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Atsumi Khshesh Ibram[WIP]

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Atsumi Khshesh Ibram[WIP] BNsAIOk
Name: Atsumi (圧身) Khshesh Ibram (עצמך חושש אַבְרָהָם)
Country Affiliation: Magnostadt
Birth Place: Kou Empire
Race: Hooman
Tier: D
Specialization: Intelligence [Light]
Age: Eighteen
Birthdate: 14 January, 1997
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Rukh Alignment: Light
Face-Claim: Saber - Nasuverse

Special Traits: As is frequently shown in persons of particularly high levels of intelligence, Atsumi suffers from an assortment of personality disorders. Combined with childhood trauma, Atsumi has developed a unique case of Disassociative Identity Disorder, in which her separated personalities are all actually closely related, and the switches between them are random and rapid, to the extent of changing mid-sentence. Typically, all these personalities are separated even within the mind, similar to several different consciences simultaneously voicing out as third person thoughts and input.

Personality: Atsumi loves discerning patterns, and spotting discrepancies between statements could almost be described as a hobby, making it a bad idea to lie to her in common situations. Ironically, her own words should be taken with a grain of salt; it's not that she is dishonest, but whether for the achievement of her own ideals or just general precautions, Atsumi frequents a twist in words or exaggeration, using others' emotions in relation to hers to gain what she wants. This may make her appear unreliable, but in reality few are more skilled and capable of reaching a solid conclusion--drilling through the endless factors and details that encompass the issue and developing a unique and viable solution--than one such as herself; just don't expect a moral means to an end. People who share her personality aren't interested in practical, day-to-day activities and maintenance, but when they find an environment where their underlying motivations and potential can be expressed and grasped, there is no limit to the time and energy she will expend in developing an insightful and effective solution as she sees it.

Atsumi may appear to drift about in an unending daydream of her ideals, but her thought process is unceasing, and her mind buzzes with realistically applicable concepts from the moment she wakes up. This constant thinking can have the effect of making her look pensive and detached, as she is often conducting full-fledged, complex plans in her own head, but really Atsumi is quite relaxed and friendly when she is with people she finds comfort in, who shares the same interests. However, this can be replaced by overwhelming skepticism when Atsumi is among unfamiliar faces, and friendly banter can quickly become combative if she believes their end goal differs from her own, or more specifically, threatens her own end goal.

When Atsumi is particularly excited, the conversation can border on incoherence as she might try to explain the daisy-chain of logical conclusions that led to the formation of her latest idea. Often times, Atsumi will opt to simply move on from a topic before it's ever understood what she was trying to say, rather than try to lay things out in plain terms. The reverse can also be true when people explain their thought processes to her, in terms of subjectivity and feeling. Imagine an immensely complicated clockwork, taking in every fact and idea possible, processing them with a heavy dose of creative reasoning and returning the most logically sound results available; this is how the Atsumi's mind works, and her kind has little tolerance for an emotional monkey-wrench jamming her gears without logical basis.

Furthermore, with thinking as one of her governing traits, Atsumi is unlikely to understand emotional complaints at all, and her friends won't find much of a bedrock of emotional support in her besides the facade she might present. People like Atsumi would much rather make a series of logical suggestions to the desired result for how to resolve the underlying issue, a perspective that is not always welcomed by their morally obliged companions. This will likely extend to most social conventions and goals as well, e.g planning excursions and having pre-engaged matters with morally emotional context, as Atsumi is far more concerned with effective and efficient results.

One thing that really holds Atsumi back is her restless and pervasive fear of failure. Atsumi is so prone to reassessing her own thoughts and theories, worrying that she’s missed some critical piece of the puzzle, that she might become stagnate, lost in an intangible world where her thoughts are never truly applied. Overcoming this self-doubt stands as one of the greatest challenges she is likely to face, but the intellectual gifts --big and small--bestowed on the world when she does makes it worth the fight, arrogant as it may be.

