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Silverlake Academy - - - original animanga superpowers (LB)

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[align=center]Silverlake Academy - - - original animanga superpowers (LB) 3ozx2xyAbdl9_zpsgvrthpmj
[size="6"]SILVERLAKE ACADEMY.[/size] [/align]
[align=justify]Long ago, all the Extraordinary Humans were given a choice by the Ordinary Humans. Leave the Mainland, or let the war continue, within which they were vastly outnumbered. There was not much of a decision to be made, and so the Extraordinaries did just that - left, and settled on the remote Argent Island.

Thus, Silverlake Academy, a school for young Extraordinaries, was born.

There are three classes of Extraordinaries: Supers, Shape-Shifters, and Elementalists. To which do you belong?[/align]

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