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Raion Okami

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Raion Okami

Raion Okami
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Name: Raion Okami
Tier: C
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age + Birthdate: 18/ August 13th
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Human
Specialization: Strength - Martial Artist

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Personality: As a result of being born into a life of relative poverty, Raion was a reckless, albeit brave individual. Who is infatuated with the idea of exploration, adventure and surpassing the limits. Raion's ambition burns hot; hotter than the very sun placed above the earth. This burning ambition turns into a blistering passion. Passion for himself, passion for the people close to him, and passion for the world around him.

Raion's overall behavior is very sociable, outgoing, laid-back and friendly. A high spirited person, that has a very warm aura. He can be pretty lively and goofy while being a tad bit emotionally sensitive when not in the heat of battle. He's a very passionate fellow and can often put allot of feelings into rather small things that he cares about. With a natural air of charisma often called his natural charm, Raion is a joy to be around. He has a huge sense of humor, and always tries to crack a joke even in a dire situation. He does this for varying reasons; either to relieve the stress of a situation or hide his own fear. He also uses his witty nature to distract and annoy his enemies to lessen their focus.

Most commonly seen as a brave and righteous individual, with a indomitable sense of justice and responsibility to always do what is right. Shaken by the passing of his parents, Rai made a vow to always be the best that he can possibly be leading him to a path of heroism and strong morality. His sense of justice is possibly his biggest strength and his biggest weakness. Because of this he is unwilling to take someone's life, he will never kill and will often try to save everyone even the ones that done him wrong. Because of his moral compass he will even help a past enemy if he believes it will bring them to light. According to his grandmother Raion's sense of justice is inherited from his father, whom was a slave but was always willing to put others before him and do the right thing.

During his adolescent years Raion was known to have quite the law breaking streak, and was known for rebellious acts. He is a very free spirited person and believes one should always follow their heart and do what is right. Despite his law breaking attitude at times, Rai always has a good reason for his rebellious acts. He never broke the law to cause any harm, in fact it was always the opposite. Anytime he had to go on the other side of the law, it was for the safety and well being of others that needed it.

Being the nice charismatic guy he is, Rai becomes extremely hostile and battle-ready when something he care's for is on the line. When faced with a opponent; or just another person that means to cause him or the people he cares for harm, he will never submit or give up. If there is one thing about Rai's persona it's his pure determination and undying will to overcome. The kid simply doesn't give in no matter what the situation is; and has a ridiculous resolve matched by no one. Many that come to know him, note that he has a indomitable will.

Unless something heavy is on his mind, Rai's behavior will seem to never falter. But Rai can fall into his emotions from time to time and will sometimes need a friend to pick him back up if he cannot do so on his own. He does doubt himself sometimes and always questions if his choices were the right ones. When entering a more emotional state, Rai can become impulsive, stubborn and sometimes more aggressive then usual.  
His habits are rather hard to pin down, because he chooses to do things very spontaneously. He does things on a whim of interest, if he is enthusiastic about it. He loves travelling and going on adventures, so one wouldn't see him at one spot for to long. He likes to keep moving and never stopping. But most of the time he just wants to lay down and observe the world for all it's greatness.


~Adventure: ~

Raion is quite the outgoing fellow, always ready for a grand plan (that never really follows through) most importantly a grand adventure. He loves to see new places and interact with new people, try new things, and eat new food. He gets quite bored though when being at one place for to long believing he always has to keep moving forward.


Often said as the one sole way to a man's heart is through his stomach and with Rai this is proven true fact. He loves to eat, and can eat almost anything at any given time. He usually eats in loads and loads of food at a time. Devouring multiple plates at a time and always reaching for more. Because of his love for food, he taken up cooking and is quite good at it.


~People who abuse their Power~

Rai can get real upset when sees people using their power for the wrong things. According to Raion with great power comes great responsibility. And he hates to see people with power abusing it to do harm rather then doing good. He always tries to put an end to any situation where one is abusing their power.


Because of his history with it, Rai is against any and all things related to slavery. He spent a small time of his life as a slave with this parents and grandmother, and knows exactly how it feels to endure something like that. He makes it a personal mission to try and end slavery when he's near it. Or at the least do his best to comfort them and help.