In another side of her, Atsumi prefers to explore with her hands and eyes, touching and examining the world around her with cool rationalism and spirited curiosity as opposed to the alternatives. Those of the same breed as her are 'doers', moving from event to event, completing the useful and the superfluous for the necessity in it, and learning from their environment as they go. Suited to a more conventional occupation of a applicatory function based purely on intellectual prowess, Atsumi finds no greater joy than in getting her hands dirty pulling things apart and putting them back together, just a little bit better than they were before--bodies not exempt. Atsumi is the type to explore ideas through creating, troubleshooting, trial and error, and first-hand experience if it can not be solved through the mind alone. She doesn't mind having other people take an interest in her projects and sometimes doesn't even mind them getting into their space. Of course, that's on the condition that those people don't interfere with her principles and freedom.

On the occasion where logical input is of less efficiency, easily one of the most dominant traits in Atsumi’s array of quirks is an impulsive nature. Most everything she does with the aforementioned terms is a result of her instinctual, quickly-thought out theories (despite its effectiveness), whether it’s a combative instance, or it’s a matter of what food she’ll eat for dinner. On the other hand, in most circumstances of little strategic value from a more conservative outlook, most all of her choices are done through the naturally-thought out, with little consideration to what is considered the societal 'rational'. In shallow context "impulse" can be one of the things that 'defines' her during these moments, contradictory as it may be.

With her ultimate motivations taken out of the picture, the less 'serious' Atsumi's complexity fades, and the depth of who she is and has become is revealed even further. Her open-mindedness is a trait that may reflect the woman's interests in the likes of culture and art. In different context, one can describe Atsumi to be imaginative, creative, and a seeker of cultural and educational experiences, as opposed to her surface-level practical and straight-forward (though seemingly the opposite) demeanor. At the same time, as with many of the youth, Atsumi is prone to experiencing negative thoughts and feelings. With a lack of authourial figures she can respectfully look up to and obey, insecurity isn't without home in Atsumi's heart, on subjects more than simply physical attraction.

In more casual occurrences, Atsumi frequents the ultimate devil's advocate, thriving on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs and letting the ribbons drift in the wind for all to see--when unconflicting with her own. One can even take out the strategic purpose and still find that she enjoys this process. Few love the process of mental sparring more than this girl, as it gives her a chance to exercise her effortlessly quick wit, broad accumulated knowledge base, and capacity for connecting disparate ideas to prove her points, biased as they might be.

If there's one thing Atsumi is good at, it's coming up with a never-ending stream of innovations and ideas to keep things moving forward, and this is evident in her romantic relationships as well. For Atsumi, growth is the key, and even before she’s found a dating partner, Atsumi will imagine all the ways they can experience new things together, to grow in tandem. This can be an overwhelming process if her partner doesn't match up, but when she find someone who shares her love of intellectual exploration, watch out.

Even from her childhood years, Atsumi’s concept of a fruitful relationship included the testing of her partner's limits to--ironically--fulfill their potential, pushing boundaries and traditions all the while seeking open-mindedness and spontaneity. To be together with Atsumi is hardly a boring experience, and she’ll make use of mutual enthusiasm and creativity by trying to delight her partner with new ideas and experiences. That in mind, it’s expected for Atsumi to move extremely fast in her relationships.

As constantly referenced, Atsumi’s idea of fun is often rooted in self-improvement, and people like her  bring their partners along the way, as much in a spirit of sharing as in a spirit of expectation. Atsumi accepts only growth and ascent, and fails to comprehend the concept of a
happy status quo”. As a result, Atsumi is comparatively demanding as she is invigorating. A little time to breathe and a chance to rest on one's laurels for a moment is necessary for many people, but an unappreciated state of mind to Atsumi. However, if her unwavering enthusiasm is matched, it can lead to a magnificent relationship characterized by power, depth, and an endless, electric spark.

Something which is granted by her unto all persons from the first meet as basic courtesy: respect. Upon first contact, Atsumi will treat someone with due respect, talking to them as equals. Without prior knowledge of the person, Atsumi sees them eye to eye, or at least presents her viewpoint to gravitate towards equality. Even if she did possess information regarding a person she has yet to meet, should the time come, whether they were to be regarded with reverence or deemed the lowest of criminals, Atsumi will converse with them primarily in a formal manner.

