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The Serpent's Secrets [Beast Training/Solo]

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"Alright, Osiris, it's time to begin our training together," I announce to the serpent who was looking at me curiously but understanding nothing.

Over the past few days, Osiris had been growing steadily on a diet of lizards and mice, but soon enough he'd be too big for such small meals. The king cobra was rare in that it ate other snakes primarily, which would be a task in of itself. Still, it was nice to see that my little companion was growing steadily longer; in fact, it was already longer than I was tall, but it was still able to curl its body around my arm for warmth at night.

"First things first, down you go," I say, extending my hand and bending down so that it touched the floor. Osiris, who had been clinging to my neck, even though he understood nothing, obediently obeyed; I'd been working on getting him to go up and down for a few days, and he was actually learning.

He slithered down my shoulder and off my arm, onto the ground, his tongue flickering out as he looked around. It seemed he was hungry again, not surprisingly, so I would have to make this fast.

Grabbing thick gloves which would protect my hand, I made it seem as though my arm was a snake, hissing but keeping my movements to attack his attention to my arm and not my face.
As expected, the snake's natural instincts kicked in nearly instantly. Osiris rose up and began to hiss back, although it was more of a growl strangely enough. Then, when I moved my hand just a little closer, he struck, biting into the gloves but thankfully not into my hand; the poison of the king cobra was not something I was eager to experience for the second time.
Letting go, he curled up and tensed his muscles to prepare for another strike if necessary. This time, however, something was different. By curling himself up and contracting his muscles, it seemed as though Osiris unintentionally came across some power that was not something normal. Before I could do anything, he opened his mouth, exposing his deadly fangs, off of which flew small electric currents which went into my glove and numbed my arm. All I could wonder, however, was where in the world that had come from. It was definitely not a natural serpent's trait, so why was Osiris any different? Then, of course, it hit me; he wasn't a normal snake, but the child of that monstrosity I'd defeated. Only when I realized that did it make sense the abnormalities this snake possessed. Even in its scales could I tell there was a strength and hardness that was beyond that of a normal animal, and yet, what else was waiting beneath the surface of my little companion? Only time would tell, but it was going to be quite interesting finding out what else Osiris had in store. I could only hope I would be able to handle it.

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The Serpent's Secrets [Beast Training/Solo] 2014-09-06-korra

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