~Losing his freedom~

Being born a slave and then fighting to be a free man, Raion has a big fear of one day losing his freedom again. He doesn't like being tied down or caged up or having his freedom threatened, because deep down it scares him. He never wants to experience what he did as a child again.


In despite of all his confidence, guts and bravery. Raion fears the day his all won't be good enough. Kind of like a hidden low self-esteem, Raion can become very depressed, bothered and low minded when he discovers he failed at something that had great impact. He has yet to learn how to overcome from his failures and make them strengths.


~ Leaving a Trailblazing Legacy~

Raion is a extremely passionate person when it comes to leaving behind a legacy. Unlike many others Raion started from nothing, he was born a slave to slave parents. He has no lineage, no other family, his only set fate and destiny was to be a slave. But he has come a long way from that, and believes that his destiny is now forever changed. He wants to explore and venture to places he never dreamed of going to. Find places that have yet to be discovered and leave his mark on them.

~His Moral Code~

Like stated earlier Raion has a strong sense in justice and doing the right thing. This proves to be one of his biggest aspirations. One of his main motivations is that promise to his mother to always be the best he can be, and always do what he can for others in need. He will never give up on someone no matter how dire the situation is. He makes it his responsibility to protect people that can't protect themselves.  

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Face-Claim: Avatar Wan - Legend of Korra
Weight: 153
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Golden yellow
Height: 6'1
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: N/A
Appearance: Rai is a young man with a wise but youthful appearance. He is tall and holds a straight and proper posture, though he can be seen slouching from time to time when taking it easy. His has a innocent and cheerful looking face, always smiling or smirking always confident and bold. His hair is long reaching to his bottom neck and is a dark brown color. He mostly keeps his hair unkempt and prefers to just let it be open and free. His eyes have a golden amber yellow color that matches his tan skin tone rather nicely. Even as a slave his eyes had a piercing effect being described as pretty fierce and focused. His clothing style consists of basic things, nothing fancy like jewelry or expensive silk. Instead Rai treasures more personal items, like the open loose shirts his grandmother stitched for him and the scarf he received from a dear friend. He does have a set of loose fitting martial arts clothing that he uses for training.    It's been said that Rai gives off a pure and warm vibe that goes perfectly with his appearance.

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House of Barkos:

Raion was born a slave under the House of Barkos, owned by Quin Barkos a trainer, keeper, and trader of gladiators and slaves. Raion's father Connor Okami was a gladiator who served under Quin for many years with his wife Alora who served as a house keeper. It had been known throughout the house that Connor and Alora were in love and were expecting a child. Usually slaves having children was not permitted in the house of Barkos, but because Connor was one of Quin's most loyal and popular gladiators he allowed such action. Connor was allowed to use his winnings from the Arena to support his child and Alora, upon Raion's birth everything was going well.

Five years have passed since then Raion grew into quite the energetic child, he was hopeful and full of life. Though he did serve as a slave next to his mother in the house, Raion somehow was always able to see the brighter side to life. He was always looking out the windows, hoping to one day explore those distant lands that he saw. He loved listening to stories from the older slaves around the house, especially one he called Granny who was the oldest house keeper slave. Sometimes when his father let him, he would listen to the words and stories of the gladiators under the house of Barkos. Quin Barkos himself took a small liking to the child, and hoped to groom him into a fine gladiator. Something his parents were entirely against. Such as why Connor was saving all his winnings to purchase his son's freedom in do time. During these times things were amiable, until the night of the revolt.

The house of Barkos housed many slaves, from gladiators that fought in the arena to house slaves that have been serving for years and generations. While Quin Barkos was not a entirely bad man, he was stubborn, arrogant and at times vile. He would mistreat his slaves if he was feeling angry, and saw them as nothing more then tools. It was recently when he took the life of one slave because she failed to perform explicit services when demanded, this reached the ears of other slaves and since then they have been planning a revolt. Connor and Alora initially had no hand in this revolt, they wanted nothing more then to purchase their freedom with Raion to raise him in a normal home. Jorgan a fellow gladiator who had fought beside Connor for many years pleaded with him to join the cause, but at every attempt Connor refused. Though he wanted to, Connor had to put his family first and a revolt would put them in mortal danger something he could not risk. Connor had planned to finally purchase his families freedom the day before the revolt was planned to take place, but what he feared came true when the revolt happened a day before schedule.

