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Digimon Horizon

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[font face="titiliumweb"]The Digital World. A world that has been ravaged many times by multiple events of various size. Heroes kept on rising to face the dangers of this world and try to bring peace back to it, but that peace was never everlasting. Since the creation of this world, digimons rose up to try and take over the world or fuse the two worlds, and every time, their plans were thwarted by humans and digimons who joined forces to save the world. We call those groups Digidestined and, to most, they are claimed as heroes.

Now, the year is 2236 and yet another crisis befalls the two world. A company, named Atlus Design, has been working with a digimon know as Vandrakemon, who wishes to revive an evil digital god. For his plan to succeed, he requires the sacrifice of multiple humans and thus, Atlus design succeeded in creating a new gateway to the Digital World. That gateway was made into a game, which was then released globally in order to throw humans into the Digital World. Since then, chaos has been covering the Digital World and the humans locked in there, as they fight for survival and their ideals. Are you one of them?

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