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The Front Line[Job/solo]

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1The Front Line[Job/solo] Empty The Front Line[Job/solo] on 27/07/15, 12:04 am

Sara Mcdonald

Sara Mcdonald
Job Name: Search for supplies
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: Search the western front for supplies; scavenge anything you can find that's a remainder of the war. If it's salvageable, take it back to the city guards.

Sara had gotten another job offer this time much safer than her previous jobs which was a nice change of pace. She had to make sure she lived if for nothing else for her sons well being. She had left him with someone she had great trust in while she went out to grab some supplies from the old front lines of the war, as she made her way toward the land she could see just how devastating the damage had been on the land making her a bit sad many humans had lost their lives. She had learned the plan Lagi had explained to her about the rebellion he really had completed and that he really did what he said he would. She smiled a bit proud her child's father was a strong man at least, to her he was worthy of being a king and had fought for the sake of his people.

She had finally made her way to the front line looking at the destruction it was a complete wasteland so many pieces of armor and arrows laid on the ground. The air still even had the stench of death even after all this time it was a plighted place where humans would not be able to live for some time.

"So this is the result of the war, so many deaths but Reim is in better shape because of Lagi's actions no longer the slave to Kou. I really do miss him and hope to see him someday but I guess I better get to work and do what must be done I am sorry for disturbing your souls of the dead."

She bowed before the various remains as she would begin to grab small pieces of armor sticking them into a sack she was given. She could see some coyotes off in the distance they seemed to be picking pieces of the meat from the bones or eating whatever they could find. They were survivors like herself she had respect for striving to live as long as possible like they did. She saw a very nice looking helm picking it up and seeing a not so pleasant surprise as she pulled the severed head out and gagged a little the smell and sight of it was certainly not a pleasant thing. She continued to search for several more hours finding six salvageable swords the helmet as well as several sets of bedding securing all of them in the sack on her back she would begin to head back to give them to the town guard.

It would take her another hour before returning to the guards and handing them the sack they seemed pleased with her hall offering her the reward for returned equipment and offering her a hand shake for her hard work. This was just one more step in her plans she needed a good amount of money to travel with her child and she soon suspected she would need to leave the country.


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