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Marco Ba  Place Holder

Marco Ba  AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Marco Ba
Tier: C-Tier
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 23, March. 1
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence|Wind Magic

Marco Ba  JudalTab_zpsa330a902

He's somewhat cold-hearted at times, but that probably comes natural for a person looking out for himself all the time. His family was never there to embrace him and make him feel loved, he was abandoned but he always managed to look at the light side of life. The hatred caused him to drift off to the dark side. He is often fighting and has a short temper. He is funny at times when he wants to be well at least what he thinks is funny.( Which is terrorizing other people for no reason.) When in his serious mood he seems a bit emo but that's just the way he is. He is also very interested in I guess you can say pervy at some points but he can restrict it. He has a vast verity of personality but the main sticks to his very not talkative.He sometimes gets carried away while other people are in trouble and he steps in to help. Even if it's to a higher up, he sees no line between him and authority, in his eyes this person that is only in his way.

|Level Headed|- It's on rare occasions that someone or something ever strike a nerve with him. In his eyes the world is but a short time slot to make your impression on other being before you fade into darkness. He figures that tedious things such as anger should get in his way of completing said objective. With anger come an irrational mind, irrational mind leads to stupid decision, which ultimately leads to misery or some other negative emotions. Seder ties to negative emotion or at least filter it out. The only things that actually get under his skin is threats to his loved ones or to the thing he loves,or anyone that seems to be in distress really. Also if his

|Courageous|- If something were to get in his way he would do everything in his power to over come that obstacle. His ability to persevere through harsh situation only furthers his drive. Fear in a small component of awareness to him, getting an objective done is his only goal, if the situation causes for uneasy action he in, no hesitation, this may be a negative fraction of personality or human awareness, but that's just something that he has work on.

|Ambitious|- Looking at the sky with admiration is an intent to swells most human, but Marco seems to go beyond the sky, and break into another dimension his fortitude has no bounds. With error he gets back up and try again until he surpassed the expectations of the set trial. To become the best at all is his unachievable goal, yet knowing that it is very well impossible it makes him want to be the best even more so than anyone would every know. To touch the moon, with his own two hands and allow the illumination of the stars to shine bright on his flesh while doing so.

Apples- As a boy Marcos father would bring him apples, it's a small reminder of him.

Slacking- Marco had disciplined himself all through his life and it feels good to slack every now and then.

Fighting- Marco is a born fighter, it's simply in his nature.

Accumulation of intelligence- Years of conditioning brought him to fall in love with the prospect of knowledge.

Girls- They have the things his gender lusts after.

Needless bloodshed- After countless times of seeing his fellow tribesmen killed over meticulousness, it always lit a fire in him.

Heat- Feels like he's unable to get anything done.

Not being in control- Though this is natural human instinct, it reign especially true with Marco.


For a long time Marco had a strong sense of self before he began to change. Though these were changes they were gradual and he had someone what of a grip of who he was. Through his experiences and trails and test, those tasks forged him to be him. If Marco didn't have a grasp of who he was and what he was working towards he would lose who he was and quite possibly his sanity.


Marco has no clean cut goal in mind but he continuously works to better himself in all aspects that he himself sees that he's lacking in. He wishes to accumulate knowledge because there are so many things that he doesn't know and not knowing is not having control over it. He wants no aspect of life to have dominion over him. So he perseveres towards the goal of bettering himself in the realm intellect, fields of battle, and even a spiritual stand point.  

Marco Ba  ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: [OC]
Weight: 173 lb.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Height: 6'0"
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits:

All of Marcos life he has had a strong affinity with the wolf. His features line up with those of the beast in various ways. Fangs, eyes, sharp sense of smell, divine sense of smell.


Marco stands at a humble height of 5'10." He has fairly striking features; defining characteristics really. Marco has bright gray, narrow eyes, slightly pointed nose, dark caramel complexion. He is fairly partial to keeping scruff on his face, but it's is always refined and well kept. His hair is fairly short, reaching up to about five inches, not that is really matter because of the most part is is always seen wearing hood. After training all his life in various martial arts Marco is very physically fit, he has a bit of mass and is fairly cut.

Marco Ba  YunanTab_zpsba28a063

Marco was born into a nomadic clan under the care of both his father, the clans leader, his mother; a talented healing magic user. Marco's father was a natural leader, strong, courageous, noble, and prideful. Marco admired his father very much and sought out to be like him, aspiring to greatness to someday assume the position as leader of his clan. Day in and day out as they traveled, every stop that they took, Marco's father would have a training session with him to hone his skills and make him sharper than even himself.

Gradually, the boys progression began to be noticed by the clansmen after several attacks by thirty feet creatures began to be foiled by the son of their illustrious leader. His merits were acknowledged but they still did not hold a candle to what his father could do and that lit a fire under him to progress even further. Marco had asked his father to intensify his training methods and so he did, however, time and time again Marco rose to the challenge and far exceeded the expectations set by his father.