With Jorgan able to get a sword in hand from one of the nearby guards, he swung for first blood much to Connor's surprise. With that action the other gladiators took place, and started to attack the guards ridding them of their weapons. Because Connor was caught in the middle the guards started to attack him, leaving him no other choice but to defend himself he did his best not to take life. In the mean time even in the house, some of the slaves started their attack as well one attempting to stab Quin in the back, but he was killed by one of Quins guards. Quin witnessing this became enraged, and ordered a full assault on all attacking slaves. Quin started a powerful march to his headquarters with a circle of guards covering him, while on his way he saw Connor in battle with one of his guards believing him to be part of this rebellion. He would have suspected his best and most loyal gladiator to betray him like this. Connor trying to get to Quin to explain the situation, was stopped by more guards getting a vengeful like eye from Quin. Connor unable to get to Quin and seeing the onslaught before him, he decided it was best to get to his family Alora and Raion to make sure they were safe.

As the revolt went on, it was becoming clear that the slaves were losing. Many of the house slaves were slain, and most gladiators as well. Connor did his best to save who he could that were innocent, including the grandmother of the house slaves. It did take some valuable time, but Connor could not sit back and watch innocents lives be lost because of Jorgan's foolishness. He finally made it to his barracks were he hoped to find Alora and Raion, but much to his surprise Quin was there with a frightened Raion and a guard holding a knife to Alora's throat. Connor quickly fell to his knees pleading to spare their lives, saying over and over that he had nothing to do with this and all he wanted was his families freedom. Quin had his guard remove the knife from Alora's throat releasing her.  

Quin taking into account that Connor had planned to purchase his families freedom from the beginning, he made a deal with him. He would let Raion and Alora walk on free people from here, but Connor would have to stay under the Barkos house forever to which Connor agreed. Quin left with his guards to give the family their last moments together. With the revolt coming to a bloody end, Alora and Connor were able to leave the house of Barkos with Connor's sacrifice for his family.

Life in the Slums:

Years would pass Alora and Raion finding shelter in Balbadd. The twelve year old Raion would find work to provide for the house. Alora becoming very sick over the years, she became dependent on Raion. Because of this and living in poverty Rai stole to survive and feed them, he stole from the Ludus brothers regularly and would often give what he took to other families in the slums that needed it. He even fed hungry animals, when he could. Despite what happened to his father Raion's persona somehow always remained bright and optimistic, he wrote letters to his father everyday about his adventures things going on in his life.

Though living in poverty life wasn't that bad for Raion, he had friends and his mother beside him he almost sometimes thought it was exciting. But what did make life at Balbadd even worse was dealing with the City guards when they came. They were bullies, and vile people they had no ounce of heart or sympathy. The whole town hated them, and feared them because they could do little against them. Though they were a small group that just watched over the slums, they believed they could get away with doing anything they wanted. Raion especially disliked them, he hated bullies and couldn't stand to see it happening. Which is why he always made plan to try and embarrass them or steal from them. Unknowing to his mother, Raion made a small revolt group with kids around his own age, who planned on stealing all the guards coins for the people in the slums. The plan was to have the first group get the guards attention by calling them names, throwing expired fruits and veggies. Basically getting the guards to chase them. That group will lead the guards to the alley-way where they will be tripped by a long strong thread. While tripped on the floor the second group will quickly take the pouches of coin they had and spread out. The guards will then attempt follow more now, where they will be met with a long bamboo pole bent and stretched out, to whack them back down. Giving that time for the second group to get away in hiding. While the plan did go well at fist, it was foiled by the second larger group of guards who caught the first group. Raion came out and declared he was the leader in order to save everyone else from punishment.

Being caught the guards made a example of Raion, and slapped him around a bit in front of the entire town. Then tossed him in the hole of mud with the fat pigs running around. His mother who was out in the town saw it, and picked up the embarrassed Raion to go home where he go the lecture of his life. Later that night, Raion went out to his favorite window looking out in the same direction he pulled out a piece of bread from his slouch and fed a hungry bird.

