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Stupid Rotten Perverted Slavers! [Job/Solo]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Dealing with Slavers II/III [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: C
Job Location: The Plains
Special Condition: One of the party members must have completed the first Job in this chain.
Job Rewards: 7,000 Huang, 100 XP
Job Overview:
Dropping by the one of the tribes again, the familiar Chieftain smiles at your return. Glad to see you, he informs you there are more underground slavers that they found out about, but this time it’s a trafficker that's moving slaves to Kou. He has found their "caravan's" course, but he has found it difficult to send men out to get them. He requests you take care of this job.

Enemy Name: Trafficker
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
The Trafficker may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Trafficker's Caravan is guarded by 3 Guards at all times.
The Trafficker has a mace, which delivers C tier blunt damage when struck.
Baleful Impact - Bringing his mace down with full force, the Trafficker slams the mace into his opponent and deals C tier damage.
Condescending Parry - The Trafficker casually parries away an ability or attack that would deal D tier damage.

Enemy Name: Guards (x3)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Guards may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Guards each have a shortsword they use to deliver their attacks, with each attack dealing D-Tier damage.

Considering how her last foray of handling slave traders went, Asha was overwhelmed and surprised when she was personally contacted to take on a request to dispatch a slaver 'nest' in the plains. A base was set up just near the camp she disposed previously, nestled in a good spot just by the villages. Asha was nervous, and on the verge of vomiting--the thought of seeing the girl's mother again would only make her cry. She still remembers the little girl's face full of fear and distress, she still remembers the mother's harsh words and the feel of her hand against her face. Regardless, Asha had to take it, she had to redeem herself in the eyes of the village--in the eyes of the girl's mother. Asha prepared for the journey out to the plains again, gathering all the necessary items she'd need, just like always, and set off. Before she left though, she brought with her a pot of soil with a small sapling growing inside of it. Asha had been priding herself on this certain plant--she wasn't sure what it would grow into yet, but she dreamed of something majestic, and pretty, with bright, vivid blossoms that would brighten up the sky. It didn't seem like much, but she brought it along as something, no matter how small, to keep attempting to make amends with the abducted girl's mother.

When she arrived at the village, the air seemed tense, yet the village chieftain was more than happy to see Asha come to their humble settlement.

"Ah! Welcome welcome magician of Magnostadt! We have much to go over, and quickly, for the slavers are going to make their move tonight and set off for the Kou Empire!" He said, hurrying Asha along to the tent. She looked around in the village to see a familiar face, but she could not find any trace of the mother at all. She hung her head down in disappointment and sat patiently as the village chieftain gathered relevant people and began to talk strategy about the mission at hand.

"She is just a girl! How can she take down experienced traffickers? They will kill her before she makes move with wooden stick"

"Better her than us!"

"Nobody is willing to go from our village--she is going! She must go!"

The murmurs Asha heard resonated with her and she felt more connected to this village's safety and posterity than ever. As the people discussed even letting her be the one to fight the slavers, her mind trailed off, thinking of what she could've done better to save the young girl. She snapped back into reality when the village chieftain called her name, and she paid attention immediately.

"Magician of Magnostadt! The slave caravan is west of here and they head east to Kou. You must kill them and bring back something to prove you have done it. They take our children and our girls--they will not take our spirit!" Many joined in unison to cheer on the chieftain as he prepped Asha for battle with his rallying words. Asha merely nodded and set out on her mission, walking out of the tent and into the village proper. It was then that she saw her, the mother, kneeling down and doing some sort of ritual. Asha grabbed the flower pot from her bag and walked over the mother, giving only a meek smile as she addressed the lady.

"U-um...excuse me?" She asked, the mother turning around to face Asha. She stood up after making eye contact, and stared deeply into Asha's eyes. There was still a resounding fury within her, and Asha's confidence waned immediately, "I...I thought I'd try and make amends w...with this?" The woman looked at the flower pot, grabbed it, and smiled.

"Do you think this flower pot is replacement for my daughter?" She asked, before smashing the flower pot against the ground. "Leave my sight--I wish you never came back." She ordered, walking away from Asha and back into her tent. Asha felt the need to cry, but instead swallowed her tears and followed the woman.

"Your daughter! What is her name?" The woman turned around and looked at Asha with such anger that she appeared to want to hit Asha again, but merely took a deep breath.