At one of their stops they had set up camp near the sight of a dungeon. The village over had heard several stories of how the structure had taken the lives of several men and how it was impossible to conquer. Once Marco's father caught wind of these rumors he was compelled to warn Marco not to go near the dungeon, he knew the boy would attempt to test his bounds. Marco was eager, his skin crawled, his heart throbbed to go and attempt the dungeon but he made a vow to his father that we would keep his distance...but he just couldn't resist the urge to at least explore the surrounding area of the dungeon.

With a swiftness when everyone was down for the night he darted off towards the tower, in the middle of a huge circle of sand dunes, the dungeon protruded from the ground. Marco stood in awe of it's splendor, he wanted to take another step but something kept him bolted to the ground. From behind him a hand pressed firmly against his shoulder and pulled him back a couple of feet, causing him to stagger back a bit. Marco turned around and a man, dressed in a all white cloak with a hood draped over his head, covering his entire face but a smirk th at Marco could make out as he stepped past him.

Marco's eyes glazed over as he saw the man vanish behind a wall of magic. Marco toppled over and simply sat there and awaited to see if the man would ever come out again. It must have been hours before anything remotely interesting happened, Marco nearly nearly keeled over until a large explosion erupted from dungeon, when Marco opened his eyes and looked where the structure was, yes, was, it had vanished! Then all of a sudden there was a roar from sky. As Marco looked to the sky the cloak of the mystery man flowed in the dry wind of the night. A large blue hand bared down on the man while he plummeted towards the ground.

From the man beams on light lashed out from his status and illuminated the sky in the immediate area. People of both the village over and the nomadic tribe could witness the brilliance. The man had landed directly in the middle of where the dungeon used to be and the hand dissolved into nothing. The mans cloak was completely eviscerated and what stood in front of the humble heir of a small nomadic tribe was a dungeon conqueror, clad with jewels and various articles of armor. Marco sat there simply astounded and completely awake from the event that just transpired. The man turned to Marco and chuckled a little bit with wide smile.

"Seems I over did it a little."

The man had uttered those words as if the whole ordeal was of minor recognition. It was then and there Marco knew that he was weak, he had witnessed true strength and he wanted a taste of it for himself. Marco mustered up the strength to stand and ask for the mans name. He simply smiled at Marco and put his index finger over his lips. With that the man picked up nothing, said nothing, and walked away before everyone else would converge on the site of the conquered dungeon. Marco simply watched on and smiled thinking of how he would someday get to such a position of skill. Marco took off towards the camp site to tried to not arouse suspicion. Marco's efforts were to no avail for he was confronted with the faces of both his mother and father, with the faces of the tribe behind them.

Marco had never been fond of studying and the likes, knowing that his mother decided on it as being his punishment. Every moment of the day Marco was to study every book that the tribe had and every book that they came across in their travels. Though the punishment had become lenient, it lasted for over two years, Marco had reached the age of eighteen and his life would revolve around studying and physical training. Though, in his youth, Marco despised studying, he became found of learning about new thing, philosophy, astronomy, astrology, tactical know how, the works. In that period of time Marco had been versed in several forms of arts and tactical know how. The man could rival wits with that of a scholar.

He realized that in the grand scheme of his life he would not achieve much of anything by simply being the leader of a petty tribe. With reckless abandon Marco cast aside his tribe and ventured off on his own. In his travels he wished to expound his knowledge on this that he only witnessed in books, he wanted to experience it all. For a gradual period of five years he dabbled all over the countries, Balbadd, Magnostadt, Zhou and so many more that were yet to be explored.

Role-Play Sample:

Rono walked the shadowed path of the gate entrance and stared down the long road leading up to the center of the country, from there breaking off into different provinces. Rono held his hands in his pockets and walked past building after building, neon signs holding different products and meaning. The road was somewhat vacant, almost dead, only a hand full of people walked the path that he did. Rono's eyes narrowed as the light bounced off his caramel completion, showing a faint glimmer in his black iris.

Thoughts flooded his head as he looked past the shadows of the towering buildings. He didn't actually take notice to the lack of people, totally immersed in his own though. Slowly coming back to reality he glanced around and tried to find life beyond the few people that walked around the city he was in. He came to a sudden halt and looked up at the sky and saw that was suddenly turning dark. The twilight approached without warning he turned back to the walk towards the main province of the ruler of the country.

"I work better at night...I think I'll wait until the sun is completely down to continue with my pursuit."

He stepped past a tower with several different mask on it, each showing a different emotion. He stopped and looked up from the base of the tower.visually assessed the structural capability of the tower. To the best of his knowledge every prospect of the tower seemed to be able to support substantial weight. He smirked through the shadow of the structure and took a leap into the air, a meter off the ground he vanished and reappeared on the top of the tower and peered over the city with his arms folded.

