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Sokol, Maayan

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Maayan Sokol

Maayan Sokol
Sokol, Maayan Deganauida

Name: Maayan Sokol
Country Affiliation: Magnostadt
Race: Imuchakk
Tier: D
Specialization: Intelligence
Age + Birthdate: 22 + June 4th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Curious
Personality: Maayan is a strong natured, if not quite strong bodied like her mother, young woman. She is very loyal and would choose family over friends or nation in a heart beat, and easily friends over nation just as readily. She loves her culture and the nation of Magnostadt just as much as her parents who left their home nations to join the city. However both her parents come from very tribal upbringings as her mother is an Imuchakk from Imuchakk and her father is from a tribal nation of nomads from the great plains. As such they stressed the power and true meaning behind family and friendship bonds, especially how the bonds of family surpass that of shared blood. To her parents, and by extension Maayan herself, anyone who is loved by your whole heart is your family and as such you must honor that connection by doing everything for them that you can. If they go down a road you can’t follow and can’t prevent then you must make the ultimate sacrifice and let them go with hope that one day they will come back. This belief and value towards others causes Maayan to be charismatic and out going and full of love for any and everyone.
Family:  Nothing is more important to Maayan than her family whether it is blood family or not.

Heritage: To Maayan a person is not just the sum of their personal experiences or even of the experiences of their direct family. A person is the sum of every life and experience along their entire family tree. Without heritage a person is left only with a shadow of who they truly can being.

Friendship: Outside of family and heritage nothing shapes who Maayan is as a person like her friends.

Love: Maayan is just as unable to resist thinking about love and finding her one true love as any other stereotypical girl out there in the world, and in all honesty she finds this infuriatingly amazing. She finds herself picturing herself walking down the isle in her white dress waiting to see the shape of who she is marrying. Each time she picture her groom, and even the occasional bride, a little bit differently and she can’t help but smile and get giddy even if it goes against her strong willed and firm personality to do so. A girl has to have at least one guilty pleasure after all doesn’t she.



Choosing Sides:



Letting Go:

Aspirations: 75 word min of either 1 major asspiration or 2-3 smaller ones min
Phobias/fears: 75 word min of either 1 major fear/phobia or 2-3 smaller ones min
Face-Claim: Deganauida (Daiteikoku)
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 185.42cm (6ft 1in)
Weight: 70kg (155lbs)
Appearance: 100 words min
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Is there anything strange about your character? Do they have a tail for some reason even though they're human? Is there some strange condition he or she has, like multiple personalities or voices speaking in his or her head?
History: 350 words min
Role-Play Sample: Use Xun's sample.

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