Her fragmented mind has chiseled this characteristic into her, to the point of having a generally polite way of carrying herself at essentially all times (in this personality). Atsumi finds it shameful for someone to act without manners, therefore she does just the opposite. Furthermore, when someone has actually done something worthy of acknowledgement, she won't simply have manners, but legitimately respect them, or hold them in relatively high-esteem. In contrast, if someone does something uncouth, she will most likely cease to treat them kindly. In the event that the person subsequently does something shameful to doing something respectful (or doing both repetitively), she will retain polite tones, but might express her disapproval subliminally, in light of their shameful actions.

In regards to higher-ups, they naturally deserve respect, for reasons such as simply being "higher-up", as well as doing something deserving of that position. Given that, Atsumi will give them respect; however, a situation may arise in which Atsumi’s personal opinion differs with their position. In this case, she will treat them politely, but express her disapproval subliminally.

Nevertheless, respect is something which Atsumi finds importance in. In regards to respecting herself, she prefers to see herself as humble, but understands that even she deserves some degree of respect. No matter how conceited it may seem, she has experienced tribulations that grant wisdom. In light of this, she would prefer acknowledgement of her status appropriately, and in response be treated as someone who has earned their place.

Atsumi’s loyalty knows no bounds when loyalty has been developed. Being the one to have experienced the depths of slave trade, her inability of betrayal has been deeply implanted. Following her loyalty is the willingness to go to the farthest reaches of the Tundra as seen necessary.  In a difficult situation, she is more likely to pick the option best suited towards the well being of whoever holds her allegiance, even at the cost of her life.

People who consider themselves more than simply acquainted with Atsumi will probably notice that she's a bit distant emotionally and socially. Her true feelings are usually kept to herself, aside from the very closest of beings to her. On a social level, she generally keeps away, not necessarily out of disliking conversations and simply preferring isolation, but rather a feeling of not being able to open herself up very well (particularly due to trauma).


Emotionally Augmented/Controlled - As an extremely emotional person, most of Atsumi’s actions are heavily influenced by impulse and feeling. Despite capable of rational thinking, this trait may directly affect not only her actions, but even her less logical “functions”. While typically keeping herself well under control, Atsumi’s elegance, precise process of movement, and even her combat style can suddenly shift into a wild, animistic onslaught of messy wide swings of full power and relentless strikes. For example, after being freed from her "mental cage" by an unexpected savior, Atsumi acted out offensively in an aggressive attempt at self-defense. Of course, this sort of thing happens only after she is pushed past a certain point; otherwise, only self control is exhibited.

- Silver Tongue - Atsumi has quite the way with words, explained by her impressive intelligence and understanding of the psyche. She can carry heavy influence in her words, controlling them through tone of voice and selective diction. In diplomatic scenarios she has a noticeable advantage, proven by an attempt to gain favour with her captor through reverent wording and reference to her profuse loyalty (though ineffective in the end). On the other hand, her talent has prompted others to scrutinise Atsumi for "serpent-speak". Even trusted allies find caution in her dialogue. In typically negative connotation, at times Atsumi impulsively speaks her thoughts aloud. This fact has forced Atsumi to be extremely careful with her mouth, and--while in control--stay as quiet as possible. Given the simultaneous advantages and disadvantages, Atsumi's "Silver-Tongue" is appropriately dubbed a "double-edged sword".

- Intellect - Also a double-edged sword--later to be explained--Atsumi's intelligence is but one of her many assets. It isn't a stretch to say she's a genius in multiple ways, including the capacity to process complex scenarios with ease, and quickly grasp concepts on a mental/physical level. A clear representation is her calculated movements mid-combat and adaptability to a situation. In a mental sense, if she were taught a portion of physics, it won't be too difficult for her to find some other relative details and eventually find more complex theorems as a result. While most find intellect a cherished trait, Atsumi isn't as optimistic. A part of being smart is having a hard time being ignorant. If someone was lying to her, it's usually easy to see past the lie (regardless of moral intention, e.g white lies). At other times, she might be learning how to, say, do a certain sport; if she were to learn at the same time as a friend, chances are she will progress at a faster rate. To her, a sense of accomplishment is easily replaced by a sense of isolation.