The wind brushed against him, yet he didn't budge. The light of the city streamed into the air, seeming to be beams shooting from individual lasers, hitting the clouds. "Hmm...What should I do in order to get in touch with the ruler of this country faster..." His hands soon were slipped into his pockets as he leaned against the tower and lowered his head to look at the city.The light gradually faded and the city accepted the darkness, the sky above him showed merciless.

The wind carried the scents of numerous being that strayed the streets in search of nothing. None of the smells seemed insignificant enough to not pay attention to. He stared past the lights of the ground shining up and caught the slight scent of someone familiar. Rono had come across the scent some time before, he pushed off the wall he leaned on and crouched down at the tip of the nose on the tower. His eyes squinted and attempted to pin point the location of where the scent came from. His eyes drifted towards the direction of the breeze that brushed past him, carrying the scent.

"Hmm.." He stood back up, the moon at his back, the silver rays of the moon and his eyes complimented each other brilliantly. He hands tucked in his pockets sat still, he walked past the edge of the towers edge and fell to the ground head first. At least ten meters away from the ground he vanished and reappeared on the top of a roof near his drop zone. He hopped in between sizable gaps in the buildings and swiftly tried to close in on the scent that he had caught moments ago. His eyes shuffled over the position of numerous patrons of the illuminated streets, none of the once where the person that he wanted to reach.

He stopped at the end of a large building and looked down at the ground, he had lost the scent that would probably the best lead that he would get to reach the ruler of the country. Most of the pedestrians probably were knowledgeable of his whereabouts but Rono really hated talking to people. He found himself with no other option.He sighed and hopped down to the ground from the large building and landed on the ground softly and glanced around for a near by person. He walked up to an old woman with a broom, sweeping around the entrance of a restaurant. "Hey...Grandma...The ruler of this country, do you have an idea where he might reside?"

The women looked at Rono and nodded softly and pointed him in the direction of the direction of Cyril's quarters. He nodded and began walking towards the estate of the leader. He pulled his hand from his pocket and the paper with the girls information and picture fell to the ground and unraveled in her eyes. The women stopped Rono quickly and walked over to the paper and looked at the paper, picking it up. She handed the paper over to him with her frail hands and looked into his eyes. "I've seen that girl before...She's with him." Rono stood there with his eyes narrowed. Rono's eyes drifted shut, folding the paper up and putting it back into his pocket. "She is, is she...?" He smirked and looked into the old women's eyes "Thanks Grandma...You've been a great help." He turned away and set off towards Cyril.

Rono stormed down the glistening black pavement towards the sizable estate for the leader of the country. He had caught a glance of the estate before, but it was only until he headed in that direction that he began to notice landmarks that seemed particularly familiar. As a kid he used to play around the same area. His eyes shot forwards only to see the gate of the building. He smirked softly and sped up his pace and jumped clean into the air, above the restrictions. Upon landed he stopped and erected his body to look at the house itself, it had not changed a bit sense he last saw it. He began towards the door of the mansion, glancing from the corner of his eye at a near by camera facing his direction, he vanished from it's vision.

He landed on the roof of the mansion. Easily taking the front door wasn't his style. Covert situations where more his cup of cup of tea. He glanced around for a entrance that could easily take him in. He saw a door on the far corner of the roof, walking up to it Rono kicked the door in, not thinking that much attention would be payed towards a small thud in the building. He walked int with hands tucked in his pockets, and slowly made his way down the stairs the door had opened up to. He opened another door and stepped forward into the actual vicinity of the house, to what seemed like a long hall way. Rono sighed lightly and began down the hallway towards the scent of Cyril and the target.

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Awaiting Approval.

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C-Tier ~ Sadly all the C-tier character spots were filled so you will have to change this to D-tier.

Appearance ~ Your image link is broken and the written appearance is only 97 words. If your OC doesn't have an image...well I don't know what the standards are here for not having character images. So I'll let an admin make a call on that. But please add a few more sentences to your appearance as it is so sadly lacking where as your personality was well fleshed out.


-You mention that as a "boy" your character killed 30 ft monsters. Please explain because that is way too vague and sounds incredibly unrealistic for a human.

-You mention actually entering a dungeon in your history. Seeing as the current event dungeon Marxas is the FIRST dungeon of this Magi AU, the dungeon in your history could never have existed. This means you're going to have to rewrite a large portion of it as no one in your tribe should have ever seen a dungeon unless they live on the great plains outside Magnostadt(something unlikely as that is mostly farmland and empty plains with no resources for a nomadic tribe to live off of.)

Please make these changes and stand by for an admin to give you a clear answer on your appearance.


Thank you all, for everything.

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Dag nabit, Yaku. Posting at the exact same time as me. xD Well, he got most of the stuff I covered anyhow.

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This will be archived in 1 week unless you finish it or notify a staff member to extend the deadline.


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This has been archived if you want it moved out of that please contact an admin


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