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Village hidden in the Moon(Job)

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Legend has it that the civilization that there was a civilization that worshiped the sun and all of it's glory. However, this story goes farther back than that. There was a clan that opposed the sun and instead worshiped the moon. They were the first of the clan but were run over by the sun worshipers. No one knows where the temple of the moon worshipers lie, only that it exists, and it has to do with  the sun tribe.

Lestacia embarked on the journey, staff in hand, trekking the desert in search of the sun tribe's ruins. She developed an interest in this temple of the moon. She walked for hours, upon hours on end until she finally found the temple of the sun. "Ooh this looks so pretty." Amber crystals decorated the wall, pictures of their history told the stories of their past. However this wasn't the past Lestacia was looking for. She walked among the ruins and entered the archives. There were many Valuable Articles relating to the sun god and their temple but... nothing on the moon. Lestacia sighed and kept searching. She retrieved a tome from one of the shelves and blew dust from off of it. It was hidden behind the other scrolls and it had sapphires embedded into it in the shape of a moon. She read the tome aloud. "When the moon's light is brightest, the path will be opened." Path? what did they mean by "Path"? Lestacia knew her answers would soon come when night was upon her, and so... she waited. She sat outside in the street and she waited. For hours and hours she sweated and eventually, she fell asleep.

When She awoke, It was night time but the city of the sun she was in was quite different. The Moon was high in the sky but the symbols on the houses changed from a beautiful amber colored sun to a sparkling light blue Moon. Was this the reason, no one was able to find the Village of the Moon? Because you can only find the village at night. Lestacia ran back into the temple to find that it had changed. No longer did Sun Symbols Adorn the walls but the same moon symbols she found outside appeared there too. Even the Idol in the room was different. It was Refracting light from the moon. Lestacia Grabbed the Idol and put it in her bag. Immediately the sun symbols returned.

"So That's how the Village of the Moon became what it was. When the Idol Switches at night so do the cities." Lestacia watched as the sun Idol resumed its rightful throne and fell from the ceiling. No questions Asked Lestacia Snatched one of the Tomes she read with the moon symbol on it and put both Items in her bag. She had found the Village of the moon. Her job was complete. It was now time for her to get paid for her work. Lestacia Left the Village of the sun, not to return until her work called for it once more.

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Village hidden in the Moon(Job) 6ouumjD

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