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Is That So...? [Profession - Solo - Plot]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Assignment Details:
Assignment Name: Getting to Know the Underground II
Assignment Rank: D
Assignment Location: Magnostadt
Assignment Rewards: 50 XP + 3,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Adrastos Thanatos + Pt I
Assignment Overview: Now that Adrastos has found out that the event is a secret battle arena, he must find out the rules and what it takes to participate in such an event. He will also be paid to keep his mouth silent and not reveal what he has found out.

Adrastos Thanatos found out about a closely guarded secret within the walls of Magnostadt, and wanted to know more about this little underground battle arena that he had found out about from a strange magician the previous night. Now, he walked around in the shadows once more, determined to find out how he could participate.

His hand clutched onto his staff as memories from the past crawled their way to the forefront of his mind. Why did they always have to plague him? These memories that couldn’t possibly be his. Ever since fighting Master Chou Zhi, he wasn’t sure who he was anymore. Old memories would spawn, festering emotions of hatred and darkness, but they didn’t feel so real anymore. On top of that, he often had blackout moments and wake up with no memories of what he did. The only time it stood out was when he dreamed of killing a tribe in the Plains. A smirk played at his lips. It was fun though, to torment them and kill them, to watch them beg for their lives. Could he do the same while fighting in this underground battle arena?

Adrastos kept looking, searching for anyone that might know about the rules and what it took to get into such an event. Finding the man with bone armor and chalky skin would be either impossible or just more difficult, so that left sniffing out anyone who looked like they were associated. It couldn’t have been that hard, right?

Out of nowhere, he heard the sound of a voice silently calling out to him. It was soft, airy, and very feminine in tone. To his left, sat a rather young looking girl with black hair that was covered by a blue hood. The edges of her clothing were frayed and torn, leaving strands of fabric to hang. Her attire didn’t cover much, but it was enough to where she wasn’t fully exposed. On her arms and thighs were silver bands shaped to resemble cobras. Her staff was made of twisted wood, maybe oak, and it curved into a spiral at the top. She gave Adrastos a ghostly smile and a flick of her wrist, motioning for him to step closer. When he was close enough, a small giggle slipped past her glossy lips.

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“You must be the man Blake has been mentioning. Neo Mortem, was it? Such a menacing name. New Death. I figured you’d continue to lurk around the city until you found what you wanted. Normally, I’m not allowed to do this, but I think you will show us some interesting fights.” The girl crossed one leg over the other as she twirled a strand of hair around her pinky. “My name is Whisper. If you want to know the rules and how to get in, listen carefully. One, never tell anyone you don’t trust about the underground. Two, fight until the other opponent cannot. Honestly, it’s similar to the Coliseum rules. The only way they’ll change is if someone else takes over. And guess what, all you have to do to enter is receive an invitation, but it comes at a price. A full-fledged member must place a mark that represents you, signaling that you too are a member of the underground. Once you are a member, you will receive anonymous messages about when and where the fights will take place. Are you with me so far?” Adrastos nodded. The process sounded simple. In fact, it felt like anyone could just be invited, but they had to be strong enough, they had to be worthy enough to participate.

“Good. If you accept, hold out your arm.” Adrastos did as she said, holding out his arm with his sleeve rolled up. Whisper placed her dainty hand on his forearm and the smell of burning flesh made its way to Adrastos’ nostrils, followed the a searing pain gnawing at his skin. It only lasted for a matter of seconds and then she pulled away, revealing a black mark on his forearm.

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Whisper smiled her ghostly smile. “There’s a gathering tomorrow night, right  here. Don’t be late.” She jumped to the ground, handing him some money with a finger placed on her lips, and elegantly skipped her way down the alleyway before turning back and saying something in her dangerously soft voice. “Welcome to the Underground.”
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Is That So...? [Profession - Solo - Plot] 3oCk1sb

Is That So...? [Profession - Solo - Plot] 7kZv0Du
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