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Fairy Tail Guild RP

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Fairy Tail Guild RP Fairyt12-1-2

The times in the world are dark. Dark guilds and feral beasts roam the land, wreaking havoc and causing mayhem. With the military of the Kingdom underfunded and understaffed, it falls on the hands of the mage guilds, organizations such as Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, or Blue Pegasus, composed of mages and wizards for hire, to restore peace and justice. Illegal Dark Guilds like Grimoire Heart, Tartaros, and Raven Tail also exist, filled with those who aim to fulfill their ambitions no matter the cost. Will the land of Fiore flourish with peace, or will it be ruled by the ambitions of men? Choose your side.

  • Fairy Tail Guild (FTG) is set in an Alternate Universe to the actual manga/anime. However, everything is pretty much the same - it's just that the characters from the manga/anime never existed.

  • FTG is a free form style Roleplay where you can design and create anything you want, from unusual, quirky characters to new, unique types of magic.

  • FTG is a devoted site with committed members and staff are extremely dedicated. They have a lot of experience under their belt and have created a thorough system for a Fairy Tail Roleplay.

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