a beautiful voice when singing she has soothed even the most violent of animals.
Animals: Animals have flocked to her while she sang, and they were kind enough to befriend her.
Diana: Despite her being quiet, she just couldn't leave the stoic girl alone. Though at times it seemed like she was talking to herself, she'd greet her older cousin with a giant hug and ask her how she was. Sometimes she'd challenge her to a match too. She'd never Challenge Diana to become head of the pack, she instead declared to her face, that No matter what happened she'd protect the girl from harm.

Failing: She hates, and I mean HATES, failing Missions. She may play it off as being okay but she has to save face and not show any anger to others because it would be unbecoming of her.
Being made fun of: She always hated being made fun of for being a tomboy. She often got into fights at a young age because of it.
Not taking risks: She likes to Takes Risks. She believes if you don't try everything at your disposal, you haven't given your all.
Running away: She hates retreating but if retreating does more good than harm she'll side with a tactical retreat.
Crying: She doesn't like showing her tears because she was raised to be strong. Both mentally and physically.
Being wrongly blamed: Whether it be Nahvi or another person, she believes wrongly blaming someone is wrong and will go great lengths to prove their innocence.

Master Swords-Woman: She wants become a great swords-woman. Despite her Family being known for Beast Taming, she wants to better her Sword Fighting to the point where she can beat anyone who dares to oppose Diana. She wants to prove her usefulness and fulfill the promise she made to both Diana and her dying Father.

Beast Tamer Instructor: She loves her Companion and wants to teach other younger, and/or lesser experienced beast tamers on how to better the relationship between the two. Mostly she wants to start a beast taming school for those who want a companion later on in their lives.

She's afraid of not reaching her goals and Failing her missions. She fears for the safety of all her companions and if anyone dies, she counts that as a Failure. She herself had failed to protect the ones she cares most about.


Nothing Scares the great Elesis more than Bee's. No one knows where the fear stemmed from but she's been deathly afraid of them since she was a young girl. She has tried her best to brave through this fear, but the only ones who know about this are Diana, Marx (who is dead now), and Xene(her Father who is also dead). Despite this fear she has been able to kill them before they reach her due to the sheer reach and size of her Great Claymore. Thanks to it, she can handle maybe 2-3 bees that approach her, 4-5 she starts Sweating bullets but keeps her nerve, and with a swarm she'll either cower with fear in the fetal position or run away.
Face-Claim: Elesis: Grand Master, Elsword
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Scarlet
Height: 5'7"
Weight:184 lbs

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Appearance: Nahvi Despite her tomboyish Personality, had grown into a beautiful woman. She wears Black, Red, and White. All of which mesh wonderfully when combined with her Swords color which is the same combination of colors. She tends to wears the same revealing Armor, but the only reason why she doesn't wear anything heavier is due to the fact that it would cause weight problems. Her Sword is Heavy enough as it is, heavy armor on top of that would make her encumbered. Thus she chooses this style of wear.

Nahvi's Vault 118px-SOVRedesign

Her sword(the one on the Left, Right is her sisters), stands at a towering 5'9" (5'10-11" if you count the hilt). The sword is Heavy but Elesis was trained to wield it. Her sword swings maybe slow but when they hit, they hit HARD! Her Fathers name is inscribed in gold letters upon the blade, black on the other. When both Swords come together they form a dual bladed Claymore. However Nahvi currently needs two hands to hold the Claymore, it's not particularly easy, even with her training. Her hair is long and reaches to her waist. It would flow free and in her face if not for her braid keeping the Scarlet strands at bay. Around her neck is a red choker Necklace that Belonged to her Deceased mother, Castenza. It is the only thing she has to remember her by.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits:She is a Very Fast Learner, and has very great reflexes. She wields Great strength in order to wield a Great claymore Larger than herself.

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Nahvi's mother Died giving birth to her. As a child the girl was given her Necklace as a remembrance of her. She was raised like a regular child within the Corvus household in Reim. For the first couple years she simply played with the other boys. As soon as she was able to walk and hold a sword, she was trained in Swordplay. Against the other boys in the streets, she would defeat them in their play sword fighting with sticks. At 5 years old her Uncle Marx had wanted to gauge her swordsmanship against his own. He defeated her easily but told the girl that with practice she could get stronger and maybe even match Diana. With that she gained a new resolve, and each time Nahvi would see Marx, she'd Challenge him. Sometimes they were sneak attacks but Marx saw them coming all the same and continued to defeat her. Since Marx was a Gladiator he was rarely seen so she had challenged Diana. She was beaten still, but she admired the girls strength. She wanted to be just like the girl even though they were only 4 years apart in age.

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As the young girl grew older her sword fighting improved, and she moved on to beast taming. At the age of 10, while most girls were worried about their looks or lack there of, she focused more on her beast taming and Sword skills. The last time Nahvi challenged Marx she promised to protect Diana with her strength and get stronger. That same day she declared that Diana was under her protection from now on. She promised to honor the family name and keep the next alpha of the pack name. Time would pass and news that Marx had died reached the family. It hit the family hard. For a while their family was stricken into poverty, she and a couple of her other siblings took up jobs in order to get by.

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At the age of 13 Nahvi had to go on her quest for survival. During this month she met her best friend and beast Companion for life. Kuzata the Bear dog.
Nahvi's Vault Screen_Shot_2014-12-23_at_12.41.07_PM
He was only a baby at the time but adorable all the same. He approached Nahvi during her trial and the two were inseperable. Kuzata however grew pretty big within the month. When she returned back with her Animal companion who had grown up to her waste by now, there seemed to be so much that happened in the month of her absence. She first went to go and see her father and older sister to find out that not only did her sister Murder her father, she took one of his two claymores. That wasn't the only thing, Diana had disappeared and left Reim altogether. Diana's brother was now in charge and as soon as Nahvi came back she was given the task to slay her older sister. She didn't even get any time to mourn her fathers death. She was to depart immediately and not to return only on special occasions until her sister was confirmed to be dead. Nahvi however convinced Apollo to allow her time until she was to set out. At least until she was 20. Apollo agreed to this. Nahvi was grateful to her cousin and trained rigorously with the Claymore her Sister left behind. The last memory of a shattered family. With Kuzata by her side she practiced combination Attacks with him and her swordsmanship.  

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By the time she turned 20 she was well trained and ready to set out. She had wanted to leave reim and her home anyways. It was very depressing to be there. She slept outside her chambers alone with Kuzata on the last night. Kuzata is now 6'6" weighing at around 253lbs.
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Role-Play Sample:


Nahvi frowned. "I guess we're just going to have to do this the hard way! KAZE HARAI!" She Swept under the man and looped her legs around his neck. "Now do it or I break the other testicle!" The man cried and handed her a key. Nahvi smiled and took it. "See now was that so hard? We could have avoided so much more if you just given me this in the beginning." With that she opened the cage and freed a group of Fanalis slaves. She still didn't see her sister. As the last one escaped, the room was empty.

"Shit! Guess i'm back to square one." Nahvi Sighed and walked out of the Camp. THats the last time i trust an immuchakk with a shit eating grin!"

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Name: Zakad
Tier: D
Type: Normal
Species: Echo Wolf
Appearance: Zakad is 198.12 centimeters tall, and fur as free as the wind itself. A large, blue and white wolf

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Name: Kuzata
Type: Non-Combat/Companion Pet
Appearance: A small white tiger wounded by Aseroth during taming. The tiger is now blind in one eye so it is always with Nahvi as she cares for it, since it can no longer care for itself.
This is a non-combat pet and cannot be used in any type of combat or as a mount!


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