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Lagi's adventure into the wildlife [Training]

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Lagi felt confident, he personally felt as if he was growing as a tamer. Maybe it was the drive of being an El Nagi? Or maybe it was just his love for animals that kept him going? In the jungle, you can take your pick from thousands of creatures that could harm or kill you. If you're into mammals, everything from wild boars to jaguars and cougars can pose a threat. If insects are your thing, you've got scorpions, brown recluse spiders and fire ants to consider. And, if there's one thing the jungle has plenty of, it's snakes. Coral snakes, pit vipers, cobras and the dreaded anaconda, a massive constrictor snake, are just a few of the deadly serpents you can come across. Either way, Lagi was maturing quite a bit as a man, he was beginning to mature as a tamer of beasts. Travelling rough the jungles of Reim, he was starting to become a man of the land. “Hmm?” LAgi bent down and noticed a few plants growing out of the floor. “Not sure if these plants are edible or not. Maybe I could take them back home and run some tests, I was already trying to make a new anesthetic for capturing beasts. It'll be much easier if they were sleeping beforehand.” Plant life can be a valuable source of food energy and nutrition in any survival scenario. This is especially true in the jungle. But eating the wrong kind of vegetation can make you sick or even lead to your demise. The list of inedible plants is long, so if you're the adventurous type you should own a manual that lists edible and inedible plants in the areas you'll be exploring. Most poisonous plants will only get you sick if you ingest them, but some, like poison ivy and sumac, are poisonous to the touch.

Lagi handled the plant life with care, he took out a plastic bag along with some special gloves. The trick was to limit as much contact with the plant as possible, he even had a small hospital mask to avoid breathing in anything that can lead to serious casualties. “The funny thing today, I didn’t bring Zygus with me. Even though I’m sure he's going to follow behind eventually, I left him with his favorite food. So heres a slight chance that he would.” Suddenly, LAgi heard something rustle up in the bushes. He stopped what he was doing immediately and hid within the bushes. “Something must be here, maybe I’m invading an animal’s prowling grounds? Or maybe the herb that I'm trying to pick is the food source of a really powerful herbivore. Either way, it wasn’t going to change the fact that LAgi had to continue his training. He was going to try to hold out as much as he possibly could without his pet backing him up. This tested his knowledge of the wildlife more, it also helped to get to know the animals of Reim more on a much more personal level.


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Lagi's adventure into the wildlife  [Training] CrChE3t

Lagi's adventure into the wildlife  [Training] LBbFjDO

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