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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

The Magician entered the tent at the far side of the grounds. It is the only tent that's standing behind the Big Tent in the middle. As soon as he entered he can hear a soft humming sound of countless voices each combining to form one beautiful melody. But that's all there is, sound. The room is filled with pitch black darkness. The shade of the room is unnatural, rather than an absence of light it seems that light is being sucked out. If the magician tried to cast some illumination magic it will just be swallowed by the shadow.

The sound of humming would stop and it will be replaced by incoherent murmurs. Then complete silence. A room devoid of sound, smell, and sight. It may feel relaxing to some but it can also feel very suffocating depending on the person.

"Oh! Someone is here! Someone is here! You three! Come quickly!" Adrastos hear a high pitched voice coming from deep within the darkness of the room.

"Hi! I'm Faye and these guys are my companions they are the guides here!" Faye said rather enthusiastically.

"Hi!" "Greetings." "Good day." The three voice said one after the other. They all have distinct voices. The first one have a high chirpy tenor voice. The second one has a serious baritone voice. While the third have a commanding low bass voice.

"We're here to help you get get out of this room!" Faye said in a cheerful voice. "Though I'm not too sure of where to go... I always get lost too... only these three know exactly where the exit is. But there is a little problem... they like to play tricks on people. Right now they decided that one of them will only tell a lie while the other will only tell the truth and one will just do as he pleases. They're such a naughty children. I cannot seem to control them and I'm supposed to be their caretaker. I'm sorry if I'm not of any help." The voice became very apologetic.

"Maybe you can figure out which one is saying the truth and which one is lying. Maybe you can ask them questions? I'm not too good in these kind of things." Faye gave the white haired magician some advice on how to start.

"So... will you guys help these poor fellow to get out of here?" Faye asked the three guides and they all answered. "Yes" in perfect harmony.

OOC: You can ask each of the guides separate question or you can ask all of them a question at once. There is no limit on how many questions you can ask. If you find out who the one telling the truth you can ask him anything at all and he would answer you with the truth.

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

As darkness swallowed Adrastos when he entered the tent, sound cut through the pitch black like knife to butter. He was greeted by a cheerful female voice and then three others. According to Faye, he had to find out which was telling the truth and which was lying at the very least. Adrastos wasn’t sure what to ask the mysterious people though. How would he be able to tell who was telling the truth? It would have been better to just start asking questions.

“First off, what is the name of your caretaker?” If one of them would only tell the truth, this should be easy to know which one was. All of them answered yes to her question beforehand. Would the one that did whatever he pleased tell the truth and make it more difficult to figure out who was who? “What are your names? Why is this tent so dark? Is there really a way out of this place? Could I die or could one of you kill me here?”

The magician wasn’t sure what to ask the group, so he ended his interrogation there until they answered.


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