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The Farmers Issue [Job/Solo/Chain]

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Job Name: Herding problems
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 100xp/7,000 Huang
Job Overview: The boufer cows are needed more than ever, but there are some rabid coyotes that have been attacking the farms as of late. The farmer requests help since he can't handle them on his own.

Enemy Name: Rabid Coyotes (x3)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Abilities: 15 M/s Burrowing Speed
Rabid Bite- The Coyote bites at 20 m/s, does C-Tier damage, fractures the bones and bites through muscle. The rabid venom causes stinging pains and sore muscles for 4 posts, reducing ability speeds by half and doubling reaction times.
Puntra Pounce- The Coyote can make a pouncing motion towards its target at 15 m/s
Swift Claw- The coyote swipes at 15 m/s with their claw, tearing through muscle, causing C-Tier damage.

Walking about the farm lands just outside of Reim Solomon would admire the nature and the new surroundings, he had earlier just finished his training and decided he wished to explore before heading back. His morning training focused more on cardio and strength building which explains why he was so far out as he just kept running.

Walking by one of the farms he noticed they were growing corn, he walked up and inspected the corn after thinking to himself that it would be delicious to have for later he then bent one off and began to walk away, he did not make it too far before hearing in the background, "HEY YOUU!!!" he stopped and turned as he didn't think there were many other people around so it could be for him the man was yelling. Solomon stood and waited for the man to arrive in front of him. "You there" he said as he swiped the corn from Solomons hands, "just because it’s there doesn't mean you can just take it, that's stealing." Solomon looking to the field then the man, "I'm sorry for stealing your crops, where I am from things work a bit differently, but they do look delicious, Sorry." He then turned to walk away, but stopping him was this man’s hand, he was an older man he could easily tell that by the wrinkles on the man’s hands and face, "Well if you would like some corn I wouldn't mind supplying some for someone who solves some of my troubles."

He paused for a moment to consider the offer then turned to listen to the man, "What would those troubles be?" The man would express his troubles to Solomon about rabid coyotes and how they were attacking his and many other farmers cows. He offered the Solomon a large reward to fix this situation but Solomon declined it and only asked for a note proving he did the deed as he remembered seeing a post about such a thing while in Reim, so he knew that they would reward him. He would ask the farmer questions about where there den could possibly be located, an estimate of how many are known of, and what kind of damage could they do.

After talking to the man for some time he told the man he would also have to part ways with one more of his cows if he wished Solomon to take the request. The man grudgingly accepted and Solomon walked away with the cow into the tree line nearby. When he was far enough in, Solomon would then tie the cow to the nearest tree, and then matted it down and pet it for some time. After words when the light began to fade he would then climb a tree and listen for the howls of the coyotes. He would watch from above as the coyotes would kill the cow as a pack, there was three of them, and he was thankful that the coyotes at least killed the cow quickly rather than playing with their food. He was thankful that there were only three of them, as he knew from there size that they would not be able to finish the cow in one meal.

He sat in the tree motionless as he watched until the coyotes were full, they would then try drag the rest of the carcass back to there den for later, that was what Solomons plan, he would wait till the coyotes had some distance on him before climbing down the tree and he would then process to track them by the blood and trail of the body being dragged. He would eventually come up to a cave like den he could see that the coyotes went into, they however did not stay long. It seemed as if they were just there to drop off their food for later and then ran back out into the bush. Solomon would take this time to quickly inspect the cave, as he thought it was just a small den in which now only held the carcass of the cow and a few smaller bones. He would then run out of the den and to the nearest tree which sat about 10 meters away from the den, he climbed about 4 meters up the tree just high enough that the coyotes would not be able to reach him even if they did notice him.

Solomon sat there for multiple hours, it was almost morning before he started to hear the coyotes nearby he would watch as they prances around playing with each other before entering there den. He hated the thought of killing animals like the way he was planning but it seemed to be the most effective out of the plans he had thought of. Pointing his hand out towards the den entrance and by paying 10 magoi, Solomon created a wall of onyx 5 meters tall and 5 meters wide at 20 m/s which covered the entrance of the den while the coyotes were inside using Onyx Wall from his Heart of the Mountain ring. He could hear the making a commotion from where he was howling, growling and whimpering as they scratched at the wall of onyx. He then climbed down the tree and made his way over the the den wall he could see one of the coyotes borrowing through the side of the den entrance at 15 m/s which was a more then perfect situation for Solomon as he then lifted his hand once more paying 10 magoi, Solomon created a pool of lava Molten Spill originating from where the coyote was burrowing 10 meters across at 20 m/s within inflicting C-tier burn damage to anything, Solomon knew this would reach the others in the den as it did not go that deep, he still would regret burning these beasts alive, it was a poor way for any creature to go.

Solomon stood and listened the the coyotes cries of pain till they fell silent, he would then walk back to the farmer he had met earlier to receive the letter he asked for the man gave it to Solomon even though he had no proof of his completion, the old man sensed that he had done something about it but was not happy about it. He then waved Solomon goodbye as he headed back to Reim with his completion notice and the corn that he had picked off earlier.

Abilities Used:

Molten Spill – By paying 10 magoi, the user may create a pool of lava 10 meters across at 20 m/s within 20 meters of themselves, inflicting C-tier burn damage to anything caught in the pool.

Onyx Wall – By paying 10 magoi, the user may create a wall of onyx 5 meters tall and 5 meters wide at 20 m/s within 20 meters of themselves.

Word Count: 1082/1000


The Farmers Issue [Job/Solo/Chain] Sk_sig10

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