The next day when Rai was out to get some things, he saw the same guards from before bullying some little girl wanting to go stop them but he held himself back remembering what happened yesterday. He seemed to have lost his heart, and his drive. Before he turned around to continue walking, he saw the most peculiar thing a man covered in brown clothing running on top of building towards the scene. His eyes following him it was clear that this crazed man was going to attempt to thwart the guards, which he did! The man jumped high in the air seemingly effortless and landed right on top of a guard's head forcefully getting their attention. His face was covered so they couldn't see who he was. After that the man took off in a run, allot faster then normal Rai was forced to follow and see what would happen next. The man had led the guards to a open terrain quite out of view from the rest of the village. Raion hid behind a barrel and watched as the men effortlessly took apart the group of guards that followed him. It was like watching a masterpiece in the making, he had elegant and powerful well pointed strikes. He took apart about eight guards with seemingly no effort. Once he was done he dusted off his hands, Raion jumped out shocking the man thinking no one else was here. Raion in awe pleaded and bowed to his knees for this man to take him under his wing.

The man rubbed his chin, looking at the pleading child. He remembered the kid from yesterday, he thought the kid had guts and would most likely make a great student. But he never really planned on taking on any more disciples. When Raion looked up again, they caught eye contact for a quick second. The man's face was covered so it didn't last long. But within that second the man had already decided to take up Raion under his wing. Along with his other student Jin, who would prove to be a powerful rival for Raion. But before Raion could express his happiness, another group of city guards ordered by Mirah Al-Jabiri came to arrest the other guards for their vile ways. Jin vanished leaving no trace behind, leaving Rai dumbfounded. Except when he heard the rustle in the trees, seeing the man giving him a wink.

For the next three years Raion's master known as Angelo trained Raion and Jin extensively. He had them build up his upper strength, and over all body strength. He taught him many techniques and skills, that would surpass the basic human limits. Though he trained hard Raion did have a talent for the arts, he wasn't aggressive he actually quite the opposite which in fact made him a better fighter then Jin who was always aggressive. Raion was able to keep his cool, and calm throughout every sparring match and every encounter. He grew to be a powerful fighter at a very quick rate, and Angelo even admired the boys talent.
Angelo also taught them about the other races, their weaknesses and strengths. He taught them how to fight with weapons, and even made them fight blind folded.

Once he deemed them good enough, he would take them on his little sprees to end the guards tyranny among other things. They would cover their faces, and stop slave traders dead in their tracks and set the slaves free. They would single handily sabotage any trading that the Ludus brothers did, and steal their gold and food to give out for the village. The three became the slums very own vigilantes. But Jin always tried to take a darker hand, what he wanted was revenge for the people the wronged him. He even attempted to take life, which always put him and Raion at odds with each other.


When Raion was seventeen, he and Jin had rallied a secret group in the slums with enough people to over throw the Ludus brothers. The reason for this group was to stop the Ludus brothers from getting their slaves, and trying to make their house into a slave house. Not only that, but also finally over power the guards to where the town can have all the coins and valuables that the Ludus brothers hold. While Raion has been keeping his vigilante status a secret from his mother, she always knew. While at first she wanted to stop him, she started to see just what he was trying to do. Raion was doing what his heart told him he was being a hero, a selflessness man just like his father and she grew to be very proud of him. But with her sickness she didn't have allot of time left, so she took the day of before the plan would happen. To tell Raion that she was proud of him, and made him make a promise that whatever happens in the future to always do the right thing. She gave him a kiss on the cheek before he went on his way. He met with the rest of the group with a new found resolve, knowing that he was making his mother proud lifted up his spirits to new heights.

The plan went accordingly, Raion and Jin started the first assault and were the proper distraction, for the rest of the group to strike back and take everything the Ludus brothers had, kicking them out of the town along with their guards. The Ludus house was quickly overrun and thwarted, everything went according to plan to Raion, the Ludus brothers were tied up together out of the way. But Jin pulled a guards sword from his sheathe, and gave demand to kill the Ludus brothers much to Raion's surprise. Before Jin could give a final thrust, he found his blow parried by a angered Raion. That demanded Jin put the sword down, Jin laughed it off when questioning Rai if he was gonna stop him. Which Raion replied yes, with the same focus in his eyes the day they first met. The two engaged in a deep and almost fated like fight, a fight that would bring their rivalry to that of enemies. Having trained and sparred together for years, the two knew of each others weaknesses and strengths making it a very close battle. But Raion bested him in the end, breaking his arm and several ribs in order to get him to stop.

