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Shishidö Lionheart [WIP]

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Shishidö Lionheart [WIP] Grimmjow01

Name: Shishidö Lionheart
Country Affiliation: Imuchakk
Race: Imuchakk
Tier: D-Tier
Specialization: Manipulation
Age + Birthdate: 25 | 18/04
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: If you would have to choose a word to describe Shishidö, it would be prideful. The young man can get very serious when his pride is the subject, and, even though this always puts him in difficult situations, it is also what keeps him moving forward, no matter what happens. Unlike most Imuchakk, he is not very docile and friendly to anyone, although he is not aggressive either - when face to face with someone he doesn't know or that looks suspicious, he tends to follow a neutral course of action, being passive and wary at the same time. Also, while he's not the most talkative person in the world, he's able to keep up a good conversation when necessary.

He's also very greedy, in many aspects, so he's always talking about wanting to become strong, rich and famous. When in a good mood, he tends to chat quite a lot and to joke a bit here or there. A lover of parties, good food and good drinks, Shishidö's always ready for festivals, celebrations or commemorations of any sort. Besides all that, although it may not look like, he is very protective to his friends and allies, so that, even though he tris to hide it, the young man is always looking after whoever is together with him, in order to protect them.

At last, Shishidö's also a battle lover. When fighting against weak opponents, he will most likely act normally, without making too much of a fuss. But if the foe is someone he considers "worthy", the lion-man goes rampage. He laughs, mocks the enemy, attacks, gets hit and laughs again, as if fighting were the funniest thing in the world. He gets really excited at those moments, and to force him to give up on a good fight, you'd usually have to try really, really hard.


  • Fighting: Shishidö is a genuine battle-lover, that completely forgets about everything else when in a "good fight". For him, there are few things which can provide more fun than a battle.
  • Parties: Parties, festivals, doesn't really matter. Shishidö loves them, 'cause he can have a lot of fun nonstop when they happen.
  • Good Food/Drink: The young man loves to eat and to drink, and the better they taste, the happier he gets.
  • Chatting: When he's in a good mood, Shishidö tends to talk with his friends a lot, and doesn't really cares to lose hours chatting with those close to him.


  • Slavery: Shishidö believes that everyone deserves freedom. Seeing people that enslave the others, putting them in chains and forcing them to work is all that he needs to get really pissed off.
  • Arrogant People: Yeah. This may sound like hypocrisy, but the young man simply can't stand someone acting cocky or like they're the most important person on earth around him.
  • Fighting Weaklings: It's not like he hates it or anything, but if the opponent is no match for him at all, fighting them is simply tedious for Shishidö.

Aspirations: Shishidö does not wish to become a king. A king, an emperor, a leader - none of those titles suit him. That is why, although he is not a submissive person, he wishes to follow someone that can give him the impression of a good king, a good leader. Someone that will rule his people wisely, someone worthy of following. But for that, he needs to become worthy himself. Thus, the Imuchakk dreams to, one day, make his name known all over the world, and to become one of the powerful Sabertooth Warriors, in order to be recognised by his strength, courage, ferocity or any other aspects.

Phobias/fears: Although fear is an emotion that is impregnated in the blood of humanity, Shishidö is someone that doesn't really knows what it exactly it means. He does not fear the dark, nor the death. If there is a strong enemy, it will just make things even more amusing for him, as he is a battle-lover. Losing those that are dear to him can be somewhat hard to the young man, as well, but it's not like he fears it from the bottom of his heart. But, perhaps, there is one thing that he fears truly, deep inside. He fears that someday, his people - be it the Imuchakk or any other he is part of - would lose a battle or war that would bring death to everyone. Dying is nothing for him, but losing his people would be just too much. Thus, he fights, so that it will never happen.

Face-Claim: Grimmjow Jeagerjaques | Bleach
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 223 cm
Weight: 108 Kg


Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Shishidö has been born with a small tail of about 30 cm - a rare case of genetic mutation. It is made of skin, and has nerves and vertebrae, so he is able to move it, but it has barely any use, except that Shishidö's able to manipulate it with his abilities.


Role-Play Sample:

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