"Her name is Leah..." She replied, and walked away. Asha carved the name into her memory--"Leah." She repeated it over and over as she traveled to her target location, walking with such indignant purpose that she might as well crushed the ground beneath her. When she got to the place where she was meant to intercept the caravan, there was nothing in sight. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, she stayed in position, lying in wait somewhere where her body was shrouded so she could gain the element of surprise. After waiting a short while, a group of people walked by, the sounds of chains clinking and hitting the ground echoing throughout the night. Asha jumped into action, crouching and following the noise, her movements converging her position with their path, meaning to cut them off on the road. She saw three guards and one slaver escorting a few girls through the plains--she spotted at least four girls but she wasn't sure if there were more due poor vision in the night. When she got to the road, she merely paused and waited for the slaver and his 'caravan' to approach her, them stopping when they realized her presence and getting their weapons ready. She merely stood there, arms crossed, confident enough to take them down with relative ease.

"Toll?" She asked, taunting the group as the guards scoffed at her. The leader, however, seemed more amused, and decided to humor her.

"Oh? A toll you say? What's the price, girl?" Asha smiled at his question, unfolded her arms and stood assertively in front of them.

"The girls. They come with me, and you pass." The slaver laughed, amused by Asha's plucky demeanor and merely grasped his mace in his hand.

"Oh? I'm afraid I can't do that," He replied, now holding his mace a little more aggressively, "How about I kill you instead?" And with that, two of the guards rushed Asha, while the slaver and the remaining guard stood behind with the four girls being trafficked. The guards simultaneously slashed at Asha, leaving two cuts across her left arm, but it wasn't significantly harmful as she backed away from the slices just in time to avoid too much harm, and countered with a favorite spell, Quah Alsif Zxrah. The two branches flew toward the guards, stabbing them through the heart as it tore through their skin, and she made her advance toward the rest of the criminals. The slaver backed away, leaving the final guard to deal with her. He was a bit more cautious, keeping his distance from Asha, and as Asha walked closer, he backed away just a bit. Bored with his antics, Asha cast Alsif Krmah, and watched as the vine whipped around the guard's neck and crushed his windpipe.

"Is that the best you can do?" Asha scoffed, walking toward the slaver with intent to kill. Not wanting to die to Asha, the trafficker grabbed one of the slave girls, to which Asha countered by casting Rkud Aldm, with two vines grabbing his left hand and two vines grabbing his right hand and staying his mace. "Run girls! Run back to your village!" She barked, and the girls ran to the village, still chained together by the slaver's cuffs.

"Oh? And what will you do with me young lady? Are you going to kill me?" He asked, still maintaining a kind of confident evil about him. Asha merely just shrugged, and released her vines from the man's arms, leaving him fully in control of his limbs.

"I'll make it a fairer fight," She replied, her staff pointed at the slaver as she stood at nearly point blank range away from him, "It'll make it more satisfying when I kill you." The slaver merely laughed again, amused by how arrogant Asha came off as. Wasting no time in playing childish games, the trafficker brought his mace across from the side, attempting to bludgeon Asha in the head, but she activated her borg and deflected against the blow, and immediately counter by taking her staff and swinging it right at the man's head. He easily and condescendingly parried the blow, attempting to bring his mace around to bludgeon Asha again. She stepped to the side, but not quick enough and the mace hit her shoulder and her shoulder jerked in pain as her shoulder dislocated. Attempting to go for another blow to Asha, this time for her head, Asha pointed her staff around and cast Zahhak, releasing the serpentine life construct and biting the trafficker's head, biting cutting halfway through the bones in his neck leaving the trafficker to be nearly headless. Asha despondently stared at the lifeless body as it fell to the ground, and with no emotion whacked the head of the dead trafficker, being the final blow to decapitate the body. She picked up the man's head by his hair, and carried it to the village, wherein the village chieftain and others greeted her with happiness for rescuing the girls. The chieftain saw the head of the trafficker and was taken aback, and Asha's only response was to throw the head at his feet.

"Job's done." She said flatly, before walking away, turning her back on festivities for the night.

WC: 1602/1000
Magoi: 110/200[/color]

Abilities Used:

Name: Alsif Krmah
Tier: D
Cost: 10 | 5
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 5 meters
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustain+1
A 10 cm vine, 5 meters in length, emerges from Asha's staff at 10 m/s to coil around or strike an opponent for D-Tier damage.

Name: Quah Alsif Zxrah
Tier: C
Cost: 20 | 10
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Description: Two 3m long branches (they are 15cm thick) covered in small 3cm thorns shoots from the ground at 15 m/s to inflict C-tier damage to an opponent within 15 meters. Each branch does D-tier damage.

Name: Rkud Aldm
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15
Element: Supplementary
Class: Life
Range: 20m
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Asha brings forth 4 vines to immobilize 4 limbs. The vines move at 15m/s and are approximately 10m in length and 60cm in thickness. Each vine does D-tier immobilization on one limb.

Name: Zahhak
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 25m
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Asha creates a life construct in the shape of a serpent that is 15m large by combining the plant-life around her into one single entity. It moves at 20m/s in a straight path to coil around or bite an opponent for B-tier damage.


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