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To The Advancement of Knowledge [JOB/SOLO]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Ruins and Language
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: In the desert surrounding Heliohapt are ruins of pyramids, temples, and lost societies. Visit one of these ruins and investigate for the Historical Society. Bring back at least one tome and one artifact and the Historical Society will reward you.

The relentless winds of the heavy sands swayed ferociously across the endless sands of the desert. For miles and miles, all that awaited any traveler were dunes of sand and the occasional ruin or so. But, that was the very attraction and lure of these sands. To many people, it was an interesting investment, but for this young man, it was much more. Knowledge, the very need for it was insatiable for Yushin. He was a curious man, and his curiosity and thirst for knowledge was as passionate and blazing as the Heliohaptan sun. For quite some time now, Yushin had tried to scour the world for any such residues of the forgotten past. This world was not a normal one, which was a strange thought to have. What other world could he have possibly known for him to even have this idea? Yet, it existed, and it fueled his fire.

He had chosen a particular ruin to investigate due to a strange finding. Covered mercilessly by gains of sand, and completely worn out by the attack of time, Yushin fell upon an ancient book. He blew on the front and used his hand to wipe away the dirty sand, and he was amazed by its contents. "W-what language is this?" He was hooked in already. Just the thought of such a discovery riled his very blood and in his excitement, the young white haired man began to dig around the ruins he had stumbled upon.

The walls were cracked and deteriorated, but the numerous drawings and signs carved into the stone was fascinating. "Such...ancient markings, what could they mean?" The exiled prince scavenged through the tome he had found and realized to his astonishment the correlation between the strange writings and the markings. It was almost as if it were guiding him. He followed what little he could to the corner wall of a separate stone piece, and he knelt before it.

"I see. Then that means..." He uncovered a loose block of stone and found a scroll inside laced with outlines of thin gold. "Yes!" he exclaimed, "This is it! I don't know what this is but I found it!" Once again, the writings found within the scroll was unreadable, and the thought of seeing such a remnant of the ancient past elevated his intense curiosity. He had to know! He must know! The Historical Society had commissioned him, and by whatever luck, he was able to make a remarkable feat. With continued effort and research with this foundation, perhaps, he would find clues to what he sought for. The secrets of the world, they must be his. Yet, the young man knew that cockiness was a folly, as he had felled many enemies who succumbed to this bane, he would not fall into such weakness. So excited by his discovery, Yushin made a full sprint back towards the main city to present his findings. Perhaps, this scroll contained secrets to the unknown past.



To The Advancement of Knowledge [JOB/SOLO] FdzIN2L

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