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Trying to socialize (Open social)

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1Trying to socialize (Open social) Empty Trying to socialize (Open social) on 29/02/16, 11:39 pm


Lately Ani has been feeling pretty lonely considering the fact the only people she's be talking to are her pet, and the people who worked at the docks. This was starting to get to her since she was trying to become friends with other adventurers. She hadn't seen her Noir since the dungeon which was somewhat saddening to her since thought of her as her closest friend besides Hoyo. Though this also got her thinking that she should possibly train another beast soon enough. Though she knew that she should at least increase her capabilities Though she soon got this off her mind as she continued to walk through the streets of balbadd with her beast Hoyo by her side looking for the chance to find someone to talk too.


Trying to socialize (Open social) 1ZZ5IgG

Trying to socialize (Open social) LO0Knk3

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