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Stamina/Magoi System

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~Magoi and Stamina~

Magoi and Stamina are the energy resources available to all races and class in order to use various abilities, skills, techniques, and magic tools. However, keep in mind that every ability uses either magoi or stamina, not both. All in all, without Magoi you can't use magic and without Stamina you can't physically exert yourself.

~Magoi/Stamina Breakdown~

Everyone starts with the same total amount of magoi/stamina, 200. Race and Primary Class decide how much of this total breaks down between magoi and stamina with the non-magic oriented favoring stamina and the magic oriented favoring stamina. The starting magoi/stamina breakdown is as follows;

  • Race [+100 m|s total]

    • Human = 50m | 50s
    • Imuchakk = 40m | 60s
    • Fanalis = 20m | 80s
    • Magician = 80m | 20s

  • Class [+100 m|s total]

    • Warrior = 10m | 90s
    • Ranger = 50m | 50s
    • Manipulator = 30m | 70s
    • Magician = 80m | 20s
    • Assassin = 40m | 60s
    • Tamer = 20m | 80s

~Magoi/Stamina Development~

Each time your character ranks up, you will gain an additional 100 magoi/stamina distributed based on your race. The distribution is the same as the starting values. For example, each rank up, a Fanalis would receive 20 magoi and 80 stamina.

~Energy Depletion~

When you run out of energy, you naturally suffer. However, running out of magoi doesn't bode the same results as running out of stamina. Based out of total percentages, here are the following effects suffered from energy depletion;

20 Magoi Remaining:

  • Bleeding from eyes (blurry vision)

10 Magoi Remaining:

  • Unconsciousness

0 Magoi Remaining:

  • Death

30 Stamina Remaining:

  • Halved movement speed (Non-Magical abilities included)

15 Stamina Remaining:

  • Unable to move for 3 posts.

0 Stamina Remaining:

  • Unconscious

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