- Quiet/Inexpressive - Mentioned before, Atsumi is a quiet girl. Her true feelings are definitely loud, but her emphasis on self-control prevents their reveal in most scenarios. Her mouth runs off on its own, and her emotions deep within control her actions. So what's the best way to prevent her subconscious from dictating her expressiveness? Lack any sort of expressiveness at all. But while Atsumi keeps her feelings and words at bay, those close to her will constantly notice this sense of sorrow from her. Praised a genius with inexplicable talent in all sorts of profound fields, Atsumi still finds herself limited in different aspects, and above all else she is still a young girl. The contrast of praise she receives from her talents to the shortcomings she constantly tries to cover up is, to an extent, emotionally deprecating. Despite that, Atsumi is well aware that there are those who have gone through immensely more suffering, leading her to avoid accepting her sadness, thus perpetuating.

- Optimistic - Do not be mistaken, Atsumi is frequently sad. But Atsumi also disallows this sadness to grasp ahold of her, alongside her other emotions and speech. In fact, her inherit sorrow is the reason for her optimism. Knowing fully well that there are people who have gone through worse and ended up better, Atsumi aspires to be similar in that aspect. That, in the very least if her shortcomings are not conquered, she can learn to accept them. This has caused her to assume the role of an uplifter to “family” and friends. When things become complicated and the odds are not in favour, Atsumi is certain to be there and comfort them.


As with all scholars, Atsumi finds the unknown ever so interesting. If something were to occur, and any relevant information pertaining to it was to be unknown, one would commonly find her obsessively entranced in a pursuit. As is a common philosophy to worldly fulfillment, the fun in obtaining satisfaction is the journey; the Pursuit of Happiness. When in reference to Atsumi, there can be no better term—aside from substituting Happiness for Knowledge, as they are essentially one in the same to her.

Indeed, much of her entertainment comes from discovering the unknown for herself, and while the end result is simply outstanding, she has clearly learned to appreciate the trials taken to get as far as she did. Simply stated, Atsumi is an infophile, and given that, supposedly, one can see a gleam in her eyes when facing the foreign.

Expanding upon his infophilic characteristics, Atsumi has developed herself to be quite the able informant. With the majority of his time spent on the streets, the girl frequently deals and trades in knowledge, often times as a form of currency even. That in mind, despite his young age and affluent background, Atsumi has placed herselfinto the position of a relatively trusted source within the less moral side of the nation.

Mostly only within the confines of his mind, Atsumi is a difficult girl to shake up, as a calm exterior is most certainly not an aspect of hers. As a generality, she isn’t someone to freak out in nearly any situations. Even the most perilous scenarios and extremely stressful situations, she will with nigh-certainty retain his cool and keep, to whatever degree she initially possessed, all her rationality.

Though there are some pressure points of hers, an analytical composure is sustained to the utmost. This has been especially noted during a series of his life-endangering events. Even during a state of a tattered body and lack or dulling of his senses, the young scholar has made sure to keep his thoughts and reactions in check as much as possible.

This trait has frequently found use in tandem with his 'night-job', in contrast to the performances on the streets and intelligence gathering being his 'day-job'. As an informant, others might attempt to influence Atsumi one way or another, even using intimidation as a tactic to obtain free information. While initially an inherent characteristic of his, Atsumi's calm demeanor is a result almost entirely due to real-life experience.

Something rather apparent when one becomes acquainted with Atsumi is his aspirations. The girl tries to always reach higher and grasp things beyond her, inherently making her capable of an astonishing rate of growth when the circumstances allow. Whether natural or force, his ambitious side has made her a rather capable learner, being able to catch onto things quickly. This trait goes hand-in-hand with his job as an informant.

In a way, one can consider Atsumi to be a 'big dreamer', bluntly stated. She has a plenty of goals, whether they are small milestones or ones that reach way up high into the realm of the impossible, all of them are sights set before her. For example, his desire to find something which can entertain her, whatever it may be. Despite ranging from small to big, this goal can only be temporarily achieved, and is therefore never-ending. Or another goal of his, the forgettance of her past While not having as much of a clear path to achievement, thus vaguer milestones, there is a definitive and tangible goal at the end.