With his defeat Jin fell into depravity, and swore revenge before he took off running. Raion didn't attempt to stop him, only letting out a sigh. But he was shocked to see the thanks and applause from the rest of the people in the group. Even a thanks from the Ludus brothers for saving their lives, which caused Raion to smile.
Returning to town with bags and bags of coin and valuables, the entire village thanked the group for what they did. Some of the captured slaves returned to their own homes, it was a successful mission.

But when Raion got home, he saw a circle of close friends over his mother. One of he dear friends looked up at Raion with tears in her eyes and the message was clear. Raion although very saddened and shook by the loss of his mother, seemingly accepted it before it happened. He did return in time, to catch her last breath, and she looked at him with her teary eyes. Tears started to fall over his cheeks as he held his mother. She pinched his cheek and smiled, whispering in his ear "I know you'll make me proud little Rai rai."
Raion hugged her close and answered her "I will."

4 months later...

Raion decided to finally go out on the adventures he always wanted, he left his mark on his little home village. He had no real plans, but to go out and explore the world for what it's worth. He wanted to go visit his father, since he hasn't seen him years. Nor has his letters been getting replied too, so he made his first trip to the house of Barkos. Leaving his village behind, he said his goodbyes and went on to leave a mark on the world.  

Role-Play Sample:

"We should save them." Raion urged pacing back and forth across the room, as the sunlight started to go down. His brow furrowed in deep thought.
"Are you mad!? Surely you can't be that absurd Rai. Even for us it is clear as day we are out manned. If we were to fail the house of Ludus will be sure to have our heads for it." Jin shouted back in counter, his face reeked of annoyance and voice full of shriek.
Raion did not falter. "The Ludus guards are boys with sticks, surely you are not afraid of them. We have bested the Ludus house many of many times, this is no different."

Jin scowled his eyes darted to the dim lighted floor. He refused to fall into Raion's bait, he knew this was a suicidal mission and wanted nothing to do with it. "This is different, we aren't dealing with petty coin and food this time. We are dealing with slave trading, a very dangerous business. In addition the Ludus brothers have a magician in their service now. A dangerous one at that."

Rai stopped in mid-step looking at Jin, his face now in near shock. "A magician where did you get that from?"

Jin pulled out his sword, and started to wipe the blade with a cloth. "Angelo told me."


"Yes that Angelo. He couldn't tell you because you were to busy spying on Ludus house ground. I'm almost surprised you didn't catch notice."

Raion crossed his arms, and fell back lightly on the wall leaning on it. "I did see a figure clouded in all black garments, but I didn't think of it to be a magician. Since when did the Ludus brothers start dealing with slave trading and magicians now. Things are much different now..."

Jin smirked believing to have finally got it through to Raion's head. He picked himself up and sheathed his sword, putting a hand on Raion's shoulder with a firm squeeze. "Finally you've come to your senses now lets forget all about this Ludus slave trading and move on."

Raion turned his body, now looking out the window watching the people of the village when a spark of an idea finally hit him. "Though if the ludus brothers are starting to use magic, then we'll have to use magic of our own."

Jin sighed and looked at Rai once more, one brow raised. "What magic? what are you talking about?"

Raion smiled his face confident again, with a quick gesture of his arms he spread out his window curtain, and spread his hand out towards the villagers below them. "The magic of the people!"  

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Raion Okami

Raion Okami
To be graded by Jael.  :afro: 


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This app shall never be approved for you have used Comic Sans!

Just kidding. In all seriousness I found your application amazing Rai, and the history was just as awesome as the rest, if not more. Just one thing though:

  • In your history you talk about how Balbadd's Royal Guards were corrupt. Mirah Al-Jabiri (the current "ruler") made the country a democracy ten years ago in comparison to the current timeline. Since Raion was 12 when he came to Balbadd, and is now 18 that would mean he was within the city by the time it became a democracy. SO, change "Royal Guard(s)" to "City Guard(s)", since there technically is no more royalty within the city. Also, make sure you point out that it was only a small group of guards, for the majority of Balbadd is full of just and righteous people. And, if you want, you can even stated that Mirah herself threw the guards in prison because she found out what happened with the slums.

Other than that everything is amazing! Bump when you've edited the history and I'll check it again~


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Raion Okami

Raion Okami
LOL! Idk I just really enjoys the Comic Sans font!

Bumb i made the edits to my history, thanks for the suggestion I added that. Also thanks for the compliments on my App!


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