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[WIP] Aeris

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Name: Aeris Devanu
Race: Human
Country: Wanderer
Tier: D-Tier
Specs: Stealth
Sexuality: Hetero
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: She was always quite the adventurous one, yearning to see more of the wide, open world. Aeris enjoys being fun-loving, laid-back and when needed most, charismatic. She still has much to learn, however, and is always striving to mature. But for the time being, she is still seen as a growing child.

Aeris always wants to protect the ones she loves, and can get pretty stubborn over how to do it. She can be very ambitious, but still tries to have good intentions.

Family: Aeris DOES have family, but only an older brother. She had a sister who was the eldest of the three, but she was lost in a war.

Likes: She always enjoyed digging in to a bowl of hot ramen noodles after a long, difficult day. She also enjoys spending time going for long strolls or careful treks need it be. She loves helping others less fortunate than her, and defending them when in need.

Dislikes: She hates feeling weak and/or useless in a fight. She always wants to make her worth and protect others no matter what the sacrifice. She doesn't like to witness extreme destructions of nature, and can't stand seeing others suffer badly.

Aspiration: She wants to be a great warrior, much like her sister. For the longest time she felt weak and helpless, but now she is faced with responsibilities and doubts that she can be a fit protector. However, she still wants to do anything she can in order to learn. She starts by trying to help others, and still keeping herself healthy and stable. Sometimes Aeris does need aid, though she does not like to admit it when trying to do her best.

Height: 130 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Hair color: Greenish/Earthy brown
Eye color: Light Hazel

Appearance: She's pretty skinny, but around average height for her age. Her hair is pretty long, but very clean and brushed to the side around her face. She usually wears standard clothing but will sometimes wear a tinted green signature scarf if seen fit.

Very commonly Aeris will wear a deep blue gem on a necklace from her deceased sister, Mari. It may be hard to see sometimes, but she wears white-studded earrings with round gems on her earlobes. It's commonly covered by her hair, but it was a gift for her from her older brother. He said it was from a very nice lady, but never specified.

As a young teen, she tends to doubt herself quite often. She can also be a tad nervous around new people unless they talk to her first, and can frequently be kind of a klutz. Other than that, she just acts like a kid at heart.

Face-Claim: (original drawing)

Rukh: White

History: For the longest time Aeris grew up in a town located in a small oasis in the middle of a vast desert surrounded by monstrous creatures of the night. Mari would tend to their public lake and drinking supply while Igo would help the town with fuel and simple mechanisms. Once off work, Mari would sit out on the porch with Aeris, and tell stories about her job as a guardian while fantasizing about the white specs that would surround the night sky. Eventually, Aeris would make it her dream to follow a star to find a better place.

Soon enough, Aeris was informed from the grapevine about a planned attack from the dark ones on Mari, which she couldn't stand a chance against. Aeris rushed out to inform her sister, but she vanished into the desert and Aeris was too young at the time to wander out on her own. She felt like a cowardly fool that day, and slowly stumbled into depression.

Later Mari was reported gone, and only left behind her beloved necklace. With only a small thing to remember her sister by, Aeris is now striving to walk in her footsteps and become as strong if not stronger than her elder sibling.

Now, Aeris travels distant lands to gain more knowledge and experience the world for all her loved ones. She finds all sorts of new things that Mari could never see, and picks a star to follow each night. It was the life she always wanted, and wouldn't trade it any day.

Roleplay sample: Jumping from treetop to treetop, the teenage girl searched around for any predators. The jungle was a dense place full of interesting things, each area supplying something new. She kept leaping from each branch of dark foliage, only to have one give way and drop her to the ground below.

She was lucky enough to fall into a shrub, but took a good second to collect herself again and stand up.

"Great, that wasn't the most graceful thing I've done…" She muttered to herself, before further browsing the heavily wooded premise, and continuing her trek.

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Ready for Grading

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the forum~

As for your app, please go through and copy/paste the template from this link:

This makes sure the appropriate coding is included in the app, which shows us you are familiar with how basic BBCoding works.

Specialization: This should be your starting specialization only, which is limited to one. Please decide between Stealth and Dexterity.

Age + Birthdate: This should include month and date of birth as well, not just the actual age.

Personaility: This should be 200 words, you have 80.

Likes/Dislikes: You should have one sentence to explain each like and each dislike. Also, there is 0 advanced technology in this world.

Aspirations: You need at least one well explained one, or three smaller ones. It would be good to explain what your character aspires to become or to reach, as well as how they intend to take the first steps towards reaching their aspirations. Needs to be at least 75 words minimum

Phobia/fears: You did not include this at all. Like aspirations, it needs to be at least 75 words and include either one well-explained one or three smaller ones.

Face-Claim: This should be included. If it is an original drawing, please simply say so.

Height/Weight: This should be in metric (cm/m or g/kg)

Appearance: Should be 100 words, you have 60

History: Should be 350 words, you have 152

Powers/Attacks: This should not be included at all, it is not part of the application

RP Sample: Should be at least 100 words, you only have 95

The link includes a very useful step-by-step explanation and guide that you should use~


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