In such a case as the provided examples, Atsumi might attempt to grasp both, using them as a catalyst for each other. While trying to forget past trauma, there's almost an expectancy of being entertained along the way, and in an attempt to discover something entertaining, a shard of memories may be lost.

Atsumi is generally respective to everyone she meets. Whereas other's respect is only earned, a different sort of system is set in place for her. In his eyes, essentially every single person is already given a set amount of respect. Their actions will cause herto lose respect for them, or in a less likely case, gain more respect from her. One's status and/or appearance usually has no bearing on her; as such, if she were to meet a king, they would be treated no different than a girl from a brothel.

Naturally, there are some exceptions to this standard, and sometimes someone's position or appearance does have an effect on her, hence the aforementioned "usually". Afterall, if someone walks into a pub with a sign hanging on their neck saying "I will break you if you come within a metre of me", Atsumi, or anyone else for that matter, isn't going to find any benefit in interacting with such a person. But, in terms of giving someone a different level of respect upon first meet, usually this is done by relation to another person. For example, if she has a good friend, and she meets that good friend's brother, naturally she would having the expectation of the brother to be someone she could get along with, and therefore offers a bit more respect than usual. In contrast, if his hated nemesis's mentor comes along, Atsumi isn't going to get all friendly with him/her.

Atsumi has the occasional “what is life” rant. With his high level of intellect, it’s understandable that she might have some level of explanation for things not defined by natural laws of logic and the like. Now, this isn't to say she will always throw out a piece of perspective that invokes a lot of thought, as she frequently takes the more casual, simple approach to things; but there still comes the occasion that the girl might just spew out something heart-felt and deep. Especially when trying to prove a point, explain his point-of-view or try to get others to understand something. Even justifying something can lead to some philosophy of his, or a concept she can agree with.

While not as a whole, Atsumi usually jumps to a negative conclusion when judging people. While she will give someone the benefit of the doubt, she would more easily believe someone to have darker motives over being good-hearted. In his sheltered life amongst the upper class, assessing someone could not be done through actions alone, as quite a lot of people had always worn a mask over their faces. As a result, Atsumi developed the skill to 'read' people, though much of the information extracted from these readings were only speculation and assumptions.

A bit of legitimate deduction is used in accordance with their background, circumstances, appearance and actions, but without knowing someone on a personal level much of this information is relatively superficial, and privy to interpretation. This is where Atsumi's cynical characteristic comes in. What seems to be a preferred interpretation of information she comes across is things of the more negative spectrum.


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 178 centimetres (5'10 feet)
Weight: 57 kilograms (125 pounds)

- Born to well-off, extremely rich merchants
- both parents were magicians, and so gained refuge in Magnostadt
- While officially citizens of Magnostadt, as merchants the two frequented travel
- Atsumi was born in Kou Empire territory; to avoid attention, Atsumi's father gave her the name "Atsumi"; while it looks and can be spelt with some actual meaning in oriental script, the pronunciation is an actual Hebrew word. Atsumi's parents stayed true to their loyalties while simultaneously staying "low-profile". Such devious cleverness was a trait Atsumi would inherit from both parents
- Atsumi grew up on the road, growing accustomed to multiple cultures. In the end, the group of merchants Atsumi's there-member family was traveling with were confronted by bandits
- To be taken and sold in the slave trade business was a process both of Atsumi's parents were familiar with, as they were alive during the time when Magicians were still used as instruments of war (parents birthed their child despite their age?) around this time, Atsumi was 9 years of age, and showing promise in magic comprehension; in particular, being able to physically see ruhk.
- As magicians, Atsumi's parents were especially valuable subjects, and despite slavery being less prevalent--particularly to the public eye--than it was forty years ago, it wasn't as if the slave-trade was entirely diminished
- With themselves, the other merchants, and most importantly their daughter to worry about, Atsumi's parents revealed their magic. Unfortunately while powerful in their own right, the numbers they were facing was overwhelming.

Role-Play Sample:


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